Double-jointed fingers

Have you heard of double-jointed fingers?

Well, I have 'em. I'm sorry I don't have a picture posted. I just don't feel like it. I don't need to read your words filled with disgust. ): Not now. Not ever, probably. Okay?

Definition: adj.
Having unusually flexible joints, especially of the limbs or fingers.

Sometimes, I hate my fingers. I want them straight--and then they... curl. I don't really know how you describe it.

Google a pic or something... =/

Anyways, it sucks when people shudder and all that crap. Ugh. Sometimes I'm upset about that. Live a little. It's not like I wanted them. O.o I mean, not really.

I knew I had double-jointed fingers when one of my classmates' older sister came to scare us with those freaky fingers.

I just said: "Oh, like this?" And they... CURLED (or whatever ya call it!). My classmates were shocked. Like "How can you do that?!" type. Some thought it was cool; some thought it was ultra-weird.

Meh. D:

Anyways, anyone have double-jointed fingers? Anyway, I don't hate my fingers. Not really. Sometimes they're pretty useful. =] Think positive, haha.

So. If you Googled a pic and judge me because of 'em, then whoa, are you that stupid?! o.O Or... MEAN? ):

=Don't judge a girl by her fingers.= =D

I dedicate this to the SodaHeads who have double-jointed fingers--OR AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO HAVE THEM? O.O

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  • dana001 2012/10/02 00:16:02
    i have "double jointed" fingers. and ya, people do think its ultra freaky. Can you inherit double jointed fingers, cuz my mom has them too. people think i'm extra weird tho cuz my elbow can bend like my fingers too, i just don't show people cuz they think its gross
  • Logan 2010/05/16 05:37:45
    I have "double jointed" fingers. Hyper Extent. I would too put a pic up, but people are like wtf? heh
  • MeG .__... Logan 2010/05/16 07:01:41
    MeG .__. RainbowFire .__.
    I know. x]
  • God-Cilla (Saviour to the M... 2010/05/15 09:13:57
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    I'm double jointed, too.
    I can bend my thumbs all the way back to touch my wrists. I can bend them all in odd ways. I only ever thought that it was awesome...
  • MeG .__... God-Cil... 2010/05/16 07:02:28
    MeG .__. RainbowFire .__.
    That's great! I mean, for me. Nice to know I'm not the only one. It's comforting. :D
    And makes me feel less special. Haha, joke. :P
    I wonder what else they can do...
  • God-Cil... MeG .__... 2010/05/17 02:37:38
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Haha. Yay!

    Can you bend your fingers... ahh, I can't exlpain it... can you bend yours so that... ermmm... picture:
    haha yay bend fingers ahh exlpain bend ermmm picture

    It's fun doing THAT! :O
  • MeG .__... God-Cil... 2010/05/17 06:37:40
    MeG .__. RainbowFire .__.
    Yeah! xD I thought everyone could do it! Thanks to Tanya's sister I knew I could do it.
    I don't know how to explain it either! :O

    I love doing that!
  • God-Cil... MeG .__... 2010/05/17 07:10:44
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Hahaha. XD Tanya's sister is wise... ? Lol.

    YES! That really is a fun thing to do... lol.
  • dana001 God-Cil... 2012/10/02 00:17:22
    that's exactly what my finger do' and ya it is hard to explain :)
  • ✖Thorn✖ 2010/05/14 22:38:17
    I think it's awesome! I have double jointed toes, which is why I like to draw smiley faces with them when I'm bored xD Go double jointed-ness!!
  • MeG .__... ✖Thorn✖ 2010/05/15 01:52:02
    MeG .__. RainbowFire .__.
    Aw, thanks!
    OMG, cool! XD Go double jointed-ness, alright!
  • ✖Thorn✖ MeG .__... 2010/05/15 01:57:37
  • Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX 2010/05/14 19:08:56
    Xx.:AlyxAnesthicsz :.xX
    No, I don't have double jointed fingers.
    I can do magical things with my fingers though, just ask my old girlfriends, haha.
    But no I can make my hands do some pretty strange stuff
  • Jon BN-0 2010/05/14 18:30:51
    Jon BN-0
    My elbows are like that. I can make them look broken. My fingers aren't like that, but I can pop my thumbs out of place.
  • dreamwriter12 ✲the libraria... 2010/05/14 16:45:40
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    My pinkies are like that, but not my other fingers.
  • MeG .__... dreamwr... 2010/05/15 01:52:29
    MeG .__. RainbowFire .__.
    Really? :O Wow.
  • dreamwr... MeG .__... 2010/05/15 03:54:00
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    It is really weird to say the least. lol. My elbows are actually that way too. So much so that I don't even throw normally. I twist my arm completely in a circle when I throw (horizontally that is). Hard to explain. I can't throw any other way. But I'm okay with that, because I throw much harder than most people can. lol.
  • MeG .__... dreamwr... 2010/05/17 06:38:40
    MeG .__. RainbowFire .__.
    LOL. Don't throw something at me, please.

    You're like one of my Korean classmates. Except he doesn't throw things when doing that, haha.

    It doesn't hurt, right?
  • dreamwr... MeG .__... 2010/05/17 15:07:43
    dreamwriter12 ✲the librarian of ρнaεt✲ in grammar I trust
    lol! Don't worry; I won't. :)

    Nope, doesn't hurt at all. I don't even realize I'm moving my arm that way when I throw. I actually never would have known if nobody had pointed it out to me that I throw weird. lol.
  • αυвzzz☣ßαmf☣►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    I have "double jointed" thumbs and can actually pop them out of their sockets. People make me prove it then are grossed out when i do it.

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