Does people smacking their mouth while eating bother you?

~TiFfNeY~ i love wes 2007/11/20 13:36:05
Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
No, I do it myself
All of the above
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When I am out or at home I can hear people smacking their mouths and it is so annoying I can't stand it....Do you feel the same way?
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  • . 2007/11/20 14:49:12
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    omg dont get me started on my son in law!!!!!! i am embarassed for him!!!! and i want to smack the food right out of his mouth!!!!

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  • Zppix 2014/04/23 22:57:31
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    I hate it my brother does it on 'accident' and i do it untentually but only because certain things are hard for me to chew so i have to
  • 2012/03/12 06:53:21 (edited)
    No, I do it myself
    Well.. I do it myself.. but I never noticed it or around my sister who also does it I just never heard it.. I want to stop cause her husband gets aggravated by it and my boyfriend does and it makes me feel bad and I'm trying :( it hurts my feelings the when they ask me to stop in a aggravating why are you doing it way, but it probably sounds aggravating idk. But when i heard my sister do it from him pointing it out it didnt bother me much.. But still im going to learn not to im embarrassed and want to be considerate. And Im 20 bout to turn 21.
  • Handsome.Savage 2012/02/28 01:31:58
    No, I do it myself
    I've been accused of doing it by four people in my entire life, and two of them were recent girlfriends (in the last two years). They claim that it's really loud but I have never noticed it and can't see why anyone would make it an issue (some of this talk on here sounds real disturbing, like the people who complain have some psychological problem). Moreover, I have never in my life noticed anyone else doing it, ever (in my whole life - and I'm 50).
  • Azure 2011/11/24 05:55:07
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    I can't stand it!! It started with me and my grandma. We were sitting and watching t.v then she got noodles.. I was trying to fall asleep but she was smacking and slurping SO LOUD so I calmly asked her to stop then she said ok but bout 2 min later she started again and when I asked she said srry the noodles are too good so I just left. I was about 11 and now I can't stand the sound I have to listen to music when eating with anyone but then my mom tells me to stop and that it's rude to listen to music. I can't stand school because they allow gum so I sit with my elbow on desk to cover ears but now I got something that makes my hand numb from that but if I don't I might yell at random people..
  • Handsom... Azure 2012/02/28 01:39:01
    This is a perfect example - I think it's a psychological problem that lies with the people who complain about it. You people should talk to a therapist instead of trying to transfer your problem into someone else's fault (the blame game).
  • jojo li... Handsom... 2013/02/11 03:38:18
    jojo little
    Actually it could be hyperacusis or misophonia. Usually recommended to see an audiological physician or an ENT Surgeon. Therapist may not be able to help. Best not to be so quick to judge something that you know nothing about or have not experienced.
  • Ray Bing Handsom... 2014/09/23 15:08:35
    Ray Bing
    I don't think it's a psychological problem. There is not purpose for smacking food. You should be able to eat the food with your mouth closed. Really not hard. If you can't hear yourself smacking, then that might be a psychological issue. It's an etiquette thing. I notice it in elderly people. Lazy eating habit. Guess parents should just try to teach their kids not to do it. For someone to say that they can't help it is like saying they have no control over their mind. We change our minds all the time, so that's no excuse. My dad does it too. He says that he can't help it; not too long after i brought it to his attention he limited it. I guess we know where the psychological part falls in place now. Lol Have a great week.
  • booboo 2011/07/24 23:38:37
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    It literally drives me insane. I usually just leave the room.
  • TheSnoo 2011/06/20 01:56:28 (edited)
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    My dad is the biggest smacker in the world--it could be gum, ice, a beverage even. He gets so pissed off when I politely ask him to stop and it even seems he tries to be louder, so I will be a little bit ruder, usually unintentionally, just because it bothers me so much. My mom even started to do it once I pointed out how much it bothers me. Now I notice it around strangers, cousins, and other relatives--I just don't want to seem rude by calling them out like that.
  • Ashley 2011/01/02 00:07:39
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    Im listiting to someone smack right now and i think im about to hit her!!!!!!!!
  • christo... Ashley 2011/02/04 16:17:31
    My dad is smacking right now I want to hit him in the mouth
  • HonestAndCynical18 2010/12/23 01:46:58
  • Vee 2010/04/08 03:10:07
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    This is my number one pet peeve. No one wants to look at that or hear that. The most annoying sound in the world..especially if accompanied by finger sucking and sucking of any kind (and chewing and licking and anything disgusting like that) lol..slightly neurotic I know.
  • Magyc468 2009/01/23 11:57:18
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    Omg I can't stand it!!! It triggers an anger nerve even though I try to control it. Could there be sumpin wrong with my nerves?? :-(
  • Joanne 2008/07/09 01:18:06
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    I HATE when people smack and eat with their mouth open. Usually these are the people that stick their tongues out of their mouth while chewing. It's distractive and repulsive. I broke up with boyfriends when they wouldn't change their table manners. Such a turn off!!
  • Charleyxtreme 2008/01/21 04:45:53
    No, I do it myself
    That's so inconsiderate and disrespectful.............I'd love slap the livin' fuck out of you just for saying that.
  • ~TiFfNe... Charley... 2008/01/21 15:26:29
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    what??? Its a poll you don't have to go all cursing....everyone
    has their opinion on here but doing what you did that is wrong and
    disrespectful... how would you feel if someone came on a poll that you
    took the time to make and said what you just said???? you would feel
    bad wouldn't you???learn how to be respectful and use manners and then
    come back but until then stay away from all my polls.
  • Charley... ~TiFfNe... 2008/01/21 16:23:01
    My comment was directed at the guy who said, " No, I do it myself..." What I meant was I wanted to slap HIM for smacking. Sorry for the language, didn't mean to get all ballistic.
  • ~TiFfNe... Charley... 2008/01/22 13:16:58
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    ok then
  • Charley... ~TiFfNe... 2008/01/23 06:08:02
    Yeah, I initially went ballistic because I hate people smacking so much that it drives me to the point of cursing or doing other irrational things. My dad is the biggest, loudest smacker on the entire planet. I've been trying for over 20 years to get him to stop doing it. When I say something about it to him, he simply replies, "Well that's the way I eat" He says it in a tone of voice which leads people to believe that he's doing it on purpose. He also thinks it's funny which makes me go even more ballistic. One time I was eating dinner and he came into the kitchen to sit down and eat with me. Of course I got up and left but I didn't go to another part of the house. I took my plate outside and sat down in a porch swing that was 20 or 25 yards from the house itselt............. My dad was smacking so unbelievable loud that I could STILL HEAR HIM SMACKING !!!!! All the doors and windows in the house were closed too. I hate it so much that I've actually contemplated breaking his jaw so he can't do it anymore.
  • ~TiFfNe... Charley... 2008/01/24 13:21:24
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    omg that is so horrible
  • GigAddict 2008/01/16 13:37:44
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    it's is...!!!
  • Eager Beaver 2008/01/15 11:04:50
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    Eager Beaver
    i want to kill my b/f every time he eats
  • ~TiFfNe... Eager B... 2008/01/15 13:25:33
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    I want to kill my grandfather
  • Eager B... ~TiFfNe... 2008/01/15 19:35:44
    Eager Beaver
    the one thing that make it worse is he get butt hurt when i ask him to turn it down.. i just cant stand it.. if im smacking my food i would like someone to tell me so i can stop!
  • ~TiFfNe... Eager B... 2008/01/16 13:32:25
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    I know what you mean there
  • ErinGoBragh87 2007/12/01 00:37:26
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    oh yea i hated it so much when i used to sleep over at my friends house becuase his whole family did that and the kids i used to baby sit did that also
  • SassafrAsh 2007/11/30 15:12:38
  • ~TiFfNe... SassafrAsh 2007/11/30 15:18:36 (edited)
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    Eww nasty example but I agree with you it drives me nuts I just want to slap someone who does that
  • SassafrAsh ~TiFfNe... 2007/11/30 15:23:17
  • ~TiFfNe... SassafrAsh 2007/11/30 15:26:18
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    it all right I guess
    can cows think????
    I know why they stink they lay in their own crap
  • SassafrAsh ~TiFfNe... 2007/11/30 15:31:47
  • ~TiFfNe... SassafrAsh 2007/11/30 15:35:26
    ~TiFfNeY~ i love wes
    gees I am totally picturing that right now and I can hear it
    I live near ppl that have a lot of cows and I go by them on the 4 wheeler and I hear them and all I hear is smackidy smack smack smack
  • Bust it Baby #1 2007/11/28 13:29:37
    All of the above
    Bust it Baby #1
    sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't
  • nona-falonna 2007/11/25 18:33:33
    i don't have this problem...i guess i'm not around people who do this...or it just dosn't bother me....either way....it's nothing to me...it dosen't ruin my appetite:)
  • IrishMarcia 2007/11/25 06:05:08
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    that is an on going issue at our house. My 8 year old smacks all the time when he eats. his older brothers can't stand it and yell at him all the time. i tolerate it because it's not that bad. my husband is also a big smacker but he won't admit that he does it so i just stay silent on that one. how about slurping with they drink?
  • Joanne IrishMa... 2008/07/09 01:24:38
    I know, my husband is a big smacker and it drives me crazy. When he sits down to have breakfast (a huge bowl of cereal) i have to walk out, I can't stand it. I also have an 8 year old who smacks but i tell him to please eat quietly (I say it in a nice way, even though i fell like telling him "Shut the F UP")
  • Alex 2007/11/24 07:13:31
    It is annoying..but i cant complain cause i probably do it too!
  • Momz3 2007/11/23 17:12:26
    I never really notice it but it bothers my seven year old son A LOT . He complains about his sister doing it .
  • BiteMe 2007/11/23 12:41:40
    Yes, it is so annoying I can pull my hair out when I hear people doing that
    I want to reach over and throttle them. I don't care who you are, chew with your frigging mouth closed.

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