Does this image infringe on Apple’s trademark?

LegalZoom 2011/10/19 21:07:32
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  • glasspixel 2011/11/12 20:13:23
    Looks like a tribute to me. If the person were to sell anything under that logo, then yes it'd be infringement, otherwise they're just using artistic license to pay homage to Apple and one of its main founders.
  • sickofwrongbeingright 2011/11/12 01:28:05
    Would you think so if you were apple??? I would.
  • Jen 2011/11/08 23:28:46
    Yes, if their computers work good as Mac.
  • pwgoudeau 2011/11/07 21:27:06
    If you change one thing on a Logo..doesn't belong to them anymore, unless it is written up in a contracts, not to altered such as color, shape etc.
  • sayuri 2011/11/04 15:38:57
    not unkless he is using it to sell something
  • hatakah 2011/11/02 13:10:19
    Clearly it IS an infringement if the creator intends to use it as a trademark.
  • khan3962 2011/11/01 00:14:01
    It's an apple for crying out loud. I'm pretty sure that's a natural picture of a god made item.
  • angelofmusic516 2011/10/31 15:25:15
    I meant No...haha
  • 098765 2011/10/27 14:44:27
    intellectual property does not exist
  • 2011/10/25 01:01:48
    For crying out loud its just a dedication to Steve Jobs. I don't see anything wrong with it and I think steve would have like it.
  • Leeloo 2011/10/24 23:54:52
    I believe, legally, that the image does not infringe on Apple's trademark because of the fact that it is slightly altered. Just like patents, replicated icons, if changed only slightly, are legal.
  • senio anthony 2011/10/24 04:02:20
    senio anthony
    definitely !!!
    what do u think ??
  • erikggrep 2011/10/23 19:59:05
    This is a homage, not a plagiarized icon.
  • wolfshadow 2011/10/23 06:39:53
    Just my opinion.... but then who cares? I think God has the trademark on the apple.

    Apple iDied
  • Rusty Shackleford 2011/10/23 06:07:17
    Rusty Shackleford
    if it's used to make money, than yes it is.
  • Blackberry 2011/10/22 22:42:05
    No, because well, I don't have a stick in my butt. Chill out, people.
  • RealityBetraysus Whatdoyoun... 2011/10/22 21:53:31
    RealityBetraysus Whatdoyounotunderstand
    if anything it should remind the public of one of Apple's top management and shows the company respect rather than degrading the trademark. Most people know it is not meant to confuse or compete with the companies regular trade mark. No more than some guy dressed up as "uncle Sam" or apple pie being used as "american culture symbols does not threaten the flag.
  • Christina Estabrooks 2011/10/22 11:44:14
    Christina Estabrooks
    yes and no. u can tell the difference between the two but i think apple should buy it and use it on some stuff mabey use it on things their willing to dotate a portion of costs to cancer research?
  • Terrance Earle 2011/10/22 06:10:35
    Terrance Earle
    It really depends on the use of the image. Trademarks are to protect companies. I just wish there was something to protect us from companies.
  • Texas Gal 2011/10/22 03:04:35
    Texas Gal
    I had not seen the image before this question. I have seen a lot of coverage about Steve Jobs passing. I realize what a contribution he made to the world of technology. I read several of his quotes about life, which were very thought provoking for me. I like to think that the design was done as a tribute to Mr. Jobs - in which case I think it was very thoughtful and an honor for Mr. Jobs memory. If it was done with anything else in mind - shame on the designer -- not that he, she, or they would care what I think.
  • elle1 2011/10/21 21:05:13
    Oh. I'm sorry that we just want to honor the greatest mind of the 21st century. I didn't think Apple would considering they never complained...
  • dogs voice 2011/10/21 19:47:58
    dogs voice
    Wish people would stop being so damn picky. Who the hell cares? Seems some of you need to get a life instead of worrying about such issues.
  • Sorting... dogs voice 2011/10/22 02:29:11 (edited)
    dogs voice, let's say your Daughter made a product you helped her with. Her logo was unique and she did well the first 2 years. Then one day you walked into a store and saw her product on the shelf, but it had a slightly different logo. Then you noticed the sales fell off. So you decided to find who was making that product which looked identical to your Daughters. And come to find out it was a company from China/India/Maylasia.

    Is it a big deal now? rip off
  • dogs voice Sorting... 2011/10/22 11:38:28
    dogs voice
    Nope! Simply not the same. How many other products and ideas are SIMILAR to an original? How many types of pasta sauce are there on the market? How about soups? Cars? They all have 4 wheels, engine, transmission, brakes, etc. Your mentallity is the type I was eluding to. How about the guy that invented the wheel? Bet he's really pissed off. Maybe sliced bread is next? And since I am not married and have no children, it makes it easier also. Have a good day!
  • Sorting... dogs voice 2011/11/03 00:10:25
    dogs, you are right, I failed to add that your daughter's product you helped her with was identical. This is what makes for a copyright claim. My mistake.
  • dogs voice Sorting... 2011/11/03 20:52:13
    dogs voice
    It's cool. Just look at all sides as there may be one that was missed. I sometimes do the same, then back up and revisit the arguement from another point of view. Be good!
  • Sorting... dogs voice 2011/11/04 00:19:41
    Ah I see that now. I apparently missed the face. Sorry. But I still think my point is a valid one. Thanks
  • Lynn 2011/10/21 18:43:45
    Depends... is someone trying to make a buck with it?

  • ABEINC 2011/10/21 06:54:26
    Even a slight modification to an image of a bitten apple gets the image past trademark arguments.
  • Helmholtz 2011/10/21 02:29:03
    But do they care? I'm sure they're making more money off the folks who fall for this sort of sentimentalism than they would if they were to take this to court. I mean, it's like free advertising.
  • IndyTech 2011/10/20 23:54:32
    If it was any other company besides apple, I'd say yes. I can't stand apple though, so no!
  • Sorting... IndyTech 2011/10/22 02:32:22 (edited)
    Well that does make sense, if I dislike/hate someone, then they SHOULD SUFFER, cause it is I who feel that way and I am RIGHT. suffer
  • Jack the Dude 2011/10/20 23:21:18
    Jack the Dude
    No its really cool actually.
  • Dheadly Lhust 2011/10/20 21:21:21
    Dheadly Lhust
    Nah! It's a tribute. I don't think it was made meaning any harm.
  • William Shears 2011/10/20 21:00:11
    William Shears
    It would be wise to make an informed decision w/the images side-by-side but one of us supplied the Trademark. Just a look @ it & you think of the apple trademark but on the same page, it's obviously a complete ripoff. No effort at all trying to be different. The leaf, the apple, everything Justa different cut out & THAT'S not theft of intellectual property? PULEEZE, PEOPLE!
  • George Thomas 2011/10/20 18:09:43
    George Thomas
  • music7car 2011/10/20 17:37:06
    These images are WAY to similar, so it is an infringement of Apple's trademark.


    images infringement apples trademark
  • elle1 music7car 2011/10/21 21:08:22
    I take it that you dislike Apple and/or Steve Jobs?
  • music7car elle1 2011/10/21 21:59:08
    Nope, not really. I actually don't care much about this or any of the two you mentioned, but that the two images are TOO similar they sure are.
    That's all ...
  • JonDeniro 2011/10/20 16:17:03
    When you choose something as common as an apple for a trademark, I think the courts should allow a very large amount of latitude before they declare an infringement.

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