Does my ex girlfriend still love me?

DANNY_B0i♛ 2012/03/15 19:10:36
So I lately me and my girlfriend broke up of a year and a month.She thinks she fell out of love with me. She told me she became numb and she pushed everyone away.
But lately we skype every night like we use too..she still kisses me through the computer and wants to watch movies every night and, she still texts me all the time and its like things really haven't
changed. She still wants me to sleep in the same bed as her when I visit knowing how I feel about her, she still sends me pictures (nudes) and still tells me she
loves me and misses me..I also make her smile just like I use to when we were together. She also said that when her mom went into the hospital she was the only person worth talking too...But when I ask her if she still is in love with
me she says she doesn't and maybe one day in the future we can be
together. I also haven't seen her in four months since before this
happened and we've been fighting a lot the last month of our relationship. .. She also says she has a crush on this other guy and just
wants a fling. I don't really know what to do. She is confusing me so bad. Everyone says those feelings will come back in person.
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  • Anam Paiseanta 2013/01/25 17:33:52
    Anam Paiseanta
    If you want commitment, don't settle for less from her. Tell her that you will quit trying until she tries too. If she doesn't come back, she was never really yours. Find out what's real. Trust me on this...it works.
  • scientologist supreme 2012/04/26 01:59:35
    scientologist supreme
    dude i don't have any experience here. i am ugly so i couldn't get a girl to even think about sending me a nude picture, heck i have enough trouble trying unsuccessfully to get them to hold my hand.... sorry but i cant help you.
  • Mr.Steve 2012/03/16 16:46:42
  • La 2012/03/16 06:11:48
    Sounds weird. You need to give her an ultimatum. Either you get back together and be dating properly, or you will stop acting like her boyfriend. Stop skyping her, texting her and hanging out at her house. That will make her miss you and force her to figure out if she really wants you back.
  • drgway 2012/03/16 05:21:50
    sounds like you should meet up again some other time and talk things through
    btw what's with the arkham asylum joker? sorry sorry got carried away
    but seriously mark my words
  • Sister Jean 2012/03/15 20:07:53
  • Mr Wayne 2012/03/15 19:27:17
    Mr Wayne
    Time wounds all heels.
    wounds heels

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