Does experience mold us to become who we are? Or are we the same person, regardless of situations?

jt 2010/08/06 18:37:51
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  • Aswin 2014/04/24 08:49:21
    Yes, Experience is the soul of a person it mold us
  • star ramos 2011/09/14 23:43:55
    star ramos
    does anyone know what this means cause i dont experiences that helped mold person please reply back and give me an answer
  • star ramos 2011/09/14 23:40:50
    star ramos
    i have know idea what you guys are saying
  • LittleMistersMom 2010/08/13 20:07:37
    I'm a firm believer that I am who I am today because of all I have been through in my life. I live life with no regrets because even the bad situations I have been in have molded me and taught me something.
  • Mindy 2010/08/08 17:23:28
    i think experience molds us a little. but it depends on the person how.
  • WyckyedGargoyle 2010/08/08 15:44:24
    I think it depends on if we take those experiences and use them as life lessons or excuses to blame, is how they shape and mold us
  • RawrRawrNinjaCupCake<3 2010/08/08 02:23:41
    With the help of experiences we can mold into different things..
    I know that a part of me is created from what I've gone through and witnessed in my life.
    The little things that hit hard, and pushed me down, made me a stronger and more caring person..
    If it weren't for some of the things i've witnessed,
    I'd probably be like the rest of the teens my age.
    Bullying, pushing people down stairs,
    laughing at others sadness..
    But i'm the complete opposite..
  • I quit!!! 2010/08/08 00:32:55
    I quit!!!
    For me it molded me into a big mess of a person! But God my Father took what was left of me and remolded me in the better person that I am today. Amen.
  • tewaz1 2010/08/07 19:47:28
    I think that we are naturally predisposed to react to situations in a certain way and experience fills out the details. Humans are too complicated to boil down to the product of single factor.
  • rabid repubilican 2010/08/07 18:12:24
    rabid repubilican
    I think experiences do change who we are, or at least for me they do. It helps to change my views and my thoughts about many things which in return make me act and think differently making change within myself
  • Beer30 2010/08/07 18:03:48
    " Good Judgement comes from experience.
    Experience comes from bad judgement"

    ---- Mark Twain
  • none 2010/08/07 17:49:39
  • blackmoon 2010/08/07 17:12:34
    experience molds me to who i have become, and will have more experiences every day to mold me into the way i choose to be :)
  • Blank 2010/08/07 15:17:26
    I don't know about you, but when I do something bad or stupid, I end up doing it again or something similar to it :)
  • Bozette 2010/08/07 14:48:02
    I think that each experience has an effect upon us, it may be subtle or life-altering, but we are a little different whether we realize it or not.
  • . 2010/08/07 13:13:07
    nahh nothin really happens...We're still the same person. Yes we do learn but learning doesn't mean changing..Knowledge was only added but we're not morphed into some other new being..I'm still me after everything that has happened and it doesn't seem to change anything in me...But it motivates me tho
  • ♥Rhona Angel♥ 2010/08/07 13:04:23
    ♥Rhona Angel♥
    Experience in life teach us lessons . If we do same mistakes over and over again and not try to improve oneself then their is something wrong. experience life teach lessons mistakes improve wrong
  • James-The Pumpkin King 2010/08/07 11:55:45
    James-The Pumpkin King
    we are still the same person, we just try to act or think different
  • Dar 2010/08/07 09:01:51
    If your life experiences, challenges don't influence who you are...I suggest therapy.
    life experiences challenges influence therapy
  • Lexi Long Legs (Love) 2010/08/07 06:19:20
    Lexi Long Legs (Love)
    Im a molder. *Laughs*
  • g 2010/08/07 05:52:39
    i find that unless i experience life on some level, and just hide away, I dont change. if thats an answer....
  • тσχιc 2010/08/07 04:59:09
  • beachbum 2010/08/07 03:33:15
    If you are not learning from life's experiences, then something is really wrong.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2010/08/07 02:23:54 (edited)
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Some may have aloholic parents thus they are or they may not touch a drop - two from the same family may react differently! We are all different alot people over come adverities while others give up and become depressed They proably have spent a million dollars on a study but never how it turned out !!!! I am 63 and could do a better job with the knowledge I gained in those years !!!
  • JordanBeth 2010/08/07 02:11:19
    Yes, but not completely.
  • Ms Missy 2010/08/07 00:59:38
    Ms Missy
    I think what we have already lived though is a big part of who we are.
  • Brightsprite62 2010/08/07 00:34:35
    Experiences help to shape us for good or bad. It is up to us to overcome the bad. If you tell a child his entire life that he is stupid, if you are always asking him/her if they are retarded they are going to grow to believe that. I know from watching it happen to friends. They were dyslexic However in the early 70's not much was known of this problem. Their parents and Grandparents made that statement more times then I care to count. They grew up to believe it and suffered for it. It's a shame they didn't learn to overcome.
  • Gir 2010/08/06 23:37:51
    Our experiences make up a large part of us.
  • LQ~phaet 2010/08/06 23:05:49
    I feel I am still the base person I was even before birth but at the not-so-tender age of 39, I do feel that the experiences I've had have left their mark on me. It's an amalgam of things, inside and out, that mold us. We are never done being molded until we are dead. Some would argue that we go on beyond even that point.
  • MrPKitty 2010/08/06 23:04:35
    let us hope it is our experiences that mold us, otherwise there is no hope for change.
  • Angel Among Us ♥†♥ American Patriot
    We are who we are, but we learn from our experiences and use that knowledge in life.
  • SA 2010/08/06 21:49:15
    If I had not experienced failure, I would not know the gratitude of winning. Had I not experienced hate, I would not cherish love at it's finest. I would be the same person, with different experiences.
  • melissa 2010/08/06 21:33:33
    Having a EXPERIENCE mold us of who we are today because if we did not have the experience we would have been the the same person regardless.
  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2010/08/06 21:21:56
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    Genetics are the biggest factor and then we can be molded by our experiences but I think our personality is from birth and is the biggest influence. Nature over nurture.
  • wolf sloan 2010/08/06 21:13:40
    wolf sloan
    I think experiences are the biggest factors in who we are
  • TasselLady 2010/08/06 21:09:07
    Yes, it can. At least it has with me. I've been around a long time and have seen much, some of which I wish I hadn't seen. But at least I learned from my mistakes.
  • Angelatxpatriot 2010/08/06 20:53:06
    Mostly experience. I cannot say I would be the person I am today, without my failures, successes, mistakes, hardships, life experiences.
  • Ella49 2010/08/06 20:49:15
    We are the boss of our lives, and all the experiences what we have, we choose them to become our reality (what we belive, what we think...are manifestate in our reality, and is true...)
  • I~Fell~Down~A~Rabbithole 2010/08/06 20:34:13
    i dont think it changes us i think it just add a new layer to our personality so to speak
  • ℓoℓαmoиstuяя [♥] 2010/08/06 20:11:22
    ℓoℓαmoиstuяя [♥]
    Experience is merely the name we give to our mistakes. -Oscar Wilde
    And if you're foolish enough to make the same mistake twice, then you have experienced nothing.

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