Does anyone using a notebook / netbook PCs have any problems with their touchpad F***ing up what they type?

Ego Death 2011/08/22 13:00:29
I recently got a Compaq Presario CQ62 to help with work (chef) and study.

I have had a real bi*** of a time with the touch pad though.

It is so damn sensitive that it sends my cursor in all x,y, direction often overtyping already typed text or typing at a random spot spliced within it.

(So far I've already had over a dozen problems in this regard).
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I understand that the only communication standard most of us have over the net, even soley on Sodahead is through typed communication and links.

What bothers me about my touch pad related random jump errors is that is often makes what "I intended to say" different to what I "actually say".
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  • I NEED A HORSE 2011/08/22 16:49:06
  • Ego Death I NEED ... 2011/09/13 13:24:11
    Ego Death
    Yeah, I tried that.

    I wiped the OEM embedded version of Windows 7 that came on my laptop and installed my own version as well as Ubuntu Linux (the reason I removed it in the first place was because of no multiboot allowances).

    I might not have the drivers installed to disable my touchpad.
  • Fillmore 2011/08/22 13:20:49
    I am constantly resetting my touch pad to its original state because it just stops working.
  • Ego Death Fillmore 2011/08/22 14:07:06
    Ego Death
    If only I could disable it.

    Win 7 although it detects my external USB mouse won't detect my USB k/b.

    It's driving me INSANE!!!
  • Fillmore Ego Death 2011/08/22 14:35:34
    I know!! I spent numerous hours resetting and adjusting and now every couple days I reset it. I wish someone would make a laptop with a touchpad that worked!!
  • Bart Fillmore 2011/09/12 18:15:03
    all the laptops i have had had excellent touch pads
  • Fillmore Bart 2011/09/13 01:25:13
    You are very lucky! What kind do you use?
  • Bart Fillmore 2011/09/13 13:07:19
    a fujitsu siemens, hp pavillion, acer travelmate, lenovo, toshiba satellite and a macbook white all there trackpads are great
  • Ego Death Bart 2011/09/13 13:13:31
    Ego Death
    It must be my typing style.. I like to rest my palms on solid ground as I type... I think this might be how I keep 'knocking' the touchpad.

    Although my current Compaq Presario is the first notebook PC I've had since an old Toshiba 486 running Windows 3.11.
  • Bart Ego Death 2011/09/13 13:18:16
    well recently i spilled a bit of coffee on my macbook's trackpad i wiped it off a bit but the mouse pointer went crazy then i turned it off by holding in the button then i completely cleaned the trackpad with some water and it was fine again
  • gonesimera 2011/08/22 13:07:42
    adjust the sensitivity settings of the mouse in the control panel.

    it might help
  • Ego Death gonesimera 2011/08/22 13:16:46
    Ego Death
    Tnx, trying it now.
  • Ego Death gonesimera 2011/08/22 14:08:19
    Ego Death
    Didn't work as thought... Touch pad seems to be independent of mouse.
  • gonesimera Ego Death 2011/08/22 14:17:43
    Double Tap the touchPad indicator in the top-left corner of the touchpad to turn it on/off
  • Tom 2011/08/22 13:05:33
    Yeah, I have seen some Dell's do that too. Try Control Z [or is it Control V?] when things disappear.
  • Ego Death Tom 2011/08/22 13:09:27 (edited)
    Ego Death
    Yeah I know... problem is at this time of night I'm drunkies and my brain only has a limited number of undo steps before all breakdown ensues.

    Am using Windows 7 ULT (x64) edition... apparently I can't install Win XP x64 on my notebook.

    Still can't figure out how to disable my touchpad.
  • Ego Death 2011/08/22 13:01:17
    Ego Death
    I'm used to desktop PCs. This is the 1st laptop I've ever had.

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