Face to face conversation, telephone, or texting? Which is better?

§mylz 2011/03/15 18:19:15
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Face to Face
Text lol =)
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  • Thea 2011/03/18 23:17:42
    Face to Face
    You can see through the bull when you look in the eyes. No hiding behind a keyboard, just raw, open, conversation.
  • Niki A. 2011/03/16 16:53:37
    Face to Face
    Niki A.
    it means so much more when you do it face to face. people these days are such cowards sometimes. txtin is easier ya but face to face is the way to do it
  • Becka B. 2011/03/16 16:51:06
    Face to Face
    Becka B.
    i love to talk face to face with people.
  • puffyrock2 2011/03/15 20:03:18
    Face to Face
    I find it difficult to get my message across in mere text a lot of the time. Face-to-face interaction is the best method of self expression.
  • British? THIS! IS! AMERICA!! 2011/03/15 19:04:04
  • Tau_Seti 2011/03/15 18:46:01
  • jrizzo 2011/03/15 18:44:43
    Face to Face
    nothing can beat personal interaction
  • Rooster 2011/03/15 18:39:27
    Face to Face
    ugh i hate texting
  • Ticka 2011/03/15 18:38:49
    Face to Face
    and if your sitting in a sun with a cup of coffee....priceless!
  • Mississippi lady 2011/03/15 18:31:59
    Face to Face
    Mississippi lady
    When speaking face to face with someone; body language speaks louder than words. I consider myself a great reader of body and facial language.
  • SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2011/03/15 18:22:58
    Face to Face
    Nothing compares with a face to face interaction with another human being. Guess I am old school.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2011/03/15 18:21:45
    Face to Face
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    I hate talking on the telephone and I'm not likely to answer a text at all.

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