Facebook Tops 10 Most Hated Companies in America: Why Don't People Like Facebook?

Fef 2012/07/05 23:00:00
Lack of privacy
Disappointing IPO or financials
Haters gonna hate...
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When your company has 800 million users, its success kind of speaks for itself. But the social networking giant Facebook also has its fair share of haters. In fact, Facebook ranks as the most hated company on the 10 Most Hated Companies in America published by 24/7 Wall St.

Facebook made its initial public offering (IPO) of stock last month. The offering and pricing had negative backlash and critics bad-mouthed the company for weeks. Mark Zuckerberg has done amazing things to grow the company and its revenues, but critics complain that the young CEO does little to publicly inspire his company's new shareholders.

Sometimes people will just hate popular and successful trends. The internet has a meme for that: Haters Gonna Hate. Is that the case for Facebook?

247WALLST.COM reports:
Facebook currently has more than 800 million users. Any company of this size is sure to have some detractors. Compared to other leading social media sites, however, Facebook has the lowest customer satisfaction score from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.
haters gonna hate

Read More: http://247wallst.com/2012/01/13/the-10-most-hated-...

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  • CaseyWelch 2012/07/08 17:01:24
    Haters gonna hate...
    Its just getting old and boring.
  • Sunny 2012/07/08 16:40:21
    Haters gonna hate...
    Gees... What a silly question... You have the option to use FB or not and put on it whatever you like.
  • dekecds 2012/07/08 16:34:40
    Lack of privacy
    When it first started, there was a way to keep some things private. Now, it's impossible! You can't even plan a surprise birthday party for someone, because facebook will tell the birthday person that you "like" the gifts you bought and took a picture of to send to your siblings!
    Really we all hate it because it was the only alternative to myspace for the longest time and therefore it grew popular enough to use, even though it sucks!
  • tori dekecds 2012/07/08 20:02:40
    But, if you didn't put that information on Facebook in the first place, your privacy wouldn't be abused!
  • dekecds tori 2012/07/09 07:42:27
    That's true, but c'mon....can't they put a little effort into making it easier to screen certain things? Some of my friends could only communicate as a group on either MySpace or Facebook while I was in the military, and sometimes you just don't want to beat around the bush about a subject you don't want the whole world to know about (or pictures for that matter, lol!)
    Just because I chat with a friend about some new "thing" that I like, doesn't mean I want to be targeted by every maker of that "thing" over the next two weeks!
  • Xinea dekecds 2012/07/09 13:00:31
    Tell your friends to use adblocker before you start buying them stuff.
  • dekecds Xinea 2012/07/09 22:54:02
    yeah yeah, I know, I just think it sucks to have to do that. I don't get that here on Soda Head, but Soda Head wasn't around when we all signed up for Facebook.
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2012/07/08 15:33:33
    Haters gonna hate...
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    Don't really hate it just don't see a use for it.
  • Playerazzi 2012/07/08 15:14:50
    Haters gonna hate...
    We don't hate Facebook. In fact, I couldn't manage my softball team without it.
  • Mindima A. Aliyu 2012/07/08 15:06:56 (edited)
    Haters gonna hate...
    Mindima A. Aliyu
    Why the hate inthe first place? It is something voluntary for you to use or not to use. People don't have something worth doing that's why they are bringing this up. Facebook is serving a purpose
  • RobertRowe 2012/07/08 14:35:10
    Lack of privacy
    facebook is the cia's domestic spybot for them to use their precious patriot act to spy on us. that is why mark is now a BILDERBERG member and possibly even close to being an attendee at BOHEMIAN GROVE with the rest of the closeted homosexual male politicians and businessmen.
  • CatX3 RobertRowe 2012/07/08 18:00:48
    This comment made me piss myself laughing. XDD
  • Sandikarus CatX3 2013/01/03 13:14:07
    lol, me too :P
    i thiink Robert has been believing the onion http://www.rawstory.com/rawre...
  • Mikey 2012/07/08 12:29:19
    Lack of privacy
    I don't hate Facebook. I do know that when 900 million people are voluntarily creating huge databases about what they do, where they are, what they buy and who their acquaintances are, that much intel is going to be abused.
  • XoXo 2012/07/08 08:30:02
    Haters gonna hate...
    BS! There is no reason to hate Facebook!
  • Zach 2012/07/08 08:15:00
    Haters gonna hate...
    I hate when people say they hate Facebook. The majority of the country has a Facebook. It is great for keeping in touch with people and sharing milestones in your life. Don't want people to know your business, don't post it. Hell, don't have a Facebook. And if you hate it so much, delete it. No one is making you check it everyday.
  • Xinea 2012/07/08 08:00:33
    Haters gonna hate...
    Lack of PRIVACY? Psssh - facebook is about putting whatever about yourself online - it's not trying to hide the fact. Lack of protection, maybe, but facebook isn't meant for you to throw your ssn or bank account numbers around. And hatred among whom? Because 800 million people are obviously not complaining or are stupid hypocrites if they are.
  • TKramar 2012/07/08 06:40:46
    Haters gonna hate...
    No idea. Can't name any company that I hate.
  • Danale 2012/07/08 05:00:31
    Haters gonna hate...
    Sad how these days people need to hate some thing and hate it with a passion... wish people could use their anger for good... like hating the current government...
  • Legendary 63 2012/07/08 03:40:39
    Lack of privacy
    Legendary 63
    ...then again, we made it so powerful. If you don't want FB, stop using it...
  • Ruth O'... Legenda... 2012/07/08 19:36:41
    Ruth O'Conner
    are you the guy who made it powerful i thought it was mark zukerburg
  • Legenda... Ruth O'... 2012/07/09 17:56:56
    Legendary 63
    Nope...everytime we logon, check our statuses, and all the, we contribute to the success of FB.
  • Sterling 2012/07/08 03:37:39
    Haters gonna hate...
    It honestly doesn't make much sense; how can you claim lack of privacy and yet not delete your account? Stupid.
  • Elementer 2012/07/08 03:17:16
  • Hidden Noname 2012/07/08 03:07:08
    Lack of privacy
    Hidden Noname
    As soon as I realized Facebook was selling my information to marketers (started getting tons of spam mail) and tracking me on other sites, I never signed in under my original FB page again. Same went with Google, started using a different search engine and email address, no more gmail.
  • Emma 2012/07/08 02:46:07
    Lack of privacy
    even if its their fault for putting the info up
  • MadWorld Emma 2012/07/08 02:56:21
    i always say that :D
  • LdyLeo 2012/07/08 02:35:03
    Lack of privacy
    I don't have a FB account so I don't care. I never could understand what was so special about it anyway.
  • Deactivated...? 2012/07/08 01:18:46
    Haters gonna hate...
    Lots Of Reasons. Including The Three Listed. Personally I Have No Problem With Facebook. Some People Hate It 'Cause Lots Of People Like It. Kinda Like A Fad
  • Harley 2012/07/08 00:06:54
    Haters gonna hate...
    This love / hate relationship with Facebook is simply a statement about life in the world today. It’s a very busy and loud place where we stress the individual but give that individual few places to be heard and really shine. An artificial environment like Facebook allows for the illusion of importance for many so they naturally tie a bit of their self worth to it. As a result there is passion for the platform because it’s one of the few ways that people feel they can be heard. When they suddenly can’t be heard on their own terms and are forced to change how they are heard based on Facebook’s idea for society, they get upset.
  • ...Kat... 2012/07/07 22:25:33
    Lack of privacy
    Makes tracking people & finding out about us easy enough for 2 month olds...
  • TKramar ...Kat... 2012/07/08 06:45:46
    People that make profiles have the option of including as much information about themselves as they choose. If you don't want to identify where you're at, or where you're from, you don't have to. For that matter, there is one "friend" I have at Facebook that I've never personally met. He has the same name as I do...and that's why I friended him. Thought that was neat...my name is a fairly unique spelling.
  • ...Kat... TKramar 2012/07/08 15:31:08
    Yes, but there's still a map in your profile of where you live, generally, for everyone or just your friends to see. There's no setting for shutting it off. & there's always just the tracking of an IP address & hacking into Facebooks. Lol that's cool.
  • TKramar ...Kat... 2012/07/08 16:03:29
    IP tracking can be done on any site. My listed address on Facebook is a PO Box.
  • ...Kat... TKramar 2012/07/08 17:28:13
    I know that, it's just easier when you have the map there, if you can't shut it off, lol.
  • TKramar ...Kat... 2012/07/08 21:04:27
    you don't have to list your address, if you don't want to. But I wanted to. In case any of my friends--and by that I mean people I went to school with over 12 years, and my family members--wanted to write me.

    I had family I discovered on Facebook that I hadn't seen in 25 years, and after finding them on Facebook, I made a trip up to Wisconsin to see a good number of them. My one cousin was a baby last time I saw him all those years ago--he got married the same year I went up to visit.
  • ...Kat... TKramar 2012/07/08 23:10:56
    Cool. I found friends & family that I hadn't talked to in over a decade. It's nice. Some people don't understand why I "need" Facebook. But it's a great way to find people you've lost touch with. Especially since not everyone's in the white pages or own a phone.
  • L K 2012/07/07 22:24:09 (edited)
    Haters gonna hate...
    L K
    I think that it is a free country. If you don't like Facebook, then don't go on it. For me it is great. I can post photos of my children and grandchildren and catch up with old friends. I reconnect with relatives around the world in one click. On my birthday I get a load of good wishes....it is a lovely way to connect with the world, friends, family and also express opinions.. But, if people fear a lack of privacy or don't like it, then they have the choice to not use it.
  • Hot Wheels 2012/07/07 20:57:45
    Haters gonna hate...
    Hot Wheels
    Facebook doesn't bother me.
  • Old Poet 2012/07/07 18:53:41
    Lack of privacy
    Old Poet
    I belong and never go there. If I want to coverse with one of my friends from Facebool, I simply text them, call them or e-mail them. A lot more personal. I got a specific request the othe rday and went on. I had to think a minute just to remember my password. I already have a social network, it's called shaking hands or hugging.

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