E-15 gas is coming good or bad?

BrainerdLakesAndHomes 2013/10/29 15:48:44
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I heard today some stations were starting to sell it and it is about .25 cents less than regular gas. I have also heard you do not get as good of gas mileage with it. Any opinions or knowledge out there?
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  • spiritgal33 2013/11/05 08:15:21 (edited)
    Any opinions or knowledable people on this?
    I have never heard of it..ok... cool i don't own a car bet def have to start asking my friends who drive cause its worth a shot if it helps the environment and saves money..
  • Robbb 2013/10/29 19:28:07
    Any opinions or knowledable people on this?
    in Australia we have E10 and it is the cheapest. I use the dearest for my car and find that the mileage I get is better to a point where I save by using the dearer fuel. mechanics agree with me and also recon the stuff I use is cleaner and better for the engine. once in a while I am forced to use ethanol fuels and I can feel a slight reduction in engine performance. My brother has a device that computes the efficiency of the fuel he uses and noticed that when he changed to the dear stuff his performance went way up.
  • Doc 2013/10/29 18:23:28
    Any opinions or knowledable people on this?
    Ethanol is BAD for any part that it touches in your car.
  • naked_and_barefoot N.I.T. 2013/10/29 17:59:02
    Any opinions or knowledable people on this?
    naked_and_barefoot N.I.T.
  • bob 2013/10/29 16:01:29
    Any opinions or knowledable people on this?
    Ethanol makes for poor economic choices in fuel for your vehicle and has been known to damage many engines not designed for it.

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