Do Your Kids Have a Facebook Account?

GMR 2012/04/24 18:14:29
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Mother's Day is almost here, and to celebrate we wanted to give mothers a chance to discuss familial Facebooking, and how social media plays into parenting. Should moms "friend" their kids on Facebook? Do their kids even want to be friended? What do people really think about parents who make Facebook pages for their babies? Do families hide things from each other online? And don't forget, we have demographic breakdowns to shed more light on the answers to those questions.

So whether you're a mom yourself, or simply have a mom, we want to know your thoughts on how social media relates to parenting. When you have a chance, be sure to take our 10-question Mothers and Social Media Quick Poll. And don't forget to send your mom a Mother's Day poke!
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  • MYSTIC MYSTIQUE 2012/05/13 01:36:29
    I find its more of a teen adult site.
  • Lisa 2012/05/07 04:00:58
    I don't have kids
    I don't have kids. If I did, I would let them have a Fb page.
  • aya 2012/05/06 15:08:30
    my kids dont have facebook account because they under 5 years
  • alun.palmer 2012/04/25 19:58:39
    Yes, but we're not "friends"
    I voted not friends, but I am friends with my daughter. My son refuses to friend us, although he has friended his sister. OTOH, my parents are friends with all of us except him, and there are certain things he doesn't want his grandparents to know. So I won't be posting this comment to FaceBook!
  • alun.pa... alun.pa... 2012/04/25 20:00:17
    BTW, he is an adult, although he still lives with us, but his sister is not.
  • Ian 2012/04/25 15:15:15
    They're still too young.
  • XXrawwwrXX 2012/04/25 01:25:15
    my oldest is only 8.
  • émilie✿ 2012/04/25 01:19:03
    I don't have kids
    Lol.. no kids yet
  • Toxic-Death 2012/04/25 00:37:06
    I don't have kids
    i am a teen!
  • Mz Understood 2012/04/24 23:57:29
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    Mz Understood
    The 17 yr old. 10 yr old won't get one until he's age appropriate.
  • Pat 2012/04/24 18:26:43
    Yes, and we're "friends"
    Yes but they are adults. We are friends.
  • Micha Vengeance Way 2012/04/24 18:25:11

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