Don't you just hate poor people?

Sir Jim 2007/09/13 12:48:12
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I was watching a TV show yesterday that truly amazed me. It was called Bridzilla's and some gal on there made this statement. She was griping at her husband to be as to why he drove through a certain part of Houston because she absolutely hated poor people and was afraid of them. I thought that was so incredible that someone was that heartless. Do you dislike poor people?
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  • Qit el-Remel 2007/09/16 23:25:46 (edited)
    Qit el-Remel
    While there really are *some* people out there who do nothing to improve their situation, I don't believe that wealth equals either merit or industry. There are plenty of wealthy people who are scumbags in my book.
  • Active Dolphin61 2007/09/16 21:44:21
    Active Dolphin61
    NO I am on disability and poor LOL But I am livng my life as best as I can and will continue to so.
  • jackie 2007/09/16 19:20:32
    i don't dislike poor people but i do believe that they could try a little harder to clean there selves up when i was young we didn't have a washer and dryer and little money so i washed my clothes in the sink there are ways of doing things some of them just don't want to do it i have nothing against them other than the fact that they don't try hard enough to clean them selves up. now you can say i am a bitch but you and i both know there is always a way to clean your clothes and clean your body.
  • marcus jackie 2007/09/21 17:17:39
    now come on do you honestly believe that poor people don't wash their clothes and take a bath. come on now you can do better than that
  • jackie marcus 2007/09/21 17:47:57
    well the ones i been around smelled terrible and looked awful
  • Angel41 jackie 2007/09/24 22:28:08
    I think you are referring to the homeless...
  • jackie Angel41 2007/09/25 18:31:57
    no im referring to the people who sit next to me in the bmv and the people who are at the hospital in the er and the people in the doctors office and who has kids who they let be dirty and smelly
  • ~Robin~ jackie 2007/10/01 22:12:23
    Doesn't mean their poor....just means they have a hygene problem. Some people are to lazy to clean house, clean their bodies, clean their clothes.
  • jackie ~Robin~ 2007/10/03 00:06:21
    well they look like there are kids don't match tore up clothes holes in shirts all i am saying is there are ways to clean up
  • ~Robin~ jackie 2007/10/03 15:35:02
    I totally agree there are ways to clean up. When I was a kid there was a family who lived 4 houses down and they were filthy. Couldn't even walk in there house full of clothes on the floor it was nasty....ever since we refer to a dirty house as a Flater house....they didn't have alot of money but they had enough to wash and clean house their Dad worked and the outside family Grandmother ect were clean people. Being poor is no excuse for a dirty house/clothes. These people are just lazy.
  • advance 2007/09/16 15:08:11
    BUt, I hate ALL people, so it's not discrimination.
  • Min Carter 2007/09/16 13:59:25
    Min Carter
    I don't hate anyone. Seems like a silly comment.
  • Tonee Rhian Rose 2007/09/16 05:30:49
    Tonee Rhian Rose
    I don't hate poor people cause I am 1 myself. I hate being poor. The people I hate are those rich snobs who would sooner step all over you than to help you.

  • Sir Jim Tonee R... 2007/09/16 09:31:47
    Sir Jim
    If your poor they are already stepping all over you. That's how they usually got rich.
  • mr. yankee 2007/09/16 04:54:13
    mr. yankee
    I grew up as poor as anyone, my parents often went to bed with an empty tummy many times to give my sister and I a meal, well, I made something for myself and i'm not poor anymore. That does not mean that i forgot where i came from, i donate money to the little leagues in my home town, the ronald mcdonalds house and so much more, and i still shop at wal-mart
  • jackie mr. yankee 2007/09/16 19:22:18
    Thats great... I wish i had the money to do stuff like that thats awesome!!!!!
  • Wicked (Holla Back Boy) 2007/09/16 04:43:32
    Wicked (Holla Back Boy)
    Lacking cash myself, and not owning just about anything except a car and guitar.... I think I could be in part of this "hated group", I do own this computer, but that was helped payed for from parents from awile ago. lol, i still live at home ^_^
  • caitlyn 2007/09/16 04:11:47
    i feel sorry for them <3
  • Rebecca 2007/09/16 04:02:04
    i dislike ignorant people
  • jojobean 2007/09/16 03:45:50
    What , what, I am a poor people, but very blessed, I am not down troddened by the Grace of God because he gave me the wherewhatfor to thrive on what I have....
  • Waldy1 2007/09/16 01:32:25
    No!!!! I have been not rich my whole life.
  • #1Misty 2007/09/16 01:21:13
    No Jim I do not hate myself or my poor friends--we are a happy bunch.
  • Sir Jim #1Misty 2007/09/16 01:23:04
    Sir Jim
    You should read the whole poll. I don't hate poor people.
  • #1Misty Sir Jim 2007/09/16 01:33:54
    I read the whole poll-I know you don't,I was responding to your question.
  • Sir Jim #1Misty 2007/09/16 01:40:19
  • lex 2007/09/16 01:06:35
    if you were a poor person would you want people to hate you becaue you have no money. there is no reason to be mad at someone if the are poor, but if some one did drugs then that would be a very different story.
  • Arleen 2007/09/15 23:32:40
    N0..well I won't be watching that show. It sounds annoying!
  • Miss UT 2007/09/15 23:16:13
    Miss UT
    I dislike people like the Bridzilla who spends Daddy's money and has never done a day's work in her life. This is the type person I would love to see lose it all....that would be hilarious....she wouldn't even know what to do! Most poor people are very good people who work hard (most of them), and who life has not always been fair.
  • Lori 2007/09/15 21:39:22
    That is ubsurd! It truly makes me sick for someone to think like that! I bet that woman is in debt cause of her ridiculous wedding (selfish people usually divorce too) and if it wasn't for her credit cards she'd be living a miserable existance!
  • kitkat 2007/09/15 17:49:43
    I don't hate anyone. There are several people that I don't like but I don't even know what their income status is and I don't care. To dislike someone because they are rich or poor is ludicrous.
  • Kat 2007/09/15 17:28:34 (edited)
    Poor in spirit is more self distructive than poor in money and there is a way out of poverty...education and hard work and freedom from the nanny government mindset.
  • Patrick 2007/09/15 17:18:16
    I think that it is a visiable sign of the decentigrating society that people would feel like that. To have no empathy for the poor is the ultimate glorification of a material not spiritual society. We need help!
  • John 2007/09/15 15:41:17
    People without money seem to be the nicest, most non judgemental people I have ever met.
  • 67vince 2007/09/15 15:34:33
    You should not hate just because someone is less off than you, It is arrogant, self centered, and completely inhumane. I was told way back, and firmly believe, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, THERE GO I! Someday that could be you or I in a situtaion like that.
  • Silly Me 2007/09/15 15:30:00
    Silly Me
    No, I dislike ignorant people. But them, I can work with and educate. I hate mean people.
  • AngelEyes 2007/09/15 13:58:19
    I don't hate them but I feel you can improve your life, I use to have nothing, but I got up got a job, now I own my own home, car, and everything in it. So it can be done, grab ahold of your butt pick it up and do soemthing about it. And don't give me the line, the world discriminates and I am a victim, you are a victim because you CHOSE to be a victim. There are to many agencies out there that are willing to help. My church offers a free program to get basic office skills, there are lots of places out there, if you take the time to get off your butt and look. Colleges even have free programs, The states have programs to help you get the basic education you need, Get a shovel out and start digging in the phone book and you would be surprized what you find. You can chose to be poor, or middle class, or upper class, No one can stop you, Pick an Apple from the barrel and take a chance that it is not rotten. I did and Life is so good to me now. You get what you give.
  • paula 2007/09/15 13:48:10
    how people can be judging others?Some are on welfare because they are sick and can't work, and they are poor because what the government give is nothing, i think that people who can work should work and people who can't should be helped by the goverment but not with 500 dollars per month no one can live off that, the government help other country why not their own people?
  • Pedro (a.k.a. Yoda) 2007/09/15 12:30:44
    Pedro (a.k.a. Yoda)
    LMAO...I hate adult poor people who have excepted they're fate, "Bums". I have sympathy for poor children, and empathy for they're parent's who have hit a hard spell and are struggling to get out of it. I hate poor people who continue to bring more and more children into the world and they know they can't support them. If they have one out of love I can understand but three, four and five is a shame and I can't understand for the life of me how they could do it knowing they will suffer. Tsk...tsk...Such is life.
  • Rhonda 2007/09/15 10:51:55
    Duh!!! Another moron on the lose.People like that really shouldn't walk around with their nose up in the air a bird just might fly by ,and !**t up it .
  • the vin-man 2007/09/15 10:31:53
    the vin-man
    There goeth I but for the grace of God.

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