Facebook Gets Another Facelift: Like It or Lose It?

News 2011/09/21 22:00:00
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Every few months it seems, Facebook decides to revamp something about the site that's noticeable enough to merit a reaction. And every few months, almost without fail, people complain en masse.

This week's change has a lot to do with the News Feed on the site's homepage.

Previously, users were able to switch back and forth between "recent" news, sorted chronologically, and "top" news, sorted by what Facebook thinks you would be most interested in.

Now Facebook has opted to do away with the choice and give users a single, algorithm-based news feed.

Their blog explains, "It's not just the people you hear from that make your News Feed interesting. It also matters how much you visit Facebook. If you haven't returned in a week, you may want to see a summary of top stories first. If you've already visited several times that day, you probably care more about recent news."

Users aren't happy.

One user wrote, "F---ing jackasses. I want posts from my friends listed in order from recent to oldest. Period! Shove the top stories up your asses facebook!"

Uh, you mad?

MySpace founder Tom Anderson -- yeah, he's on Facebook now -- was more interested in the changes than upset about them.

He wrote, "Wow. Facebook you done changed! Still playing with the new changes... Fascinated."

Then he added a meme that read, "Yo dawg I herd you like Facebook ... So we put a Facebook in the upper right of yo Facebook so you can Facebook while u Facebook" (sic).

At least someone is taking it lightly.

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  • RosaG 2011/09/22 00:08:08
    Lose it
    I completely agree with the person who wrote "I want posts from my friends listed in order from recent to oldest. Period! Shove the top stories up your asses facebook!" Facebook should stop making decisions for me as to which posts I want to see. I'm perfectly capable of doing that myself.

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  • Cortnico 2012/11/18 03:52:43
    Lose it
    Lose it! It sucks!
  • Nolan Wood 2011/10/13 02:17:43
    Lose it
    Nolan Wood
    The new Facebook looks absolutely stupid. GET RID OF IT!!!
  • nekan 2011/10/11 03:56:11
    Lose it
    Someone at the Facebook headquarters need more to do, leave it alone & give users a much requested "dislike" button.
  • bradleyshorwith 2011/10/09 16:34:50
    Like it
    Love it!
  • Lyndzz 2011/10/06 16:58:35
    Lose it
    I hate it!!!
  • Glitchie 2011/10/05 03:13:07
    Lose it
    I say lose it. I think the other way was better because what if you don't have time to look at something RIGHT THEN, you want to go back and look for it later, but it seems with this new setup its very difficult to do that if you even still CAN do that.
  • tavish 2011/10/04 07:34:40
    Lose it
    I hate it and think it's stupid
  • nefertari 2011/10/03 21:55:16
    Lose it
    Don't like changes....we're already going thru one with Obummer and his hoodlums.
  • Jay-Wilson 2011/10/03 18:05:10
    Like it
    I read a post on Facebook recently about this change which i entirely agree with - It went something like this:

    From Facebook: We're sorry that the small changes we are making to our entirely free complimentary service, which you are in no way obligated to use, don't meet your high expectations.

    In a nutshell - It's free! Take it for what it is, enjoy it.
  • Priest007 2011/10/02 22:31:26
    Lose it
    Lose it Too confusing
  • siLLy1Girl 2011/10/02 21:31:52
    Like it
    At the end of the day; it's a free service. No one's forcing you to use it so if you don't like the changes, it's easy just to disable or stop your account...
    No one's forcing anyone to have facebook :D xxx
  • p18711 2011/10/02 18:24:13
    Like it
    if people dont try something new we were still in the stone-age .the proof is in the pudding
  • NicolineWeirdo-chanKnuth 2011/10/02 07:50:20
  • KitKat 2011/09/30 06:22:54
  • Donna Bakermattson 2011/09/29 18:06:16
    Lose it
    Donna Bakermattson
    People should have a choice
  • Adrianna 2011/09/29 10:57:04
    Lose it
    Its stupid most people don't really want to see the top stories just the recent post......
  • stevie.luplow 2011/09/28 22:39:15
    Lose it
    You shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken!
  • AMarie 2011/09/28 15:28:42
    Lose it
    Seriously I wish they would stop. I feel like i have to go back and get a new undergraduate degree in "Facebook Usage" every few weeks. Just leave it be, I didn't see an issue with it. It's all just annoying fluff in the way. ARGH>
  • Balky 2011/09/28 08:49:39
    Lose it
    i hate it, facebook was better in the past, 2 years ago. I am admin and i want to work professionaly and to have full management rights on my page to manage the options as i like. I am not a newbie and i want advanced settings. I think Facebook going to be worse than better
  • Andrew 2011/09/28 01:14:29
    Like it
    I like.
  • Anthony 2011/09/27 04:28:49
    Lose it
    Its annoying but managable.
  • APLWONK 2011/09/26 21:33:12
    Lose it
    Facebook blows!
  • kittykat 2011/09/26 16:21:49
    Lose it
    i hate it, cant find anything
  • Spyderman739 2011/09/26 16:01:05
    Like it
    I actually like this series of change. Keeps facebook interesting!
  • Sittichai 2011/09/26 13:46:59
    Like it
    I *guess* I like it. What I really like the most is this "app developer" feature and that one can *finally* see their friend history, such as who you became friends with, and when, and when someone may have unfriended you (for no good reason usually!).
  • Al 2011/09/26 02:42:46
    Lose it
    I'm sick of facebook tracking my every move. Time to unplug from the site.
  • jadey 2011/09/26 00:35:51
    Lose it
    stop changing fb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gothbride666 2011/09/25 23:45:15
    Lose it
    obviously i can't take it anymore
  • SimpsonMerita 2011/09/25 19:48:03
    Lose it
    I realize that many believe its disliked because of changes..but its much more then that. its the reason for so many divorces...change without notice. strange relationship..if you really care about the others feelings, their ideas, their thoughts, etc..you just don't do it.
  • LilyTarrant 2011/09/25 03:39:17
    Lose it
    honestly I don't think it's that bad. But sometimes modifications that I would have never thought of on fb are now on fb, and that is annoying because, facebook doesn't listen to their members. They just change things randomly, being selfish, thinking about what their members will think of new modifications on fb now and then - they usually NEVER end up satisfying their members! Like they should listen to what people like us have to say - you know... give them feedback.It would make facebook a better place, don't you think? And then fb would not only have happy members, but all the complaining would just disappear.
  • shirley... LilyTar... 2011/09/25 22:36:12
    shirley cummings
    Just like Obama, he does not listen to the people either.I have heard that they are going to censor the internet, maybe this is the first phase.you know(and i am pretty sure i'm right) that googly and co-founder of facebook are reg. attendee's of the Bilderberg Group, and they want the internet to be censored,where we can not get any news,execpt the news they want us to get.just the news media that they will have in their pockets.Just my thoughts.
  • xifidieyoung 2011/09/25 01:44:06
    Lose it
    All I wanted was a dislike button, not a stalker mode.
  • Anonymous 2011/09/25 01:31:46
    Lose it
    Facebook is going to end up fading like Myspace. They keep doing improvements that people don't want or like, and after that people will probably go to Twitter and that will end up improving themselves which will make people leave and go to another popular website and so on forth. It'll be a pathetic cycle.When I got on I was also piss off about that "top stories" thing, I was completely lost and I did not approve that facebook changed AGAIN!!!!! This is just ridiculous.
  • shirley... Anonymous 2011/09/25 22:37:11
    shirley cummings
    I agree
  • Lose it
    Billie bear ~ Ƭɦɾɩɭɭ Ƙɾɘɰ ~
    Forcing changes on people isn't ok.
  • matty 2011/09/24 18:33:44
    Lose it
    i hate it even thoe i dont have one lol
  • Momothepie 2011/09/24 18:24:20
    Lose it
    What's the point of tht?
  • Danny 2011/09/24 17:22:39
    Lose it
    I really don't use facebook.
  • THIRDEYE 2011/09/24 16:41:50
    Lose it
    Only trying to gather interest in preparation of competition from Google+.
  • only_yo... THIRDEYE 2011/09/24 19:32:58
    Yeah like myspace did when FB first came out, keep it up their end up just like myspace, and dead social site.
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