Does Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Make Women Feel Fat?

Living 2010/11/11 15:00:00
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Yay! It's almost time for the annual broadcast of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Woo hoo!


Is it just us, or does this annual parade of lovelies with unthinkably long legs, tiny torsos and surprisingly large breasts make the rest of us ladies feel a little bit dumpy?

According to E Online!, at the live show Wednesday night, "Tongues were wagging as the models strutted a gold glitter runway in everything from jungle-themed underwear to skimpy, barely-there sportswear."

Adriana Lima opened the show for the first time since giving birth (she looks awesome -- even more reason for us to feel like a chubster), followed by Angels Chanel Iman, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosia and others.

Katy Perry, not too shabby herself, performed.

Victoria's Secret underwear is supposed to make women feel Very Sexy. But every time we see one of those ads on TV, we feel Very Chunky.

The show airs Nov. 20 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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  • kitkat42 2010/11/11 21:51:35
    Women only feel fat if they have low self esteem. I don't have a problem with these women at VS, they are quite beautiful and at least they aren't emaciated looking. What I didn't like was, a while back TV ads wouldn't allow Just My Size (or one of the full figured companies) to show their bras on live models because there was too much cleavage. Say what? I believe that argument was finally shot down and the ads showed, but the fact they were trying to allow the one and not the other was wrong. Fairness must prevail.

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  • ☆SPIDERPIECES☆: HERO of PHAET 2011/10/28 00:39:36
    Yes, totally
    "Every page you turn you feel fatter, and stupider, and uglier. You women seem to forget how beautiful you really are."

  • ben 2011/04/18 15:27:37
    Skinny chics are nasty, and fat chics are ugly also...so if you can look like this, you got it...

  • Meghan 2010/11/21 19:43:06
  • rainbowsky 2010/11/15 16:29:52
    Yes, totally
    Somewhat yes because plus size women see this and feel so bad and even smaller women feel bad too
  • Seeker of Truth - War Wizard 2010/11/13 06:13:54
    No, get over it
    Seeker of Truth - War Wizard
    My wife never complains that they make her feel fat. She does make comments when she sees some of the models, who don't always have the body for the outfits their in. She'll point out that they shouldn't have a muffin-top or jiggly thighs if they're going to model underwear. She might not have quite the body they do (anymore), but she's also not up on a stage in a thong!
  • Rabbit 2010/11/13 02:32:36
    No, get over it
    Their bodies look fake. Our bodies look real. We are not all Barbie dolls.
  • [Katsu]™ 2010/11/13 02:22:07
    No, get over it
    No i dont think so...im not a thin little stick and it dosent make me feel fat. What do you expect from models no days? So yes, get over it.
  • President 2010/11/13 01:15:11 (edited)
    No, get over it
    Hey, there are women who like to wear that stuff, to feel sexy. And there are women who can't wear that stuff, and they are still sexey women. The most sexy, erotic woman is one who thinks for herself what she wants, not what someone else tells them they should think.
    Because passion comes from the brain, and nobody can even see that, lol!

    wear sexey women sexy erotic woman thinks passion brain lol
    I don't see the attraction myself, this stuff sucks!
  • MBSVirginia BN-2 2010/11/13 00:54:16
    No, get over it
    MBSVirginia BN-2
    Oh for G-d's sake, if a woman doesn't have self esteem it isn't because of a Vickie's Secret model. I would think some women would be motivated to improve their appearance, not be jealous of a skinny model.
  • Arclight 2010/11/13 00:48:06
    No, get over it
    Don't kill this messenger!
  • Broke man 2010/11/13 00:42:58
    Yes, totally
    Broke man
    as a product i have no issue, but the way its promoted and advertised totally degrades women.
  • Tiernan... Broke man 2010/11/13 00:46:33
    Tiernan Webb
    Degrades? Nothing truly degrades any group of people. There is no standard of being set for any person or group.
  • Broke man Tiernan... 2010/11/13 00:56:32
    Broke man
    if there were no standards in life. all our politicians would be from the cast of jackass and porn stars.
  • Tiernan... Broke man 2010/11/13 01:08:30
    Tiernan Webb
    That does not help your argument, a Jackass cast member or a porn star COULD be a politician. I'm sure somewhere a porn star has been one.
  • Broke man Tiernan... 2011/01/28 05:43:02
    Broke man
    claiming there is no standard comes from where? rather the fact is all social groups have standards and levels of morality they expect people to up hold and obviously some groups have lower acceptance levels then others hence the odd porn star politician but never do they gather more then a few joke votes because people want substance and moral character. as for this, sure sex sells but it does nothing but promote sexualization of women for the simple carnal gratification of men.
  • Brenda 2010/11/13 00:03:25
  • JY11 2010/11/13 00:02:30
    No, get over it
    Dunno how it makes women feel but I could watch that all day, AMMA RIGHT?
  • scbluesman13 2010/11/12 22:16:27
    The VS show? seriously? Most of the VS models don't get jobs for mags like vogue, cosmo, or elle because they're "too big".
  • sabbatha scblues... 2010/11/15 06:10:35
    that's true.they look like healthy women who work out,not cokeheads.
  • disogirl551 2010/11/12 22:09:37
    No, get over it
    They're models.
  • Skip 2010/11/12 21:30:51
    No, get over it
    The best revelation about this article is the fact that SodaHead Living is a woman and evidently overweight.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not every man thinks thin, well endowed women are attractive. I do, but I also think women who are a little overweight can be beautiful and it's not the beauty outside that is important, it's the beauty inside.
  • THEShibuyaBrat 2010/11/12 21:22:23
    No, get over it
    You know what? Get over it.

    If a women feels dumpy looking at those women in the fashion show (whether or not the women watching are fat) you just have low self-esteem and seeing ANY pretty or fit woman (even walking down the street) will make them feel unattractive.
  • PDenoli 2010/11/12 20:50:24
    Yes, totally
    They should pick people to model their clothes that: 1: nobody wants to look at and 2: that nobody wants to look like. That would be fair, and who cares if they sell any clothes!
  • Brenda PDenoli 2010/11/13 00:08:00
  • J 2010/11/12 20:47:28
    It depends on whether the man in her life (present or future) know the difference between a model and a real person; do they know the difference professional make-up artists and cameramen (and angles and lighting) make? And then you have to ask yourself, women, "is it looks that attracted him to me only or was there something more?" And then decide if it should/could make women feel fat.
  • Bonnie 2010/11/12 20:20:34
    We've blamed the media for years for pushing an unobtainable standard of beauty on American women, and VS is certainly the WORST offender. But they're not the ONLY offender, and the fact is, women must learn to love themselves, stay active and healthy, and help instill within our daughters a sense of self-worth and an ability to think for themselves.

    Do my VS catalogues make me feel a bit...dumpy? Yep. They sure do. I don't watch the fashion show for just that reason! But it's not like I think it should be pulled from the air (nor should the catalogues be pulled from my mailbox - I buy that stuff!) because of it. I just remind myself that I am a normal, non-surgically enhanced mother and am doing all that I can to stay fit, healthy, and attractive. If my husband wants to leave me in pursuit of a VS model, I'll help him pack his bags and laugh my normal-sized a$$ of while I buy him a plane ticket!! ;-)
  • retrograve 2010/11/12 19:32:00
    No, get over it
    Aww VS makes me feel fat cause they have skinny womens. Listen here, if you feel bad about being fat, LOSE WEIGHT.

    If skinny woman make you feel fat and horrible, stay inside, never watch tv, or see places where people hang around or you'll always feel that way.

    Be happy with what you got, not sad about it.
  • dhellew2 2010/11/12 19:28:38
    No, get over it
    Everyone can dream about being one (women) or having one (men) right?
  • Jack 2010/11/12 19:28:04 (edited)
  • Bonnie Jack 2010/11/12 20:25:13
    Exactly - VS commercials and catalogues (I don't watch the fashion show - argh!!) make me feel dumpy and chunky. But I'm a grown woman, so I close the catalogue and move on with my life, taking heart in the fact that I eat right, stay active, and that my husband finds me attractive like I am. I also know that if I had a career as a high-profile lingerie model, I would almost DEFINITELY not have my wonderful, beautiful, amazing son!! (I just wouldn't be able to sacrifice such a lush career - I might get...gasp...STRETCH MARKS!! Nooooo!!)

    I like my life, am happy with my choices, and comfortable in my own skin. That's largely because I have enough years on me and enough perspective to have healthier priorities that whether or not I am a size 00 and have DD breasts. Teen girls, on the other hand...well...this kind of thing is SO destructive to them!!
  • Sonic 2010/11/12 19:23:40
    Yes, totally
    With the type of stuff that is shown on it, I would believe that it was created by sexually deprived, perverted, selfish guys who want to see women is skimpy outfits everywhere they go.

    I do not believe in promoting that style of attire, because it teaches women that it's okay to subjectify themselves to what men want them to wear, instead of truly going to a neutral store and choosing for themselves.
  • B 2010/11/12 19:08:58
    No, get over it
    Women shouldn't feel bad b/c it's the models job to stay skinny. If we were all paid to look good and had lots of time and money to hire ppl to help us look that good, then it'd b a different story
  • XxXTiffany ScreamXxX 2010/11/12 18:56:25
    No, get over it
    XxXTiffany ScreamXxX
    blah blah blah
  • Absynthe, Lady of Snakes 2010/11/12 18:21:36
  • daryl1944 2010/11/12 18:19:05
    No, get over it
    No, never has been and never will be. They only sell certain sizes...but Oh-h-h-h-h- their product line can make a woman fell sexy, and provocative, even if it is only for herself...No man has to know what she is wearing...buy it, wear it and enjoy the feeling it gives you as you walk out of the door.
  • aphotodude 2010/11/12 18:07:00 (edited)
    No, get over it
    No it isn't the show that making them feel fat, its that mass of lard laying in their laps when they sit down that does it... ut oh Duck here come the stones,,,;-)
  • SunShine 2010/11/12 17:22:50
    No, get over it
    Im sure they do make some women feel fat, but these girls are gorgeous. They don't make me feel fat. I'm short, these girls are tall. I've had 3 babies and am within my normal weight range. I could probably use to lose 5 to 10 pounds, but am I worried about it? Nahh. I like my curves. I actually have a booty now, lol! At 100 pounds, I don't have much of anything. I'm comfy at 120.

    It is up to each of us individually to determine whether or not we will allow what society labels as "hot," to shape the way we feel about ourselves. Besides, I think (most - ?) men are more attracted to women who are confident in the way they look.
  • jacktown kid 2010/11/12 16:43:56
    No, get over it
    jacktown kid
    oh yeah she looks good
  • Heather ~Warrior Princess~ 2010/11/12 16:13:37
    Yes, totally
    Heather ~Warrior Princess~
    But I like to eat, I have a thyroid problelm, and have had two kids, so I have no hope of my body ever going back to what I looked like in college...and the only person who matters (my husband) loves me for me and doesn't pay attention to all my stretch marks or to my love handles.
  • Mr.Wizzard 2010/11/12 16:12:45
    Yes, totally
    Yes it's just one of those Lovely things you have to witness. Pictures of Victoria s secret s Modelslovely witness

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