Employer Asked Woman to Wear Mini-Skirts on Mondays: Should She Win Damages?

Living 2011/08/10 17:27:08
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You'd think people would know better by now.

A Utah woman has sued her former employer for sexual harassment, claiming he asked her to wear a variety of sexy outfits on each day of the work week, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Trudy Nycole Anderson, 44, says she was told to follow the following wardrobe schedule, according to a civil complaint filed in U.S. District Court:

--"Mini-skirt Monday"
--"Tube-top Tuesday"
--"Wet T-shirt Wednesday"
--"No bra Thursday"
--"Bikini top Friday"

Our first question: Who wears a tube top to work?

Anderson worked as an office manager starting in September 2007, and Derek Wright, owner of Pleasant Grove-based Lone Peak Controls and D and L Electric Control Company, was her supervisor, according to the Tribune.

Wright "repeatedly asked Ms. Anderson about her breast size and talked about her breasts in front of other employees," the complaint states.

He also allegedly asked her to show him her breasts, slapped her on her buttocks and asked her for sex on several occasions, the complaint states.

Perhaps most serious, Wright brought Anderson a document in 2007 stating that she would agree to allow him to sexually harass her, according to the complaint. If Anderson didn’t sign the document, Wright told her she would lose her job.

Anderson claims she reported the sexual harassment and Wright retaliated by firing her in February 2011, and now she's seeking unknown damages. Should she win the case?
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  • Ben Brink 2011/08/10 17:36:28
    Ben Brink
    I am always amazed that people are so stupid, rude, or oblivious to the responsibilities of position. When I was asked by (male) sailors in my various commands how to interact with their female counterparts without their actions being misinterpreted as sexual harassment, I gave them two simple rules--1) consider how they would like their sister or their mother to be treated and 2) always be professional. For leaders--always treat subordinates with respect and any social interaction, which might be considered coerced because of the supervisor's position of power is completely off limits. I really don't think this stuff need be all that difficult.

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  • Gerald Thank y... 2012/03/24 12:02:33
    Correction. Ignortant, moronic, idiotic, immature, simple-minded, foolish, pathetic, degenerate troll.
  • Thank y... Gerald 2012/03/25 14:32:45
    Thank you but no...

  • Emily John Brown 2011/08/12 14:57:47
    And get fired, as her boss threatened, and did? Its hard to find a new job, she was protecting her livelihood.
  • Rand John Brown 2011/08/12 21:58:22
    You must be the brother to her boss.
  • Amberly 2011/08/12 13:09:14
  • Jensola 2011/08/12 13:08:57
    I'm no feminist, FAR from it in fact... but this is pretty disgusting!! She should definitely get some kind of compensation for that!
  • coach k 2011/08/12 12:35:30
    coach k
    just because he asked she can always say no. now lets flip the script. if her boss was a woman would there still be a law suit.
  • Jensola coach k 2011/08/12 13:10:39
    I would hope so, if a female boss was going around using her position of power to try and make her male employee wear tight trousers, or no top etc, he would be just as entitled to sue and win compensation!
  • Thank y... coach k 2011/08/12 13:30:19
    Thank you but no...
    Yes, of course there would. What would be your reaction if the flip was male boss and male employee?
  • Siefimn 2011/08/12 12:34:34
    Yes, if it's true. The guys a total idiot or it is all made up.
  • boocab55 2011/08/12 11:47:50
    She should get him for Sexual and ever thing els she can.
  • Thank you but no... 2011/08/12 11:16:34
    Thank you but no...
    Speaking as someone who has taken an employer to court for trying to enforce the removal of my beard, I'd have to say yes. It is not within an employers gift to make decisions like this for their employees.
  • Bigbri 2011/08/12 11:00:56
  • boocab55 Bigbri 2011/08/12 11:43:07
    How would like it if he talk to your MOTHER like that?
  • Thank y... Bigbri 2011/08/12 13:28:28
    Thank you but no...
    *could have*

    How would you feel if your boss (let's pretend he's male) insisted you came to work in a "banana hammock" on Mondays and threatened to fire you if you didn't. Let's also postulate that you actually really needed your job and could ill afford to just resign. Now how do you vote?
  • danielsard Thank y... 2011/08/12 16:23:00
  • danielsard Bigbri 2011/08/12 16:22:22
    remember the document he forced her to sign would have costed her job if she had said no
  • Christi... Bigbri 2011/08/12 23:42:06
    Christine Leo
    Yeah, keep it safe so perverts can go around having the gall to ask their female subordinates to wear little shirts, because after all they'll know they have nothing to fear! I mean who's going to do anything to stop them. Make 2011 the Year of the PERVE FEST! PERV ON!!!!!!
  • jimbo999 2011/08/12 10:40:58
    DAMN RIGHT! People deserve to be treated better than that.
  • FPSRules 2011/08/12 10:27:26 (edited)
    I'm sorry but I think this is tantamount to a female boss asking male workers to wear
    'Chip n Dale' costumes.

    Probably should have said "yes" then, huh? She should definately sue.
  • ian pearson 2011/08/12 10:21:22
    ian pearson
    by far she should get damages. Yes it is harassment
  • haShe 2011/08/12 09:12:56
    1-he's a fool, bet his family is proud.
    2-this sort of thing is often considered funny unless it is your daughter, mother or sister, hello.
    3-it is sad that people don't realize why professionalism is expected at work.
  • Rebecca 2011/08/12 08:53:20
    that's a stupid and degrading question. If it was me I would've sued or quit the first time. pigs like that should be zapped in the sack
  • Rich Matarese 2011/08/12 07:03:48
    Rich Matarese
    Much as I dislike the idea of feeding a starving lawyer, for an employer to set such a dress code as a condition of employment is the definition of "sexual harassment," and can't be treated as anything else.

    Unlike a work environment like Hooters - in which employees, management, and customers all enter with the explicit expectation of what can only be called a titillating milieu - the administrative office of a business is in no way so established.

    Hell, if anything, the dress codes required (and customary) in such places are established with an eye toward minimizing sexual cues so as to minimize distractions and conduce to dispassionate professionalism.

    Consider what objections the majority of MEN might raise were there a wardrobe schedule including "Jockstrap Tuesday" and "Buttplug Friday."
  • Brad 2011/08/12 06:59:51
    Yes absolutely! This is an extreme example illustrating a not uncommon enough attitude among employers in general, in that more than a few regard employees as essentially hired slaves, whose first and foremost responsibility is to satisfy the employer's whims.
  • chubby 2011/08/12 06:47:36
  • RobertChristopherLaity 2011/08/12 06:41:32
    This woman is the victim of Sexual Harassment,wrongful termination,hostile working environment and retaliation for engaging in protected activity when she reported the matter. The EEOC regulations are explicit. This woman should be compensated with back pay,front pay,compensatory damages as allowed by law and the employer severely sanctioned.
  • RobertC... RobertC... 2011/08/12 06:43:21
    ...in addition because she is over 40 she may file a charge of Age Discrimnation.
  • APLWONK 2011/08/12 05:51:42
    Yes! This is sexual harassment, pure and simple.
  • drphil123 2011/08/12 05:42:30
    I love a good joke but this is just too much. When one uses his position and power to take advantage of a subordinate yes, he should be hauled off to court and dismissed for acting so obnoxious and perverted. On the other hand, when a female willingly wears provocative clothing and flaunts what she has been bless with, will the company adopt a new dress code or standards of dress for all females? Again, the company needs to address the sexual harassment issue and award her accordingly.
  • katkaulitzhxc92 2011/08/12 04:56:46
    what a nasty boss hope he rots in hell for being a freak
  • JCD aka... katkaul... 2011/08/12 08:41:25
    JCD aka "biz"
    Or just a few months in a military-style disciplinary bootcamp, with male and female drill instructors. "Yes, Ma'am", "No, Ma'am!".
  • blottney 2011/08/12 04:43:50
    Something is wrong with this guy.
  • RalphMonroe 2011/08/12 04:37:31 (edited)
    As a teenager I started a small business back in the 1960's (Decade of LUV and all). I didn't have much capital so for the first month I paid my secretary in négligée's. The next month I raised her salary!

    PS. I like Naked News
  • Rajit Ravichandran 2011/08/12 04:21:16
    Rajit Ravichandran
    Yes sue as well as refuse to follow perverted dress code.
  • dirusbellator 2011/08/12 04:19:53
    The word allegedly was thrown around a little too much. Story sounds too one sided
  • Paragon.of.Virtue 2011/08/12 04:17:45
    What a pig. Poor woman )=
  • Randu 2011/08/12 03:55:23
    "D & L Electric" must stand for "dangerous" and "loathsome", and Derek Wright (yep, he'd have to have a "nerd name" like Derek to complete the picture) and though, presently the owner of D&L; Electric Company--hasn't yet seen the light. If Trudy finds a really good lawyer in Salt Lake City she could turn his lights off for good. And she should do just that. He's a JERK, and a Pervert to boot!
  • Tom M Randu 2011/08/12 04:37:04
    Tom M
    How is "Derek" a nerd name?
  • Demiann 2011/08/12 03:28:00
    sexual harassment!!!

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