Does it hurt to get your braces off?

I might be getting my braces off this monday (very high possibility), and Im a little scared abought it.
Does it hurt?
If it does how long does it take to get over it?
If not, then what happended to you when you got yours taken off?
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  • La 2010/08/05 04:41:07
    Since this is from 5 days ago, I imagine you already had them taken off. So did it hurt?
    In my experience, it did hurt. The process of them ripping the braces from my teeth, 1 at a time, was quite painful but not intolerable...then again, I have a medium-high pain tolerance. Anyway, it didn't take very long....1-2 minutes maybe. They were quite efficient about it.
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2010/07/31 01:28:00
    Not really, it takes like a minute to get the brackets and wires off, but the glue is the tricky part. When I got mine off they had to like saw the glue off, but it didn't really hurt, it just got really dusty and it smelt like someone was smoking. lol
  • Music L... MIRANDD... 2010/07/31 14:33:06
    Music Lover
  • MIRANDD... 2011/08/11 22:49:55
    I like your picture :)
  • MIRANDD... 2011/08/11 22:52:02
    Thank you :)
  • Paloma 2010/07/31 01:27:07
    Not at all.
  • Music L... Paloma 2010/07/31 14:34:29
    Music Lover
    Im just really woried about the part where they take off the glue.
  • Paloma Music L... 2010/08/02 01:28:48
    Don't worry about it, you won't feel anything. It only feels weird after they take them off because it feels like something's missing. :)
  • Music L... Paloma 2010/08/03 15:39:46
    Music Lover
    ok. Hey, did you have to get "finilizing bands"?
    So I didnt get them off this time, but the most time that I will have them on is 6 weeks or less
  • Paloma Music L... 2010/08/03 17:21:10
    I don't think I got them
    & I hate it when they do that, they always say they will take them off at the next appointment xD
  • Music L... Paloma 2010/08/03 18:25:07
    Music Lover
    I know! so they told me that once they lined up my jaw then they would take them off. Then they said that I had to fix my gaps. SO then I finially did and yesterday they told me that I need to wear these bands. Its so stupid and painfull! But at least they are coming off soon!
  • PinkSugarZombie (Tori) 2010/07/31 00:25:07
    PinkSugarZombie (Tori)
    Not really tho it feels weird not having them there
  • υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    Trust me, spacers and bands are the worst part. Getting them taken off hurts a little, but not nearly as much as the other stuff.
  • Music L... υяsυℓα ... 2010/07/31 14:33:44
    Music Lover
    I dont have spacers and what bands?
  • υяsυℓα ... Music L... 2010/07/31 18:55:06
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    oh, that's just other stuff orthodontists do to some of their patients, mostly if it's jaw issues. thankfully you didn't have them.
  • Music L... υяsυℓα ... 2010/08/01 15:35:31
    Music Lover
    ok. Ill take your word for it
  • Music L... υяsυℓα ... 2010/08/03 18:25:56
    Music Lover
    Are the bands things that are on the side of your mouth that you have to put in zig zag like?
  • υяsυℓα ... Music L... 2010/08/03 22:55:35
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    yep they suck!
  • υяsυℓα ... 2011/08/11 22:53:46
    Well, in my opinion they really don't "suck" I got them when I was eleven it wasn't at all painful. I know this is a year later but might as well post my feelings.
  • Olivia 2010/07/30 22:31:03

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