Does a baby's size correlate with adult size?

Boopie 2007/04/09 01:13:34
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Do big babies grow up to be big adults, and small babies grow up to be small adults?

Assuming the baby's parents are relatively average in height and weight, does the size of a baby from birth to age 1 accurately predict the size of that child when he or she is an adult?
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  • ChloeNAydensmom 2008/08/01 15:32:33
    there are a number of things that factor into a persons size......
  • Briley 2008/06/03 19:10:27
    I was 21" long when born. Weighed well over 8 pounds.
    Now, I'm 5'2" and 98 lbs.
    I've pretty much peaked in growing anymore too.
  • Kodabear 2008/02/01 21:03:42
    No, I was very chunky as a baby, but hardly any fat on me today...most babies are fat when they come out, but will eventually lose it.
  • IrishMarcia 2007/11/07 07:31:27
    my step son was alittle over 6 pounds and on 19 inches when he was born. He is now almost 16 and is get this 6'2" and weighs about 220. He wears a size 18EEE shoe.
    My son on the other hand was 10 lbs 2 oz and 22.5 inches. He's 8 now and is 5'2" and 150 lbs. So i really don't think the size you are born will be an indication of what you become.
  • <--That guy 2007/10/30 18:10:49
    <--That guy
    It doesn't always happen. I was a fairly nice-sized baby, but as an adult, I'm not very big at all.
  • Anjirocks 2007/10/30 16:42:16 (edited)
    there's no 'undecided' option!

    i was 2 pounds 2 ounces when i was born (10 weeks premature) and the doctors said i'd never be taller than 4'6". well i'm about 5'2" and while that's still relatively short i don't look noticably different from everyone else.

    i do have a small frame, my ankles and wrists are TINY, my whole body used to be like that until about the age of 14. when i was 16/17 i weighed 100 pounds. in the past 3 years i've put on weight, i'm maybe about 20 pounds heavier than my average slim weight... but that's due to lack of exercise and overeating!

    so on the whole i do think that as a small baby i have become a relatively small adult but not noticably smaller, plenty of people are my size
  • Gramma Lil 2007/09/25 01:11:52
    Gramma Lil
    NO...I was almost a 10 pound baby at birth and I'm only 4'11" ! Go figure!
  • MissPick 2007/09/12 22:39:27
    My youngest brother was always the shortest boy in school. In high school, he was shorter than all the girls. When he graduated high school and was in college, he shot up to 6'2" tall. When this brother was born, he weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces. Big baby, small childhood, tall adult.
  • Daisy 2007/07/23 00:49:01
    One has no bearing on the other.
  • laura 2007/06/26 05:16:58
    i was a BIG baby, and im a skinny adult.
  • Ozzy 2007/05/14 17:47:13
    Not really so I was a huge baby wouldn’t guess by looking at me today.
  • Tammy 2007/04/09 22:42:10
    If all children were born ON their proper due date, maybe they could come up with a formula. But since some babies like to come out to visit early and others prefer the nice warm womb, I don't think that correlating their birth height with adult height would work.
    When my children were little, the doctor said that you take a girls height at age 2 and double it. And for a boy, take their height at age 2 1/2 and double it.
  • Boopie Tammy 2007/04/09 23:52:47
    I know that the "growth calculators" try to estimate the height/weight of a child, when that child is grown up, and that such calculators typically aren't somewhat scientifically valid until the child is about 2-4 years old. I was wondering if the size of baby at any point up to age 1, assuming the baby isn't born premature, can provide any reasonable basis to estimate the adult height/weight? Or, is it just too soon to tell until a child is at least 2 years old? I know there are women who are on the petite side (close to 5') who deliver 9+ pound babies--do those babies grow up to be big adults, too? Or, is size mostly a function of the parents' size, irrespective of how big the baby is throughout that first year?
  • Sam 2007/04/09 15:06:07
    Not sure off the top of my head, but my guess is that, statistically, there would probably be a link between birth weight and adult weight. Heck, I was a 10 lb baby and am a 220 lb adult.
  • Fef 2007/04/09 05:50:21
    Don't look at birth weight only. Some babies come out early/late. Look at their weight after a few months and at their eating habits.

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