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Does anyone know how to convince your 'rents to let you get your lip pierced?

randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-. 2010/05/28 23:09:52
okay, all you have to do is....
ewwww i will not help you get that done!!
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okay, so i really, really really REALLY want to my lip pierced but my mom said that even after i turn 18 im not allowed to get one... i can't even get a small nose ring.. and i really want both.... but any ways... pretty pretty pretty please help me.
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  • <3{Gre_en is the new bla_ck}<3 2010/05/31 03:02:20
    okay, all you have to do is....
    <3{Gre_en is the new bla_ck}<3
    um ok get good grades or do it urslef or just wait untill ur old enough.. i guess its ur body not mine..:)
  • RoNnIRaMpAgE™ 2010/05/30 06:31:09
    i don't know what'd you have to say....my mom won't let me get one til i'm 18 or so haha
  • Mike 2010/05/30 01:04:57
    okay, all you have to do is....
    ask them if they want to go with you they will feel safer
  • Tak and the Power of Jujubear 2010/05/29 18:08:18
    okay, all you have to do is....
    Tak and the Power of Jujubear
    just wait till u turn 18 and once u get out of the house and get it done then u can be liek "ooops too late!!!"
  • Just Angela 2010/05/29 17:19:26
    okay, all you have to do is....
    Just Angela
    Ask For A Year or so. or have a really crappy birthday and use it as an excuse. Thats What I Did.
  • Green Day Fan! 2010/05/29 08:32:14
    Green Day Fan!
    i tried for about 1 year and i couldn't convince them ! =( but they did let me have a fake piercing ...
  • rj 2010/05/29 02:31:31
    ewwww i will not help you get that done!!
    am sorry i think them very UNattractive- i personally would NEVER kiss someone with them. ugghh. they dont make you look pretty or cool so why bother - there are far more important things to work out with your parents instead of wasting time fighting over something this gross/
  • blushn1980 2010/05/29 00:42:54
    My daughter is only 7, but I have about the same rule. A nose ring maybe I would let her. Lip, tounge, and navel NO. As long as she lives under my roof its my rules. Sorry, I will tell you to pick your battles though. If you are a well behaved and do well in school, as a parent I would be open to a discussion.
  • randomn... blushn1980 2010/05/29 00:44:29
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    yeah, im a good kid in school... i always have honor roll... soo yeah.... lol
  • ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫ 2010/05/29 00:36:23
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
    yeah "Dad I want to get my lip pierced!"
    "Well Ri, you know it is against the law until next year for you but when you have ur b-day we'll go get it done."
    Yeah my dad was a skater in his day so he's cool about that kinda stuff Idk anyother way so..... good luck!
  • randomn... ♫ Radio... 2010/05/29 00:43:11
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    lol my dad said i can do what ever i want once i turn 18 but my mom says no.. no matter what
  • ♫ Radio... randomn... 2010/05/29 00:50:52
    ♫ Radioactive♫Riley ♫
    oh lol parents just dont understand
  • Undecided
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    Your parents are probably against it because they know that a lot of schools and workplaces do not allow facial piercings.

    I don't think you understand what you are getting yourself into by getting pierced. Sure it might look cool but are you really ready to handle the backlash that will come?
  • Mikey :) 2010/05/28 23:29:30
    okay, all you have to do is....
    Mikey :)
    when your 18 your parents can't control what you do
  • lyzard 2010/05/28 23:23:55
    why not just get them done and hope for the best, you could always take the piercings out when your moms around
  • santa6642 2010/05/28 23:20:52
    ewwww i will not help you get that done!!
    stupid idea
  • Undecided
    υяsυℓα  vεηgεαηcε ►нαя∂ cσяε sтяαιgнт ε∂gε◄
    I wish I could, but my parents are just like yours!
  • xXCandyxChandy&&Xx 2010/05/28 23:16:00
  • randomn... xXCandy... 2010/05/28 23:21:17
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    lol i could try.... but i thought you had to have someone who is 18 to sign if you get it done....
  • lyzard randomn... 2010/05/28 23:26:25
    either that or look 18+
  • xXCandy... randomn... 2010/05/29 05:40:47
    Ha I do all my piercings by myself. I just had my 18 year old friend buy me a hallow needle at the tattoo shop and I have just always done my own piercings cause then I know it's done the way I like it.
  • .:әисіясӀә мә:. 2010/05/28 23:15:18
    .:әисіясӀә мә:.
    but wut if it dnt go w/ u?
  • randomn... .:әисія... 2010/05/28 23:30:41
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    what do you mean..?
  • .:әисія... randomn... 2010/05/28 23:45:27
    .:әисіясӀә мә:.
    oh itz u! i didnt kno that..
  • randomn... .:әисія... 2010/05/28 23:55:21
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.

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