Does Eating Too Much Sugar Lower Your IQ? (A UCLA Study Says It Does)

AdriHead 2014/02/03 22:01:50
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About to pop open a can of soda? You may want to read this first... According to a UCLA study, a diet that is consistently high in fructose (sugar) slows down the brain and worsens memory and learning.

The study, which was funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, was published in the Journal of Physiology.


"Our findings illustrate that what you eat affects how you think," Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, a professor of neurosurgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, said. "Eating a high-fructose diet over the long term alters your brain’s ability to learn and remember information."

But there's good news too. Apparently, adding omega-3 fatty acids into your diet can help minimize the negative consequences of all those sugary snacks.

What do you think of these findings by UCLA? Does eating too much sugar actually lower your IQ? Or does one have nothing to do with the other?

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  • Me 2014/02/10 01:34:28
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    C'est mauvais pour vous.
  • TasselLady Me 2014/02/10 22:33:01
  • CajunRay Me 2014/02/11 18:33:38
    Non, c'est pas.
  • Me CajunRay 2014/02/13 23:57:24
  • CajunRay Me 2014/02/14 00:17:43
    I said, "No, it's not."
  • Type Nickname Here 2014/02/09 21:30:10
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    Type Nickname Here
    The options to this question are frustrating. I have not read the FULL study. I would like to point out that "high-Fructose corn syrup" is not just "sugar" it is also not just "corn-syrup". I have started limiting the high fructose intake as much as I can (it's in SO many things) and I can say from my experience, I have have noticed that my health has been great. I can't make any claims as to mental abilities being sharper. I love sugar though and i am wicked smart! I'm most smarter that any of yous peoples, no watt I meen!
  • Dave 007 2014/02/09 13:34:04
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    Dave 007
    No, but being around stupid people lowers your IQ.
  • TasselLady Dave 007 2014/02/10 22:33:35
    THAT I can definitely believe!
  • JAA Dave 007 2014/02/15 08:35:29
    Ain't that the truth!! Garbage In, Garbage Out.
  • rk 2014/02/09 05:11:34
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    Sure could have something to do with it.
  • george 2014/02/09 05:09:21
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    I'll finish this comment as soon as I recover from my sugar coma...
  • monkeyking908 2014/02/08 15:45:13
  • Charles 2014/02/08 06:23:54
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    Sugar is a universal negative for health---teeth---skin---arter... symptoms and more. It could not possibly boost the brain. Monk's fruit sweetener is a promising alternative to regular sugar.
  • Psychology101 2014/02/08 04:22:02
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    It honestly depends.
  • kimmie 2014/02/08 00:32:32
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    This is stupid !
  • Grammar Freak 2014/02/07 21:31:53
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    Grammar Freak
    Corn syrup, maybe. We put corn in just about everything... including animals to make them fat... any parallels there??

    Definitely aspartame. That stuff slows your reaction-time, causes actual brain-stuttering, etc.
    But sugar... real sugar, as in from sugar cane or beets? I seriously doubt it. It'll do a number on your teeth, cause your glands to malfunction if you eat too much & loads of other things, but I doubt it lowers your IQ.
  • Griegg 2014/02/07 21:14:40
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    The brain needs keytones, not sugar.
  • eli 2014/02/06 20:10:43
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    i do not believe it has anything to do with IQ. It may make one hyper though. I believe, IQ is mostly genetic. Also depends on what you feed your body and brain.
  • TheAsianDiva85 2014/02/06 19:31:02
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    Noooooooooo,Sugars Aka Sugar has nothing to DO with IQ,sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Foop Doot 2014/02/06 16:29:37
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    Foop Doot
    That would explain a lot.
    I is stupid gif
  • Tordgaard 2014/02/06 15:25:53
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    I suppose it's possible since the operative words would be "too much."
  • Meine Online-Mail 2014/02/06 14:43:23
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    Meine Online-Mail
    This explains a lot, but......
    Ahhmmmm, what was the question again?
  • perkinsskylar21 2014/02/06 13:40:19
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    Ask a drunk
  • Milna "Lenni" Alen 2014/02/06 09:51:50
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    Milna "Lenni" Alen
    Too high blood sugar actually damages your nerves, that's why you have to take care of diabetes or you may become blind or lose your leg. I'm sure high blood sugar will also affect your brains, but that is only problem if you have constantly high blood sugar, meaning if you replace your meals with soda and candies. One sweet treat in day will only give you extra calories.
  • johndhutcheson 2014/02/06 08:42:20
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    Really there should a "maybe" option. This finding is fringe-science, if more evidence, supports the conclusion, it may be come accepted science. If it is demonstrated with a predictive model, it will become core science.

    Thinking about it, if you haven't loaded up on too many corn dogs, an organism that is faster before eating, is more likely to eat. and slower when satiated, wont deplete resources for other or the future. So there maybe natural selection for this.
  • bangdingow 2014/02/06 06:38:12
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    Sugar is a necessity, ever heard of Hypoglycemia? It's also know as "low blood sugar" and causes all kinds of problems,if not taken care of.
  • sharon.popolow 2014/02/06 01:52:44
    Yeah, makes sense to me!
    I eat lots of sugar, and can't remember one thing, one minute from another. So, I'd agree, but 'd rather have a lousy memory than a life without sugar.
  • Cal 2014/02/05 23:57:55
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    No, just fat I'm afraid.
  • Daniel 2014/02/05 23:56:21
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    UCLA also thinks that Obama is a good President.
  • OhSoNiceMe 2014/02/05 23:23:13
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    on the contrary L death note eating
  • COMALite J OhSoNiceMe 2014/02/09 05:28:00
  • Yoko 2014/02/05 22:53:52 (edited)
  • Sunny ~Jiraiya sama~ 2014/02/05 22:13:39 (edited)
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    Sunny ~Jiraiya sama~
    Most of the carbohydrates we consume are made of the same base sugar is, this means that they are made of glucose, fructose and etc. and we consume lots of carbohydrates from bread, cereal, soda etc, simply because carbohydrates are the primary energy source for our cells, learn your biology. In other words, it doesn't make much sense.
  • cali 2014/02/05 20:32:09
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    I don't see how that is possible since IQ tests only base your skills on Intelligent Quotients. There's Linguistics, Logical, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic intelligence. So if you eat too much sugar, your "IQ" will stay the same if you never had a Mathematics/English intelligence to begin with. IQ's only cover a small portion of intelligence. Since I'm a visual/intrapersonal person, my IQ will still suck since I'm not a math person. Oh well, I'll keep popping those sodas. Lol!
  • scorpionhorse 2014/02/05 20:09:44
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    Well, it really depends.
    Although I'm leaning a little more on the 'no' side. Doesn't' candy and chocolate make you happy? I'm sure optimism is a good factor...
  • Cezar 2014/02/05 19:09:08
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
  • aslan Cezar 2014/02/06 00:41:09
    I love this!
  • Cezar aslan 2014/02/06 03:40:30
  • t.eliot, topbard 2014/02/05 18:47:29
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    t.eliot, topbard
    Never touch the stuff.
  • Linda7777 2014/02/05 18:09:07
    No, sugar has nothing to do with IQ
    All these studies are not worth the paper they are written on, Most of them get over turned later anyway!

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