Does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy?

Jason~Art is Life~RWAC 2009/09/17 22:37:50
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  • witdacake 2013/01/12 18:53:54
    i think it wont help.....
  • Missy Crenshaw 2012/09/10 23:55:45
    Missy Crenshaw
    It is clear that it is realistic for someone to be abstinent. The above replies prove it. There is a great deal of discipline involved but it can be done. Also, any one who thinks that anal or oral sex is better or less dangerous is sorely mistaken. Tears in the anal wall, anal leakage, incurable diseases that can cause problems down the throat and inside the mouth are also very possible. Look it up. Anatomy and Physiology is a great way to learn about the body and all of the diseases that can take it over if your not careful.The key is to pay attention and don't think it can't happen to you, because that is when it will. I think the one thing that kept me abstinent for so long was the fear of getting something I could not get rid of or something that I would have to tell someone about one day. Imagine having to tell someone you love that you got genital warts from some one you slept with in high school because you were not careful or selective.
  • taylor smith 2011/11/03 14:07:12
    taylor smith
    nah yoooo its all about barebackin' it dawggg
  • meliclarno 2011/01/29 00:22:58
    i am doin a project on giving free condoms in high schools wouldnt help to prevent teen pregnancy is it true???????
  • Howdy:D 2010/06/17 00:04:22
    It helps.
  • RonnieGirl 2010/03/22 14:21:08
    I know a lot of people, girls and boys wo would have benefitted from having a free condom. Everyone I know that has had unprotected sex which resulted in a child regretted it and it ruined their lives, their reputation, their education, everything. Boys who had sex with their girlfriends, (some who've been together for years), and got them pregant were thought of and talked about as players, the girl as a whore.... just because they didn't use a condom and got pregnant! Please! Please give them condoms!
  • Salvado... RonnieGirl 2010/11/27 02:17:00
    Well u said because the couple had an baby it has ruined there life. I strongly disagree with that agrument. I know many people that have an baby in an young/teen age and there baby is there sunshine of there life. The baby is the reason the decide to change. The reason they decide to make something of there life. For example, i have an friend he gang bangs and he got his lady pregant. And we talk and he told me that as soon as he has his baby he leaving his hood. He been gang banging since elemantry and because he going have an child he going leave going to become an new man!
  • icymore 2009/10/13 18:09:50
  • Destinei 2009/10/09 23:18:11
    yess it workss forr mee(: althoughh theirr easilyy brokenn soo thaat is whaat stinnkss abouut theem.
  • DancingMachine 2009/10/04 06:16:26
    No. Theres only one way that can be 100% prevented...and i hope you get were i'm going with this...if not.....*sigh*
  • Long~Legs-RWAC 2009/09/23 19:05:42
    Well rumor has that it feels better with out one.
  • Shelly 2009/09/21 14:46:55
    Access does nothing if you never teach them how to properly use them.

    access teach properly
  • cowboy 2009/09/21 03:23:16
    This question is stupid
  • Joker~R... cowboy 2009/09/21 14:33:04
  • Jason~A... Joker~R... 2009/09/23 02:14:04
    Jason~Art is Life~RWAC
  • Disko P... cowboy 2009/09/21 15:04:58
    Disko Pickle
    So stupid that you couldn't think of an actual answer?
  • Jason~A... Disko P... 2009/09/23 02:14:29
    Jason~Art is Life~RWAC
    Thank you. You got here before me.
  • lianna.... cowboy 2012/01/24 16:52:31
    ur stupid.
  • Samm Rogers 2009/09/21 02:34:56
    Samm Rogers
    nah, we're going to do it with or without condoms.
    but it might help prevent more .
  • ɟʇʇoɔs 2009/09/21 02:07:42
    No. When I lived in Germany, we were stationed in Mannheim. It was the ghetto, if you will. The dispensary clinic had a free condom program. With the amount of skank ass hos knocked up in the American school you had to wonder about the quality of the condoms
  • pyrobaby 2009/09/21 01:48:09
    not always i got pregnant because i was stupid when he said do you trust me well it worked for almost a year then poof 9 months later tah dah...but i thank god for him everyday..
  • kstone 2009/09/21 00:28:46
    not always, first of all if you dont put them on correctly they will break, and teens dont always use condoms. yeah I'm still a virgin unlike some 13 and 14 year olds in my school
  • ~Goddes... kstone 2009/09/23 22:52:10
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    Good job continue on.
  • ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pl... 2009/09/20 23:23:22
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    No some people just don't like the feel of them, they want to feel the real thing. They prob wouldn't use them if they had a pack of them.
  • Trista1992 2009/09/20 21:19:38
    My mom constantly nails on me about not having sex. And believe me. It works. Im almost 17 years old, and still a virgin. And im proud of it. :) I think its easy to not have sex. Maybe i have messed up hormones or something, but i have no interest in sex at the moment. I have better things to worry about.
  • Bill O'... Trista1992 2009/09/20 22:00:47
    Bill O'Reilly ~In Satan I trust~
    Seriously? That seems like an ovarian blockage preventing the passage of oestrogen to the uterean nerve. Such a buildup is the most common cause of cervical cancer in girls of your age. The best solution is usually removal of the hymen, which relieves pressure on the oviduct and allows the buildup to escape. I do know of one method of treatment, but I'll have to administer it in Mexico as it is illegal in the US. The treatment will return your hormone balance to normal, make you more attractive and interestingly enough, improve your grades. You should regain the ability to walk normally in a week or so.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.
  • ~Goddes... Bill O'... 2009/09/20 23:24:40
    ~Goddess of Passion*Pain*Pleasure~
    are you serious.
  • Bill O'... ~Goddes... 2009/09/21 05:45:41
    Bill O'Reilly ~In Satan I trust~
    Of course not.
  • victoria Bill O'... 2011/04/08 00:20:52
    so your saying its best to have sex?
  • eskay Trista1992 2010/04/02 01:16:36
    im proud of you. im sixteen and im still a virgin too. i think many teens throw it away too soon. right now im writing an essay, "does access to condoms prevent teen pregancy?"
    my answer is no.
  • Chelsea19 eskay 2011/01/22 16:32:28
    I'm writing the exact same paper for my English class but I want to see everyone's views on the topic first. My answer is the same as yours though. Access to condoms does not prevent teen pregnancy because teens will have another excuse to have sex and knowing how some guys, well most guys are, if the condom breaks they will take it off and continue to have sexual intercourse. So I agree with you 100%.
  • mcclell... Chelsea19 2012/09/11 20:40:26
    I am writing the same paper as well.
  • lianna.... Trista1992 2012/01/24 16:54:07
    that has nothing to do with the question,
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2009/09/20 20:48:03
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    It can't hurt, but a little sex education to inform teens whose hormones are soaring.........well that helps even more I think. The one thing that I can never understand about the pro-life people is why they would object to teaching health education which would cut down on the number of teen pregnancies. Hormones has much more to do with teen sex than sex education does. They have demonstrated that abstinence only programs lead not only to teen pregnancy but to other sexual activities which are just as damaging to the health, if not more so, especially if safe sex is taught.
  • VTRedneck4Life 2009/09/20 19:27:12
  • jerrbear 2009/09/20 19:10:31
    Teens are going to have sex no matter how much you tell them not to, I don't understand why some people say having condoms means it will increase teens having sex,I see having condoms will keep teen pregnacy down and std's down also, I also beleve that high schools and colleges should have vending machines in the bathrooms for them, this also apply's to the ladies also,Condoms may take away some of the feeling but it's worth not having an unwanted pregnancy, The best form of birth control is no sex at all!
  • Chelsea19 jerrbear 2011/01/22 16:34:21
    WELL SAID!!!!!
  • freedom 2009/09/20 17:14:02
    Not to the extent people think they do but it is a great way to delay the inevitable.
  • Dan 2009/09/20 15:34:39 (edited)
    No! It makes the previously celibate (virgin?) teenagers (those who were doing the right thing before) feel as if they are missing out on something. So, in ignorance, they wrongly assume that having sex somehow makes you an "adult". It doesn't.

    You have NO right to have sex unless YOU (without daddy, mommy, or Obama robbing the taxpayers to pay for it) can financially provide for your baby(ies).
  • No nons... Dan 2009/09/20 20:50:24
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    But is abstaining realistic? Would you rather teens engage in oral or anal sex, which seems to be a trend in this day and age.
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