Does Your Mom Have a Facebook Account?

GMR 2012/04/24 18:07:17
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Mother's Day is almost here, and to celebrate we wanted to give mothers a chance to discuss familial Facebooking, and how social media plays into parenting. Should moms "friend" their kids on Facebook? Do their kids even want to be friended? What do people really think about parents who make Facebook pages for their babies? Do families hide things from each other online? And don't forget, we have demographic breakdowns to shed more light on the answers to those questions.

So whether you're a mom yourself, or simply have a mom, we want to know your thoughts on how social media relates to parenting. When you have a chance, be sure to take our 10-question Mothers and Social Media Quick Poll. And don't forget to send your mom a Mother's Day poke!
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  • geegee 2012/04/25 15:01:29
    My mom has been deceased since 1980. I don't think she has a FB account.. unless there is FB in heaven.

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  • foxy 3 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    At 90 years of age my mum is on F.B. to me it seems weird to see, a few years ago she did not want to know, I think my brother putting all her music on a lap-top for her made the difference, but she is still learning, I wonder if this is a record.
  • Charles 4 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    She does.She's not into social networking.She like to see how her grandchildren are doing.
  • Flamingolady 4 days ago
    My Mother passed away 42 years ago. I would give anything if she had a FB account. My daughter has a FB account and we are friends on there. So far, so good.
  • jmc07806-PWCM-JLA 5 days ago
    I don't either
  • Kezzi Morris 5 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    Kezzi Morris
    She does ._.
  • Melinda Lloyd 5 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    Melinda Lloyd
    I've gotta show her all the photos I post of my baby boy.
  • P. Sturm 5 days ago
    P. Sturm
    My mom died over a decade ago. I will not have a Facebook account, if I want my personal information sold off, I'll do it myself and charge for it.
  • xxXAnna M.Xxx 5 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    xxXAnna M.Xxx
    Since high school! My mom is OP with gadgets, and we are like bfs even though she is 44. :D
  • Shawn 5 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    She has one, but doesn't use it a lot.
  • oros 5 days ago
    My Mother even at the ripe old age of 88 would not be foolish enough to have anything to do with Butt Book.
  • KarenInKenoshaWisconsin 5 days ago (edited)
    You can't FB after you die.
  • polkastria 5 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    I'm "friends" with my mom, my father in law, and my son. My own father unfriended me when I caught him in a lie and called him on it on my page.
  • ladyvoldemort 5 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    And yes, I chose to add her. When I was in high school, some people I know had to add their parents in order to have a Facebook account.
  • belle 5 days ago
    no but my daughter in law does and she uses it more than her daughters uses theirs.
    But then she is a trophy wife and must keep up with all the other trophy wives.
  • yogiOK 5 days ago
    I'm not really sure, but doubt that they have FB in heaven.
  • Jackie 5 days ago
    Mom has passed. My mother- in-law doesn't. She's 93 .
  • Nikki 6 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
  • fingers 6 days ago
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    I was caught cyber bullying and my stepmom made me close my account ! ):
  • eli 6 days ago
    Maybe in under world.LOL However, we are not friends there. at least for now.lol
  • ziad 6 days ago
  • No
    She wants to make one D:
  • Ang 7 days ago (edited)
    she's 75, she doesn't even understand her cellphone, she calls me & when it goes to voicemail, she says Ang you there, it's your mom & so forth for about 3-5 minutes like she does on my answering machine, it's kinda funny sometimes but I've explained to her a million times I can't hear her but then she forgets & does it again so no, she's not interested in Facebook nor does she have a computer to do so anyway but if she were, we would definitely be friends!
  • pterodactyl 2012/05/19 18:46:32
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    if i did not exept the friend request i could not get an account of my own
  • Rimvydas_M 2012/05/05 10:46:15
    she doesn't have
  • Pat 2012/05/03 17:44:49
    MY Mom is 89 and has no clue what Facebook is. I have my own Facebook account and my son is a "friend". My daughter doesn't have an account.
  • wahrheit 2012/05/02 12:19:47
    I don't use face book. My mother doesn't use face book. My kids don't use face book. Social media is essentially the cigarette of this age-- people think it is necessary, fun, cool. In fact, it is none of those things. Best case, face book is neutral. Worst case, it is destructive.
  • Dave 007 2012/04/29 12:03:30
    Dave 007
    No, she's dead.
  • Jen 2012/04/28 03:57:50
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    My mother doesn't use her Facebook account anymore.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/04/27 23:52:02
  • ♥ilia rose♥ 2012/04/27 21:30:55
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    ♥ilia rose♥
    yes!! and shes alwayssss the first one to like my status lol annnnd her photos are embarassing-____-
  • BreakingThrough 2012/04/27 16:53:41
    And thank the Lord! Lol. She JUST learned what the power button was. :D
  • Ang Breakin... 7 days ago
    that's too funny, you should read my answer above!!
  • Dzeeng 2012/04/27 10:30:08
  • iluvcameronkennedy4ever 2012/04/26 22:40:49
    Yes, but we're not "friends"
    my mom wobt let me have fb. but even if she did i wouldnt accept a frend request (only because i'm afraid of getting made fun of , kids can be extremely mean)
  • passion 2012/04/26 20:17:38
    to old 75
  • compufreek 2012/04/26 18:06:36
    Yes, and we're "friends"
  • Michael 2012/04/26 13:13:02
    Yes, but we're not "friends"
    She's got a facebook as does most of my family, but I don't simply because the people truly important to me I can call any day and viceversa. The other details of my life I refuse to post online unless it anonymous like my Tumblr, which I don't use much these days; I like handwriting in a paper journal
  • Ameera 2012/04/26 09:55:37
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    my mum is into tech stuff... she knew how to use a computer before i even knew what it was
  • MissNovemberTuesday 2012/04/26 07:07:51
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    I just make sure to set my privacy settings so she can't read posts by my friends (Who knows WHAT those degenerates may say? LOL!), posts that are automatic from outside connections, and many of my personal posts to my Timeline. Also many photo albums are not visible to her or family due to the nature of the comments I know will be made on them.
  • Call me Mark willya? 2012/04/26 03:55:56
    Call me Mark willya?
    Several reasons, #1 being she's deceased, #2 being she was barely computer literate enough to play solitaire, and number three she listened to me when I told her that facebook is the internet version of Jerry Springer right down to the fights that get started but can't ever happen because people are in different states/countries/planes of existence. I don't have a facebook page and I never will, my life is my own business, if I want someone to know something I'll call them or even better visit them face to face and tell them, you know, like they're a real person or something...

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