Does It Get Any Dumber? Teens Doing Vodka Shots … in Their Eye

Living 2010/05/31 03:48:40
A lot of people will admit to having done vodka shots as a teen. But most of us did not take them IN OUR EYE.

Called "vodka eyeballing,” the stunt can be seen in more than 800 videos on YouTube. Some who have tried it reported an instantly deeper state of inebriation -- at a potentially horrific cost, CBS reports.

"You can get an infection from an area where you've lost that surface which could permanently destroy your vision," Dr. Richard Rosen of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary told CBS.

Rosen also said another result of vodka eyeballing could be excessive, constant watering of the eyes, which could be permanent.

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  • over9000 2011/09/07 22:18:24
    How stupid.
  • DrackolusO'Dell 2010/06/25 16:19:06
    Wow. As if alcohol wasn't dumb enough. Well, stupidity punishes greatly. Natural selection for the win.
  • KevinFord 2010/06/04 18:03:36
    OH MY GOD!!!! Me next, Me next... If i do this i ill NEVER have to see you dumb a$$ face again! This is going to be great......

    Maybe we should start doing them in in our ears so we dont have to hear you stupid a$$ tell me another dumb idea!!!!!.

    I bet if you told them anal shots get you drunker too they would love to experiences that state of inebriation!!

    yeaaaaaaaa great idea guys. I love this.

    And for that,,, TOSH.O thanks you!
  • Drackol... KevinFord 2010/06/25 16:19:53
    Actually, I would assume "anal shots" would actually get people more drunk. Ever heard of a coffee enema? Don't know if it works, though...
  • Jesse 2010/06/04 03:26:09
  • ♥theMJLegacy96♥ 2010/06/03 22:51:32
  • apple_manning 2010/06/03 17:15:54
    Somehow that seems a lot better than the VODKA TAMPONS kids are using!!!
  • ♪♫MuSic=LiFe♪♫ 2010/06/03 17:11:45
    Lmao haha well I think thats hella stupid!!
  • prometheus 2010/06/03 16:11:08
    I never liked drinking anyway.
    How my grandma would say, " Pinche pendejos degraciados idiotas." Translation: F**king dumb@ss disgraced Idiots.
  • AnelMoon prometheus 2010/06/04 03:58:04
    ur grandma is awesome! :D
  • prometheus AnelMoon 2010/06/08 05:20:59
    I mess the hell out of her but she doesn't seem to mind.
  • AnelMoon prometheus 2010/06/10 20:50:06
    lol nice xD
  • Autumn 2010/06/03 14:51:56
    they must want to go blind
  • i love sushi 2010/06/03 10:52:21
    i love sushi
    That is one of the most asinine thing I've ever heard of.
  • LMWolf 2010/06/03 10:19:48
    Not all teens are from 3 generations of incest like these creatures!
  • apple_m... LMWolf 2010/06/03 17:16:29
  • Outtolunch 2010/06/03 08:21:45
    Not a new concept - I seem to recall teenagers doing this back in the 80's and I never understood it then either - complete waste of perfectly good alcohol if you ask me. Same with these idiots who inject vodka into their veins - clearly a few cells short of a functioing brain!!
  • Knox 2010/06/03 04:01:56
    yeah that looks soo cool... let me permanently damage my eyes to maybe feel a bit drunker...
    i think ill just stick to taking more shots the regular way instead
  • Crische 2010/06/03 01:51:24
    Probably works up the butt too...
  • macname... Crische 2010/06/03 02:48:54
    macnamera killjoy
    I saw that before on the show "1000 Ways to Die" and as you can probably tell by the title of the show it really didn't work out.
  • twístєd σвsєssíσn 2010/06/03 01:01:20 (edited)
    twístєd σвsєssíσn
    LOL i wonder who came up with this in the first place. jackass.
  • J453 2010/06/03 00:22:42
  • g 2010/06/02 17:02:39
    Wow. I bet these kids think that shooting heroin and sucking on a crack pipe is "gross"
  • AmberLowe 2010/06/02 16:52:28
    Kids are just getting more and more STUPID! what is up with that?
  • wisewomen 2010/06/02 15:47:30 (edited)
    Well I guess just drinking it got too boring.
  • LudaHoodsZ 2010/06/02 15:24:54
    That's is just sick...taking drinking to levels they shouldn't resort to.
  • chrisjay 2010/06/02 15:17:28
  • BlackGold26 2010/06/02 14:55:15
    its so stupid. i know that after the first or 2 times someone does they can lose eyesight permanently. it literaly EATS ur retena. friggin gross and stupid.
  • BIGballer24 2010/06/02 14:34:45
    niiicce i do that
  • GirlyGirl™ 2010/06/02 12:17:55
    That's alcohol abuse! They're abusing the vodka!
  • King An... GirlyGirl™ 2010/06/03 05:10:47
  • King Anti-Christ 666 2010/06/02 06:13:43
  • LuridLolita 2010/06/02 04:39:47
    He should get it an an enema instead. You get alcohol poisoning a lot quicker that way.
  • steven 2010/06/02 04:36:21
    Idiots with too much free time.
  • shellydraven 2010/06/02 04:33:47
    hmm, I wish I had perfect eyesight that I could choose to throw away at will. :\ Morons.
  • lisaokapi 2010/06/02 03:07:19 (edited)

    How about tatooing your eyeball? Which is worse?
  • apple_m... lisaokapi 2010/06/03 17:17:31
  • brittney paige 2010/06/02 02:31:35
  • Lolaa 2010/06/02 02:29:11
  • Natalia123 2010/06/02 02:01:55
    What is the purpose of that in the first place? How does that benefit anyone? Okay sure it may get you 2 minutes of fame on Youtube but can't you do something smarter, more mature?
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