Does McCain choosing Gov. Palin as his running mate kill the "Obama has no experience" argument?

mentonemommyisgoingtofacebook 2008/08/29 14:53:01
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  • Gramma Lil 2008/08/29 16:05:31
    Gramma Lil
    It sure the hell does!! And it also should insult the women who supported Hillary Clinton. If McCain were to win and then die while in office, she would become the first woman President in history. I think that spot should remain open for Hillary...she has earned it in a way no other woman has so far. It shouldn't be handed over to this nobody before Hillary. They better hope old man McCain doesn't die in office if he wins.

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  • Woots Ray H 2008/09/01 05:55:16 (edited)
    So why is it when McCain does it now it's a bad thing but if any democrat does it, It's so positively wonderful that we are being blessed frorm the heavens and we should be on our knees giving praises to the dnc and our fearless leader Dean?

    I guess Im not smart enough too understand.
  • Ray H Woots 2008/09/01 23:17:53
    Ray H
    What are you talking about? What is positively wonderful when done by a democrat but is a bad thing now that McCain does it? What are you referring to? I don't follow.
  • [PRISONMOON]+[RSSH] 2008/08/29 23:27:41
    ummm..Senators do not ' run ' anything..they legislate...that doesn't give them experience in running anything.

    on the other hand...

    a Governor runs an entire state...sorta like the President of that state..
    so..you tell me who has the experience ?
  • LKD [PRISON... 2008/08/30 03:46:49
    Oh I'm sorry 2 years as govenor, oops 18months to be exact as governor and she's already being investigated...this is just the beginning, Joe Biden will eat her alive at the debates!! GO OBAMA/BIDEN!!
  • [PRISON... LKD 2008/08/30 10:22:46 (edited)
    oh...what's this ??? http://latimesblogs.latimes.c... BIDEN being investigated ???

    LKD..shut up ! you have no leg to stand on !!
  • mentone... [PRISON... 2008/08/30 11:52:35
    Except it's not Joe Biden that is being investigated, it his brother and son.
    And from what I read, there is no formal investigation.
  • [PRISON... mentone... 2008/08/30 11:58:42
    " One of the senator's sons -- Hunter, a Washington lobbyist -- and the senator's brother, James --received a $1 million investment in their purchase of a hedge fund company from the senator's largest political donor, an Illinois law firm, SimmonsCooper. The brother and the son subsequently repaid the $1 million to the law firm, which specializes in representing asbestos victims. "

    oh geez...NEVERMIND !!!! so you are saying that Biden is not in anyway involved in this ???
    PLEASE !!!!

    ( shakes head in disgust )


    oh wait..I see your avatar....the very fact that you are for Otrauma tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about you..

    nevermind biden involved shakes head disgust nevermind wait avatar otrauma
  • mentone... [PRISON... 2008/08/30 12:15:22
    Are you dumb? You needed to see my avatar to know who I was voting for? omg

    You implied that Joe Biden was under investigation. That is not true and until you have some cold hard facts to back up what you say, YOU might want to SHUT UP!
  • [PRISON... mentone... 2008/08/30 12:43:31
  • mentone... [PRISON... 2008/08/30 13:14:06
    Hey, if you're bored, leave then. No one is forcing you to post here.
  • Charlie [PRISON... 2008/08/31 17:08:04
    So that proves McCain doesn't have the experience either since he's a senator right? Or is this another double standard to hide your racism?
  • fll 2008/08/29 22:50:12
    That may very well be the case...we will have to wait and see...
  • Sirius One 2008/08/29 22:33:13
    Sirius One
    This nomination by Sen. McCain is the perfect example of why we do not need him in the White House. I realize he is desperate. But to select a woman just because she's a woman is nothing more than a concession move. His campaign holds no appeal to anyone. Is Sen. McCain so stupid at he believes women will vote for him simply because he chose a woman as his running mate.

    Women voted for Sen. Hillary Clinton because they believed in her. Not just because she is a woman. Men and women alike myself included voted for her. I'm a Republican and I'm totally embarassed by this feeble minded administration that is presently in the White House. Pres. Cheney, excuse me Pres. Bush the lesser have done everything they could to bring this country to its knees. They have destroyed the middle class. Increased the ranks of the poor and homeless and left us almost without any allies. Now we have John McLame coming along with his Hockey Mom Vice President. Gov of a state that has less people than most major cities. This is a joke. There were more people at Obama's acceptance speech last night then there are in her town where she was mayor. This is all a joke right /
  • [PRISON... Sirius One 2008/08/29 23:30:12 (edited)
    and I am willing to bet anything that you would have an entirely different
    opinion if Obama had chosen a female vp....

    infact...Otrauma is ALWAYS talking about fairness....if he truely wanted to be fair...and show how he's fair..he should have picked a female to show how he's so fair...

    [ edit ]

    why was my comment downraved ?? did I say something that
    broke ANY of the downrave guidlines ?? NO !

    just simple proof that there was an element of truth that the
    commie libs didn't like....HEY LIBS..downraving isn;t a means to say " I don;t agree with what you said...it's for OFFENSIVE
    content like cursing, nudity, obscenity..etc.
  • fireware0062 2008/08/29 22:29:04
    but the rest of us will be dreaming of her, maybe he will too!!!
  • Roberto-Pro-America-Anti Obama 2008/08/29 21:12:37
    Roberto-Pro-America-Anti Obama
    Not at all. This was a brilliant pick. From Hillary Clinton:

    "We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin's historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate."
  • mentone... Roberto... 2008/08/29 23:51:40
    In an interview with Alaska Business Monthly shortly after she took office in 2007, Palin was asked about the upcoming surge. She said she hadn't thought about it. "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq," she said.
  • Roberto... mentone... 2008/08/29 23:55:03
    Roberto-Pro-America-Anti Obama
    Good for her. 1st is first.
  • ....... Roberto... 2008/08/29 23:58:20
  • mentone... ....... 2008/08/30 08:01:09
    People still talk about Obama not wearing a stupid flag pin, but to them it's OK that this woman hasn't been paying attention to the Iraq war??? OMG! Can they get any lower??
  • Roberto... mentone... 2008/08/30 18:20:05
    Roberto-Pro-America-Anti Obama
    She's focused.
  • mentone... Roberto... 2008/08/31 11:19:02
    LOL! She doesn't even know what the VP's job is!!!
  • mentone... Roberto... 2008/08/30 07:59:32
    You're joking right? Every American has been focused on the war in Iraq except for her, and you think that is OK?
  • Roberto... mentone... 2008/08/30 18:20:32
    Roberto-Pro-America-Anti Obama
    She's focused on what she can change.
  • mentone... Roberto... 2008/08/31 11:20:40
  • Kim [Ninja]™ 2008/08/29 20:57:41
    Kim [Ninja]™
    No, I mean, I think it's MORE important that Obama has experience because he is the one who will be president if he wins, and Palin just has the potential to be president. But inexperience is still an issue on both sides. What I'm saying is that having inexperience on one side does not disqualify inexperience on both sides.

    People are never going to concede on whether or not Obama's experience is greater or less than Palin's- they simply will never agree. However, I do think that having a woman as a VP takes a bit of thunder out of Obama's minority argument, which the media seems to focus on quite a bit.
  • Shalom 2008/08/29 20:07:00
    It means they can't attack her on not having experience which they already have.
    attack experience
  • CoffeeBean 2008/08/29 19:56:48
    You DAMN Right!
  • ~SEXY DIVA~ 2008/08/29 19:21:59
    Great Choice McCain!!lmao
  • director~FVMA~PAFMA 2008/08/29 19:16:17
  • [PRISON... directo... 2008/08/29 23:32:08

  • mentone... [PRISON... 2008/08/29 23:53:11
    In an interview with Alaska Business Monthly shortly after she took office in 2007, Palin was asked about the upcoming surge. She said she hadn't thought about it. "I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq," she said.
  • [PRISON... mentone... 2008/08/30 00:00:41
    o.k. ? as Governor, it is not her duty to be focused on the war in Iraq.
    she's not the president of the country...she's has a state to run.

    shortly after she took office ? yeah.. I can see how she could be
    not concerned about the war...she probably had alot on her plate
    getting adjuted to her new life as a Governor.
  • directo... [PRISON... 2008/08/30 01:48:51
  • mentone... directo... 2008/08/30 08:04:14
  • mentone... [PRISON... 2008/08/30 08:03:58
    How many years did it take her to adjust to being Governor?? The war has been going on for a while now--being Governor is NO EXCUSE to not pay attention to the world around her. If it takes her that long to get used to being governor of a state with a population of 5, how would she EVER adjust to being VP or Pres????
  • SwissM [PRISON... 2008/08/31 18:38:43
  • SwissM mentone... 2008/08/31 17:51:40
    she'll be focused on it now considering her oldest son is the the infantry and is being sent to Iraq in 15 days.

    The quote makes me like her more considering she was focused on her state, which is what governors should do.

    Obama has been focused on running for president 2 of the 3 years he's been in the senate. Palin has been focused on governing
  • deleted 2008/08/29 18:32:54
    I honestly don't think it does
  • jast 2008/08/29 18:14:36
    she has more executive experience than Obama

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