Don't you feel sorry for Snape ...................?

xXxstabmysanityxXx 2009/12/28 15:03:23
Death Eaters!
Because he had such a rough childhood, had the wrong friends, could not have the one he loved, his love got taken by his enemy, he was made fun of in school, the love of his love died because he told he who must not be named what he had overheard, he had to look after Harry, the son of his love who looked like his enemy..........................and so much other horrible things happened to him.........
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  • VegoBabe 2011/12/19 15:37:44
  • VegoBabe 2011/12/19 15:29:42
    He wasn't Voldemort's.
    He wasn't Dumbledore's
    He was Lily's.
  • Theodore#1 2010/05/09 13:24:51
  • PhillipWoodhog 2010/02/15 11:56:26
    Absolutly! Even if he would not whant us to feel sorry for him.
    But i will support every FanFiction writer who gives him a better way and other chances(it must just be a good story;))
  • Shuttup<3 2010/01/02 00:40:19
    i do...
    poor snape.
  • lydia 2009/12/30 03:33:38
    i feel bad for him. though i'm sure, if he were alive and real, he would scowl at me for feeling bad for him.

    i love snape (favorite character!)
  • ♥317♥ ~*Ϟιη hαяяy Pσттεя ι тяυsтϞ*~ΨρנατσΨ
    Never did, cause I knew that he was good, somewhere deep inside - though I did have my doubts in Half-Blood Prince.
  • xxDream... ♥317♥ ~... 2009/12/29 21:10:57
    same here!
  • HerOwl'sHeart 2009/12/29 02:26:02
    yeah because he probably felt horrible at the end of the story when he was stopped from getting rid of the one who killed the one he loved, nad not been able to tell harry what he must do to stop him... yeah felt horrible story stopped rid killed loved nad harry
  • Suicide 2009/12/28 21:10:42 (edited)
    Harry Potter...
  • Puck ~PHAET 2009/12/28 21:01:15
    Puck ~PHAET
    No, I don't feel sorry for him. I understand him though. I feel bad for him, but he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who would have tolerated pity. Now, Lupin, I feel sorry for.
  • ~kitten~ 2009/12/28 20:20:47
  • ՐԾՏՏ 2009/12/28 20:12:19 (edited)
    I fell sorry for him...
    Poor Snape :(

    yeeees poor snape
  • Haley-Hit-An-AllTimeLow.♥ 2009/12/28 19:14:44
    How could you not feel sorry for Snape?
    The thing is, most of the stuff that happened actually made things better. I mean if his love hadn't gotten taken away from him, there would be no Harry. And without Harry there would not be the HP series.
  • Moonlight101 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ 2009/12/28 18:17:33
    Moonlight101 Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
    I know! Come to think of it, as dark as the series ever got each character got some light out of it, whether it was something like friendship ( i.e., Harry) or simply getting sheer pleasure off killing people ( i.e., Bellatrix). Except for Snape. He got nothing. Poor guy. :-(
  • POTTERRULEZ 2009/12/28 17:18:44
    i've felt sorry for him ever since i finished Deathly Hallows :(
    so sorry i cried!
  • xXxstab... POTTERR... 2009/12/28 17:45:37
    yeah because all along i thought he was not nice but after the deathly hallows i saw hies pain and stuff
  • POTTERR... xXxstab... 2009/12/29 09:13:45
    i know right!
  • Christine 2009/12/28 16:16:27
    Definitely. His life sucks lol. But he's awesome. But I do feel very sorry for him.
  • HPfan123 2009/12/28 16:09:46
    You have to feel bad for the guy after all the crap that's happened to him.He had a sucky life.
  • KiiriiChan 2009/12/28 15:48:24
    i do kinda feel sorry for him
  • ♣♦Fuckface♥♠ 2009/12/28 15:26:23
    Nope I'm heartless :P
  • Seger 2009/12/28 15:12:27
    wow now that you throw it all in my face like that, yes i do feel bad for him

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