Does whiskey make you mean?

SparkleyPie 2009/08/18 18:52:04
I've heard countless stories about people getting drunk on whiskey and becoming really aggressive. Personally, I don't get it. I don't like to be super drunk on anything, and whiskey is icky.
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  • 1088799 2009/08/18 18:55:14
    I don't drink hard alcohol a lot, as I do tend to get a bit more verbally - and eventually, physically - belligerent. It flies in the face of who I am, so I avoid it.

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  • Troy 2009/08/20 00:01:58 (edited)
    Er - yup!
    And as a Scot I'm a bit embarrassed to say that but, true is true. I can get real nasty with the old whisky in me. It's funny cause I can drink a bucket load of vodka, gin, bacardi, well just about anything but whisky, and all I want to do is tell everyone how much I love them, sing and fall asleep!
    But when I'm full of the whisky I want to FIGHT! preferably the biggest, baddest, meanest shit in the place, just to prove gay folks aint women and we can [and I often do] whoop your ass! I'm getting kind of short on teeth though, so, I guess I'd better stick to the malibu and pineapples! - LOL!

    Slightly healthy regards,
  • LQ~phaet 2009/08/19 23:47:32
    the one I always hear about is.... hear
  • i luv greenday! 2009/08/19 21:59:19
    i luv greenday!
    i never drank whiskey and dont plan on doing it in the future . . .
  • Catfish Biff 2009/08/19 20:42:48
    Catfish Biff
    I seem to get a little more rambunctious when I drink Jack Daniels. But it is mostly psychosomatic, I think.

    Now when I drink Crown, watch out! Not because I get mean, but it seems to make me a lady killer! Well, just one lady (my beloved hunny) but whatever is in it really makes our chemistry flow! Maybe I will go pick up a bottle!
  • JOE 2009/08/19 19:43:12
    Like old Tex Ritter sang in the 1940's, "It a whisky you villan, you've a bin my downfall, kicked you've a cussed, but I love you for all."
  • Karensue322 2009/08/19 19:25:39
    Whiskey is really icky, only whiskey that is good is the Jack Daniels sauces at TGI Fridays and probably not a drop of whiskey in any of their sauces! icky whiskey jack daniels sauces tgi fridays drop whiskey sauces
  • Bob™ the Union Ironworker 2009/08/19 19:22:46
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    Naw Maw, Whiskey always makes my jaw hurt, either by getting punched in it cuz of my mouth, or from taking a bite out of a steering wheel when crashing into a telephone poll...........unfortunately this is true so I stick to the clear liquors
  • Legion Bob™ th... 2010/04/01 18:54:55
    LOL (Y)
  • moainateacup 2009/08/19 19:18:46
    Nope...on the contrary.
  • TopShelf® (oyo) 2009/08/19 18:28:35
    TopShelf® (oyo)
    drunk people suck balls. drunk people suck balls
  • Bob™ th... TopShel... 2009/08/19 19:23:24
    Bob™ the Union Ironworker
    I drink and I am no teabagger, but that is a big bag of tea you have up there.
  • TopShel... Bob™ th... 2009/08/19 23:07:59
    TopShelf® (oyo)
    OH YEAH!!
    gotta love that...tea! yeah gotta love tea
  • Legion TopShel... 2010/04/01 18:55:33
    I think I get whatchur sayin'. Nice photo! :D
  • TopShel... Legion 2010/04/01 23:40:27
    TopShelf® (oyo)
    ain't it though.
  • kareka 2009/08/19 17:05:55
    not realy,it makes me feel like a woman,
    i start crying for no reason,speak without sence,don´t know how to drive,etc.
  • Soccergirl23 2009/08/19 16:07:29
    I don't drink, so i don't know!
  • ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    Before I was a Christian I use to fight a lot and I definetly did not want to drink whiskey...It made me mean...
  • ladypuppylove 2009/08/19 14:21:05
    I don't drink whiskey i like wine
  • EastInd... ladypup... 2009/08/19 19:11:13
    White Merlot for me!!

    white merlot
  • ladypup... EastInd... 2009/08/20 12:56:24
    Arbor mist for me
  • Baggins ~IMBIT~ 2009/08/19 14:19:46
    Baggins ~IMBIT~
    I don't really drink - but if I want to treat myself, I'll either have a lovely glass of wine or a damn fine bit of whisky. I've never gotten aggressive on alcohol at all, let alone on whisky - but then, I don't get drunk either (because I hate being drunk) - I actually get a little hyper or depressed *shrugs*
  • Bowman 2009/08/19 14:17:54
    I quit whiskey because every time I drank it, my wife turned into a bitch.
  • Resizstance 2009/08/19 13:40:12 (edited)
    All other alcoholic drinks would just render me happily drunk, but Whiskey always made me extremely violent. Especially "Jack" !! -- Landed in many a jail cells, to wake in the morning wondering how I got there and why my head felt like someone used it for a football !! lol !!

    These days I, "Take It Easy" and "One Day At A Time". Life is good !!

    landed jail cells wake head felt football lol days life landed jail cells wake head felt football lol days life
  • Ramsey Midwood 2009/08/19 13:15:15
    Ramsey Midwood
    Don't really care for whiskey very much. It makes me sick before I get drunk. That's why I stick with:
    care whiskey sick drunk stick
  • Menen 2009/08/19 11:45:18
    Never had one
  • ScotchNSoda 2009/08/19 08:49:13
    Nope, whiskey makes me horny, vodka makes me mean.
  • Jonas190 2009/08/19 07:57:03
    No, it makes me way too friendly and happy...
  • Jamie J 420 2009/08/19 07:22:26
    Jamie J 420
    Yep especially Jack Daniels lol yep jack daniels lol
  • Captain America 2009/08/19 07:13:58
  • Patsy Inclined 2009/08/19 06:46:10
    Patsy Inclined
    I can't say this holds true for whiskey, but it is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH when you are talking about tequila...that particular spirit when done straight up turns people into their worst selves...I've seen it happen so many times that you would think people wouldn't continue to do it. I don't call it TE-QUI-LA...I call it TO-KILL-YA because it is the evil alcohol.
  • The Gov-Here to help BN362 2009/08/19 06:42:02
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    LOL... ohhhhh most definitely, actually pretty much everything made me mean after awhile. One of the main reasons I quit drinking.
  • sasquatchette 2009/08/19 06:29:26
    What whiskeys have you tried?
  • Broddy 2009/08/19 05:53:44
    Whiskey always makes me mean , everytime i have to smell it on some drunks breath it triggers the worst in me.
  • Asher 2009/08/19 05:38:14
    i have to second thakat' im mean without it...whiskey makes me want to fight or....do something else *cough*
  • thakatchaser 2009/08/19 05:10:47
  • artist1963-Progressive Patr... 2009/08/19 04:47:07
    artist1963-Progressive Patriot for Change
    Alcohol effects everyone in different ways so it depends on the person. I've seen people get nasty, pass out- throw-up, get mellow and some just get a "little goofy" from drinking. I can't stand whiskey myself and seldom drink anyway, especially the hard stuff because it makes me sick most of the time.
    It is just not worth it and my kids certainly don't need to see their parents soused.
  • artist1... artist1... 2009/08/19 04:49:25
    artist1963-Progressive Patriot for Change
    If I do drink, it is usually wine-(good wine), or a couple of pints of smooth ale.
  • heather 2009/08/19 04:13:38
    I try to avoid drinking anymore I really dont like to be out of control and yes whiskey does make me mean I would be ready to fight if someone looked at me wrong all and all bad stuff avoid drinking whiskey ready fight looked wrong
  • NO NAME 2009/08/19 04:08:36
  • meatpuppet 2009/08/19 03:54:02 (edited)
    Yes,i had to quit drinkin cause i wanna squab everytime me n Jack get together! yesi quit drinkin wanna squab everytime jack

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