EYE YAM A MUSLIM, so what!

doc moto 2012/03/22 09:24:32

My advice to you: Get your Islamic knowledge and inspiration from the Quran, not from speakers and imams. I'm not saying imams are bad (far from it), they mean well, but their words can be very confusing, and they may cause you to focus on the wrong things (doing 'good' deeds instead of living like a Muslim).
(((From the site below! The president quoted from the Koran without reading from it, did you notice? He also states that he has KNOWN Islam of three Continents and this was before he was president! Did you know that?)))

Read More: http://www.quranclub.net/2010/04/to-be-muslim-you-...

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  • Fran-Halen 2012/03/22 12:19:41
    Snippets do not make evidence. I'm not defending him. It would serve to have clear evidence of Obama saying he prays to mecca everyday, 5 times a day.
  • doc moto Fran-Halen 2012/03/23 01:29:18
    doc moto
    Its okay to defend a LIAR if you like them! Some have parents that are habitual liars and do so all the time till faced with direct confrontation when it directly affects them personally!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?... <--HERE IS PART ONE OF TWO
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?... <--Kinda neat!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?... <---Obama Uncle and Aunt that now have social security numbers and these are not legal ciitzens!!! did that!!!
    DETAILS AT LINK: As first reported here Albert Hendershot ran a skip-trace on Obama's illegal alien aunt and uncle and discovered they both have social security numbers. Now private investigator Susan Daniels has ran her own search and she confirms they both have social security numbers. - http://obamareleaseyourrecord...
  • Flash,aka,Mr.Lightning 2012/03/22 12:03:36
    I'm feeling sunshine lollypops and rainbows everyone knowing that you are muslim.
    NASA,-your next mission is to go to the muslim world.
    The muslims have built the tallest building while blowing up the two towers in NYC.
    The muslim murder spree at Ft. Hood was a situation of "work place violence" and not a muslim terroist attack.
    My father's family have been generations of muslim,I was a citizen of a muslim nation and taught in their schools and YET these infidels in America think I am a christian!
    After being elected I went to Egypt and spoke to the muslim brotherhood and we didn't invite Murabak! 3 years later without congressional approval I destroyed the leader of Libya and put in place the MB there and in Egypt and now I give them billions in tax payers money (while they only think of the spending of Bush).
    I hate the Consitution and when I'm done we will have a new socialist constitution.
    My wife was never proud to be an American until she got her hands on their money; her vacations are repartions!
    As a muslim my objective is to destroy the great satan and the little satan.
  • doc moto Flash,a... 2012/03/22 12:10:44 (edited)
    doc moto
    Wow, you are a writer! And you got my favorite dudes in life also!
  • Flash,a... doc moto 2012/03/22 12:26:17
    Thanks for the Stan & Ollie wake up! Most of their movies were in the 30's during the Great Depression. They didn't have to be filthy to get a laugh,-of course there were still codes of morality and speech decorum. I think they were the greatest team of all time,-and they were true friends. l h have a good day
    Have a good day!
  • doc moto Flash,a... 2012/03/23 01:30:28 (edited)
    doc moto
    Thus why I loved their antics! Kinda reminds me of my sons!
  • Flash,a... doc moto 2012/03/23 01:46:00
    Yeah? I got 4 brothers and 2 of them match these guys also!
    You see Ollie always trusted Stanley to do the right thing despite his countless failures always to Ollies hurt.
  • doc moto Flash,a... 2012/03/23 01:50:16
    doc moto
    As it appears and appeared; they were a true team together!
  • Arjuna 2012/03/22 09:51:57
    That statement is true of any faith. indeed, the best (and in my view) only way to get to the core of a teaching is to go back to the original teachings and disregard everything else. in fact, I even go so far as to disregard most of the source as well and use just the few core teachings of the Messiah, prophet. In that sense, Obama speaks a universal truth hardly remembered by most practitioners of any faith doc :)
  • doc moto 2012/03/22 09:29:18
    doc moto
    The MAN does not stutter or say Ah, Um, huh, etc... when he SPEAKS of Muslims and Islamic ideals, contribution, brags about it, etc; NONE, he speaks and SPOKEN his best, did you notice that, did you? WHY, can you say he has the confidence and mastery in the subject matter? Oh YES!

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