Emma Watson Hangs With Dog After Pink Dye Job: OK or No Way?

Living 2012/06/25 18:00:00
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We're pretty sure this color doesn't occur naturally. "Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson was spotted walking a friend's dog after it was dyed a bright pink, The Daily Mail reports, and animal lovers are crying foul.

The 1-year-old bichon frise, Darcy, was reportedly dyed pink via a $140 beetroot-based semi-permanent dye treatment at Groom Dog City in London. While Groom Dog City's owner called the treatment harmless, vet Emma Milne isn't convinced.

"Dogs are not playthings; they are not dolls. If you are putting a chemical on a dog’s fur, you could cause that dog problems. Even if the dye is completely safe -- and the dye that Emma Watson has used should be absolutely fine -- you are still altering the way the dog looks and smells to other animals," she told the Mail.

Groom Dog City Owner Stuart Simons disagreed, telling the Mail: "All the dyes I use are completely animal-friendly. They are made from vegetable dye. I wet the dog, rub it on like a shampoo, leave it for five minutes and then wash it off. Because Darcy is white, it takes really well. She is a very calm dog, absolutely lovely, and she enjoys her groom."

Watson explained on Twitter that her friend was raising money for breast cancer awareness -- hence the pink color. Do you have a problem with pink pooches? Or was Watson's friend just supporting a good cause?
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  • Always 2012/06/25 21:26:37 (edited)
    It wasn't even her dog, so you can't blame Emma Watson. Dyeing a dog isn't something I'd do, but at least it was safe dye. I just don't see any point in dyeing a dog. And beet juice is harmless. People are making too big of a deal about this.

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  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2013/06/20 01:16:22
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    I wouldn't do it,but the dog isn't being harmed. no need to call PETA.
  • Maja Milanovic 2012/07/01 00:28:39
    No way
    Maja Milanovic
    to torture animals do not agree with that
  • Roy Mun... Maja Mi... 2013/06/20 01:14:16
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    they aren't being tortured
  • NakedRei 2012/06/29 16:28:21
    No way
    Unless the animal learns to speak a human language and tells you it wants to be dyed, there is no reason this should be done,.
  • Roy Mun... NakedRei 2013/06/20 01:14:31
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    people do that to little kids all the time
  • NakedRei Roy Mun... 2013/06/20 02:02:19
    And I don't agree with it being done to children either.
  • Alummina 2012/06/28 19:27:14
    No way
    I hate idiots.
  • Sebastiaan Oosterveld 2012/06/27 09:26:08
    No way
    Sebastiaan Oosterveld
    Pure White.. Solid 4 EVER
  • MissGates 2012/06/27 02:12:09
    It's not even her dog, leave her alone -.-"
  • Rachel 2012/06/27 01:21:24
    I don't particularly see the use or attraction towards a dyeing an animal in general, but I approve the statement (for breast cancer awareness) and I definitely am pleased that the dye is safe. I really don't see the harm in *this* particular case, if what they say about the dye is true.

    That said, Milne's excuse that the dye changes how a dog looks and smells to another animal is just absurd. Should people not put clothing or pretty collars on their pets? Should they not use soap or conditioner when they bathe them? I mean, they alter a dog's scent quite a bit, and since that's a no-no... Pfft. I'm pretty certain that all of these things alter how a dog is perceived by another dog, and yet they are generally acceptable. And most conditioners and shampoos have much more chemical-based/artificial ingredients than vegetable dye last I checked.

    Lastly, Emma Watson has nothing to do with this so I'm confused as to why she's the focus of the question. It's not her pet and therefore there's no reason to place blame of any kind onto her.
  • Elz 2012/06/27 00:46:25
    No way
    i just dont like it when people do that to their pets.
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2012/06/26 21:30:28
    No way
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    she is trying to get attention to her self by using a Dog. She is a jerk
  • LunarRain 2012/06/26 20:08:16
    As long as the dye isn't harmful i don't see a problem with it. I actully find this better than putting clothes on animals. The dog probably doesn't even notice anything but with clothes they do but society thinks thats ok so why shouldn't this be.
  • Chi 2012/06/26 19:57:58
    No way
    If you can't love a dog naturally, you shouldn't have a dog. So now when her friend gets a new handbag this puppy will have to go to a shelter.
  • PortaPocketGal 2012/06/26 18:47:43
    No way
    this is not good.
  • Couri 2012/06/26 18:31:29
    As long as the dye is safe for dogs and is administered by someone who knows what they're doing, then I don't see a problem. As far as "altering the way the dog looks and smells to other animals": 1. Dogs are color blind. 2. Dogs sniff each others asses, so I really don't think the smell of veggie dye will bother them that much.
  • shadowcat_2 2012/06/26 18:26:39
    No way
    why would you even want a dog to be pink!?
  • MiMi 2012/06/26 17:52:47
    It's not harmful.....I use to dye the top of my Yorkie's hair all the time.
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/26 17:50:21
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    It's harmless. Go find a cause that actually means something.
  • rubixx cube 2012/06/26 17:46:52
    No way
    rubixx cube
    why would you even want your dog to be pink in the first place!?
  • Lydia Barber 2012/06/26 17:32:32
    No way
    Lydia Barber
    It's cruel. i doubt that dog wants to look pink!
  • Rachel Lydia B... 2012/06/27 01:23:36 (edited)
    I don't like dyeing dogs either, but how can you call this cruelty? The dog was not harmed in any way. I strongly doubt it's even noticed its color change.
  • Lydia B... Rachel 2012/07/01 21:41:47
    Lydia Barber
    ok, the dog probably did (theyre not completely stupid) and i just believe that its wrong to do something so drastic to a creature that cant even advocate for itself
  • Rachel Lydia B... 2012/07/02 01:41:51
    It depends on how often the dog sees itself in the mirror and if it's cognizant enough to realize that there's a color change. I mean, some dogs get distressed just by seeing themselves in the mirror period because they doesn't realize that it's just their reflection. Similarly, I can see how a dog could be distressed by a very drastic color change, like from white to black. However, cat didn't even blink when she saw herself with a ginormous blue cloth ecollar when she got spayed (I called it her blue sunflower lol); I strongly doubt that the majority of dogs would notice themselves looking differently. Even if this dog in question did, that doesn't mean it was distressed. And, even so, drastic change doesn't constitute as abuse or cruelty. Shaving a dog can be just as drastic but that's not considered cruelty now is it? But, despite that, it has the potential to do much greater harm than dyeing a dog with vegetable juice.
  • Lydia B... Rachel 2012/07/15 15:58:42
    Lydia Barber
    I just dont believe in dyeing animals. Shaving is fine, as long as theres a good reason, which perhaps it is because its hot, or poop gets stuck to their butt or something (my cat had long hair and we had to get him shaved because poop always got stuck to his bum hehe). But i just think dyeing the poor little thing is without purpose and reckless. And anyway, the girl is making herself look like a fool as well walking around a freaking pink dog.
  • Rachel Lydia B... 2012/07/15 17:54:21
    But, the owner dyed the dog for a purpose, though, true, the purpose was not for the benefit of the dog. That said, how many people shave their dogs "for a purpose" that's beneficial to the dog? Many, maybe, but not all. How can one tell just by looking at the dog whether it was done for the "right" reasons or not? We can't, and yet that doesn't stop people from accepting shaving as a normal and okay form of change for pets. Also, as I've said previously, I don't see at all how it was reckless. The dog wasn't harmed, so what other consequences could there be that would make this situation "reckless"? Dyeing an animal likely has zero benefit to the pet, but that doesn't mean it's dangerous, reckless, cruel, etc.

    Lastly, I don't see how Watson walking around a pink dog has any bearing on anything that we had discussed, and she only looks like a "fool" to those who don't take the time to know with what the dog got dyed with and why, which admittedly is a lot of people, but ultimately it's not any of their business. The way I see it, she was unselfish enough to put her friendship, as well as the happiness of the dog, above her "reputation/image".
  • Lydia B... Rachel 2012/07/15 21:53:42
    Lydia Barber
    Ok, first of all this is a moot point because ive made it clear i do not believe in dyeing animals regardless of whether the animal gets hurt or not, and i just think that anyone walking around with a pink dog is kind of a fool, dog being harmed or not, because i just simply cannot wrap my head around someone wanting to walk around with a pink dog. End of discussion.
  • Rachel Lydia B... 2012/07/16 02:11:03
    As I said, she's apparently unselfish enough that walking around with a pink dog is not an issue considering the point was to merely take the dog to the park, regardless of its color, thus making both dog and owner happy. You may not get that, but that doesn't make her a fool. It just means you have different priorities and care more about your image than helping a friend and her pet.

    And, yes, I know your opinion, as you know mine. I was primarily commenting on your use of "purpose" and then "reckless", neither of which seemed to make sense to me in the context of what actually happened.

    But, fine, end of discussion. You were the one who restarted it, so no skin off my nose. Hope you have a good week.
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/26 16:39:40
    No way
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    Cruelty to the Dog.
  • Rachel the jud... 2012/06/27 01:24:38
    I don't like dyeing dogs either, mostly because I find it odd and because most places probably don't use truly safe dyes, but how can you call this cruelty? The dog was not harmed in any way.
  • the jud... Rachel 2012/06/27 12:39:56
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    My Mom dyed her hair once & the chemicals in the hair dye burned her scalp. Who says the dye is really that safe for a dog.I think some of my hair stylist friends would say the same thing.
  • Rachel the jud... 2012/06/27 13:55:22
    The dye they used is vegetable dye, more specifically beet-based, not the sort of chemical dye that humans use to color their hair. Did you read the article before responding? Vegetable juice is non-toxic and does not cause chemical burns.

    Flea prevention has been known to cause chemical burns in some pets- does that mean those who use flea prevention are being cruel to their pets?
  • JayLynx 2012/06/26 16:24:27
    No way
    Poor dog! It looks like a freak show character !
  • ThinkAb... JayLynx 2012/06/27 16:01:55
    The dog doesn't care.
  • JayLynx ThinkAb... 2012/06/28 13:46:33
    Ok,any way, it's a stupid thing to do. Dogs are not personal toys!
  • Anna 2012/06/26 16:24:20
    I've accidentally dyed my dog a few times, splatter paint style. It is amazing how hard it can be to get berry juice out of fur.
  • TwistedArtisan 2012/06/26 16:20:13
    No way
    Humans have free will when they dye their hair. Dogs don't.
  • ThinkAb... Twisted... 2012/06/27 16:03:43
    Dogs don't want free-will. They don't care what color they are.
  • Twisted... ThinkAb... 2012/06/27 17:50:12
    People who want to dye their dogs ridiculous colors and say it's cute can go do that, but I'm not doing that to my pets.
  • w2xad 2012/06/26 16:10:25
    Look Foof! A man!
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