DRUG tests on Newborns....how long does it take a child born from a drug using mother to have a "clean" system/body? does drug use effect the child genetically in any way??

stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/04/18 16:10:39
Im not a doctor....so i wouldnt have any idea.......anyone know, or remotely curious?
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  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/04/23 17:37:35 (edited)
  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/04/22 22:49:26
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon


    They say the first time you do any drug you are hooked for life?
    So why bother we are all addicts
  • Darlin' 2012/04/19 02:07:17
    suspect months .... withdrawal challenges ... potential for many disabilities
  • Reichstolz 2012/04/18 17:29:35
    Depends on the mother's habits, how long she was using during pregnancy. In most cases the drugs themselves are out of the system in days/weeks, but that hardly leaves the infant's system "clean". The damages are from mild to severe, genetically it can alter certain chromosomes in early development. But then again so can many other environmental factors.
  • Kat 2012/04/18 17:28:38
    Drugs the mother used by mother many months before the baby is born will show in the baby's meconium (first stool). As too how long does it take the drugs to leave the baby's system? It depends on the drug. Drug babies are pathetic little things. Many depending on what the mothers were taking need small doses of opiates to calm them down. It is something you really do not want to see. Genetically? No it does not affect them but it can cause damage.
  • stevegt... Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/04/18 16:17:10
  • Pixie·Ÿ... stevegt... 2012/04/18 16:18:48
  • stevegt... Pixie·Ÿ... 2012/04/23 17:39:09

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