Facebook Hypnosis and the Snuggie Suit: News of the Weird for 2010

The navel gazers struggling over what to call the new decade ought to take into consideration research confirming the Information Age is alive and well. The San Francisco Chronicle tells of a study showing that Americans are, you guessed it, inundated with info. In one day we are bombarded with 33.8 gigabytes of information. That’s about 101,000 words per person, or, for you visual learners, the “equivalent of covering the continental United States and Alaska in a 7-foot-high stack of Dan Brown novels.”

I am horribly inept at managing the information spew.
In my New Year’s-induced-self-improvement haze, I geekily dream of arranging my email inbox into folders with subfolders that contain sub-sub-folders, although you can rest assured that this will never, ever happen.

But having access to virtually limitless information has its upside:
there’s just no end to wacky news.

After a cursory glance through my daily deluge of email newsletters and alerts, I found some delightfully wacky tidbits worth sharing.
After all, as we stand ready to embark upon a new chapter in the narrative of history, why not pause a moment to commemorate just how goofy we are today?

worth sharing ready embark chapter narrative history pause commemorate goofyNew Agey Guy Plans Mass Hypnosis via Facebook and Twitter. Mark your calendars!
On January 4th, Chris Hughes plans to set a world record by conducting the largest online hypnosis session ever. Reserve your space today at www.socialtrance.com.

record conducting largest online hypnosis session reserve space www socialtranceSnuggie craze taken to horrifying new heights.
Potentially good news for the economy! JCPenney has introduced the Snuggie Suit, banking on the fact that people are still willing to buy completely ridiculous stuff.

economy jcpenney introduced snuggie suit banking people buy completely ridiculousDrunk guy calls 911 to catch a cab.
Nothing says “maybe you should look into that drinking problem” like a conversation between a 911 dispatcher and a dude looking for a lift to the next bar.

Man pays $330,000 to own a virtual space station. Yep, you heard that right. Let’s do an exercise. I’ll show you a video of the thing and you tell me if it’s worth nearly half a mil:

Study: We get bored by lots of stuff, but we can snap ourselves out of it.
Consumerism makes us bored – not really surprising. But True/Slant’s David DiSalvo illustrates how we can make the most of this wacky study: “Let’s say that you’ve become bored with a particular musical group you once couldn’t listen to enough. This research suggests that what you need to do it recall the variety of other songs from other musical groups that you’ve listened to since the last time you listened to your once-favorite band, and by doing so you’ll revive appreciation for your fave.”

May we never grow bored with our wacky ways, and may these tales serve as inspiration to us all. Happy new year!

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  • Wizard 2010/01/07 07:40:18 (edited)
    Bored? Go to the nearest shore or body of water and watch nature. (Don't jump in!) It invigorates. Here in Ohio, we go to Edan Park overlooking the Ohio, and watch the barges or cabin cruisers wander up river. When in Vallejo, CA (North Bay of SF), I would go to watch traffic cross the Goldengate from the observation park(s). It's fun to watch the tankers slowly slide under the bridge, or watch the sailboats through binoculars. (On a weekend, there are thousands of sailboats in the bay.) Best little trip is going to a local museum. It makes boring into educational experiences...and then it's not so bad, as your mind fills with new thoughts. Make boring an artform. For a quick picker upper - run into a movie theater for a couple of hours. And if that isn't good enough, go to a coffeehouse and look for somebody to talk to. But...since you are on the Internet - why not start a blog? (Your're already here - right?)
  • moscaespanola 2010/01/06 13:28:19
    Cada ves usted morbido, es $5... Milliones de dolares tiene esto, por supuesto.
  • Conservatives are destroyin... 2010/01/05 16:27:13
    Conservatives are destroying America
    I never heard about the hypnosis thing.
  • Colbert 2010/01/05 09:15:28

    That's crazy that someone would pay that much for a virtual item. Apparently, he can charge players in the game to use it, so perhaps he'll earn enough back? I don't know how that system works, because I've never played that game before. It seems like the future is in video gaming.
  • starjar 2010/01/05 06:20:43
    imo. Humans are humans and we all know it but can't deal with it only talk about it.
  • intrepid_pilgrim 2010/01/04 14:57:04
    something is happening alright and it's not just a lap blanket with sleeves.
    my life long friends, people who largely have seen the world as i and have rebelled in unison...my friends are changing into unrecognizable shapes.
    i tried questioning their direction and seemingly sudden shifts but that only resulted in me opening a Macy's gift card for Christmas.

    I feel i am being converted, inducted, assimilated....i have no other option but to add this link to favorites and head for the hills.

    i'll send word back if i find hope.
  • Alyx 2010/01/03 22:21:05
    Information is important, and how we can access it so freely is now amazing compared to the 80's and 70's. But just as there is enough correct information, there is just enough messed up information. And some of these messed up informatives, create screwed up ideas ex. the snuggie
    Just throw a damn robe on backwards :P

    Anyways, Its important, and information is power. But with TMI, absolute power (information) corrupts absolutely
  • ZILdeactivated 2010/01/03 04:06:32
    Facts we can't live without. Hehe
  • Shay 2010/01/03 01:12:27
    i almost want to sign up for the hypnosis thing...lmao!!
  • Dethsbryd 2010/01/02 14:22:45
    And to think, as far as weird goes in this consumer minded world of ours...that is just the tip of the iceberg...how sad...
    weird consumer minded world tip iceberg sad
  • Sarah BN-0 2010/01/02 08:40:08
    Sarah BN-0

    I can't think of anything else to say.

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