Does a person change after they get a boyfriend or girlfriend?

♥TearsShedInVainxΨρנατσΨ 2010/05/25 00:39:03
My best friend got a bf, and it seems like she changed, kinda. She's talking to me less and it sorta feels like she's avoiding me, and that we're not best friends anymore.
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  • Nat™ 2010/05/25 00:47:15 (edited)
    That happens to many of us. She's just excited or whatever on having a boyfriend. Hopefully, she'll start talking to you more, again, and tell you what's up. But if she changes personality wise and/or changes her looks... he's pretty much messing her up.

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  • Dionna Williams 2014/03/21 22:44:35
    Dionna Williams
    My older has had a boyfriend for about 9 months now and every since she's been dating him she stopped singing and she stopped hanging out with me and now I feel left out because the only time she talks to me is when her boyfriend is busy or when he is sleep something! Like we used to always talk everyday. Now, it's just once a week or so and now I'm looking to my friends to be like my sister because they are more closer to me than my sister.
  • kasi 2012/07/13 22:17:12
    yes people change,my best friend found a boyfriend and totally forget me and she thinks that going out ones a week its ok,she believes that i don't understand her because i haven't one.But ok i believe that in this small age she is taken this relationship stuff too seriously but ok life goes on and when she will need me i wouldn't be there...
  • HaZeLeYes 2010/06/04 22:58:15
    well u no wut keep strong n dnt worry mayb 1 day she'll notice on how u feel or tell her n she'll probably understand....n yes i think they do change same thing with my best friend n i told her wut i thought n she understood...
  • ~The Tickler~ 2010/05/31 04:44:36
  • Lastri 2010/05/31 00:38:30
    Yeah my sisters been kinda different since she's gotten a bf
  • Bree 2010/05/30 14:41:43
    yeah that happens. I know a girl in my school that got a bf. and now her old best friend feels like you feel. Now there just friends.
  • nice girl 2010/05/29 15:44:18
    nice girl
    yes they do change my best x friend had her bf an stop talking to me then latershe would talk about me so i let her go, not friends anymore and now she want to be friends again because her bf broke up with er an am just like ok sorry but i cant be ur friend any more. if she dint talk about me then i would be her friend again but thats not going to happen.
  • Stand Alone 2010/05/26 05:37:14
    Stand Alone
    Yes people do change, and so they should. To take someone as a bf/gf means you should treat them better than everyone else. When you find the right person you will probably do the same so try not to think harshly of your friend.
    But try to raise the gf/bf's status rather than lowering the status of your friends. When it comes to time spent together though, the bf/gf will always win. Its only natural.
  • fezzes are cool 2010/05/26 00:46:08
    fezzes are cool
    that has jst happened 2 me the other day my best friend got a bf and now she isnt talkin to me as much and when she does its always about him :(
  • Allie 2010/05/25 21:45:19
    I hate to admit it buh yes =(
  • mandy 2010/05/25 20:29:25
    yeah u change b/c if u notice shes not ignoring u she just wants to be around him.and i dont think u change its just how u act around him.
  • sunshine132 2010/05/25 20:04:21
  • DollyRivas 2010/05/25 17:36:09
  • shylo 2010/05/25 15:12:57
    Sometimes that happens to some people not to all, but she is happy or something like that and wants him to be happy so she is doing what she thinks he wants her to do.
  • Blonde Rebellion 2010/05/25 09:23:00
    Blonde Rebellion
    yes they do unfortunately..
  • MkB 2010/05/25 07:36:23
    Welcome to the first step to becoming an adult. It's natural. I'm sure your friend still likes you but she now has a significant other. Believe me it gets to be the norm when your friends get married...
  • perry735 2010/05/25 06:43:08
    yes they do my older sister n i used 2 be friends then she got a bf n now she hates me i hope her bf cheats on her
  • cнιвι cυρcαқєs ~*Λℓιcє*~ ♥♥
    It depends...they may spend all their time with their Gf/Bf and never even have some time to spend with their friends...it's really does depend on the person.
  • panda in bandanna 2010/05/25 04:37:18
    panda in bandanna
    YES! i lost a friend because of his GF...there is something wrong with her!
  • Robby 2010/05/25 03:56:44
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no...
  • αυвzzz☣ßαmf☣►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    I do but i dont. my personality doesnt change but how i act towards certain people has changed
  • عهود عوايص 2010/05/25 03:43:34
    عهود عوايص
    Yes, but i see my friends have a good changing
  • Cinna 2010/05/25 03:25:24
  • Nonicknameunlessyouknowme 2010/05/25 03:14:32
    Ah, youth, it seems so long ago.

    No, people don't usually change after they get a boyfriend or girlfriend and I doubt your friend is trying to avoid you. She just doesn't have as much time to spend with you as she used to.

    I remember my first boyfriend and how I felt we had to see each other every day. My friends didn't understand either until they got a boyfriend.

    My very best friend is still my friend after more than thirty-five years and I remember her telling me after she met her future husband, that she now understood exactly how I felt and that she was sorry for resenting me for my relationship with my future ex-husband. LOL

    I don't know how old you are but don't be in too much of a hurry to go out and get a boyfriend. Believe me that your education is the most important thing right now and later you won't even remember the names of all the young men you have a crush on or go out with. Your friends, however, will remain in your life and you will be a good friend by being there if the current relationship your friend is in doesn't work out, which they don't depending on how young you all are. :)
  • Ace_Constantine 2010/05/25 03:03:10
    There is only so much time in the day. New intimate relationships take more time to nurture than existing, well established friendships. Given time things should balance out. Unless there is a dramatic change and isolation from existing friends I would not worry.
  • Dani 2010/05/25 02:54:55
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2010/05/25 02:53:49
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Good. I hate it when someone asks who should they like more, their boyfriend or the their best friend. If a boyfriend is not the best friend, then he isn't worth having as a boyfriend.
  • zacoholic 2010/05/25 02:41:40
    i think that they do change a little but just cause they hang out with their bf/gf instead of their friends but when your really friends you still will be, you may not be as tight as before but you'll still have your friend
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2010/05/25 02:31:31
    wandering mystery aka Relcho of Anid
    She's adjusting I think
  • Erica 2010/05/25 01:57:56
    Yeah.. that just happens, you have a new person in your life that influences you.
  • The Ruby 2010/05/25 01:54:20
    The Ruby
    Don't worry, it happens to all of us.
    They are just happy that they have someone to be with now and spend time together!
    Soon, she'll be speaking to you and will be counting on you for advice.
    You guys will still bethe best of friends, I promise!
  • ♥TearsS... The Ruby 2010/05/25 02:13:04
    Yeah, you were right.
    She said we'll always be besties; she'll make sure of it. :)
  • The Ruby ♥TearsS... 2010/05/25 02:30:15
    The Ruby
    That's the spirit!
  • CCHHii<3 2010/05/25 01:52:14
    in my experience..yes..people change..idk why..it just happen...u said ur not bfs anymore? maybe cause she treats her bf as her bestfriend at the same time right now...yes? why dont u ask her?
  • ♥TearsS... CCHHii<3 2010/05/25 02:11:26
    Well...she's talking to me more now. And no, she's still my bestie.
  • CCHHii<3 ♥TearsS... 2010/05/25 02:55:11
    thats good to hear ^^ =)
  • bvb_gd_p!atd_ev_th_mcr_fob_... 2010/05/25 01:41:59
    bvb_gd_p!atd_ev_th_mcr_fob__ lover <3
    sometimes.... its called the honeymoon stage.... bleh.
  • peace & rock 1247 2010/05/25 01:40:26
    peace & rock 1247
    no not really it depends what the boyfriends like right i mean if hes like u u dont really change and if hes nothing like u and u hang around him every single day u may change a bit but not always i hang with my boyfriend alot lolz.
  • Shilo 2010/05/25 00:58:57
    Nope, they just act like it for a while.
  • Bella Black 2010/05/25 00:57:27
    Bella Black
    Depends. Usually people (well, my friends at least) are just obbsessed with their boyfriend and talk about them 24/7. However, in your situation, I think her boyfriend is probably a real jerk and is very pushy...keep on eye on the guy

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