Do you want Barack Obama As our President?

Destiny (: 2008/07/08 18:24:41
Yes, He is Leader and a Inspiring Gentlemen
No, He is too young and an Uninspiring Gentlemen
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  • ladypuppylove 2009/08/10 02:25:30
    Yes, He is Leader and a Inspiring Gentlemen
  • Wesloco 2008/07/21 19:55:52
    Yes, He is Leader and a Inspiring Gentlemen
    Senator Obama is what our nation needs at this point in our history!
  • Goten the Smiley Joker 2008/07/13 22:22:19
    Yes, He is Leader and a Inspiring Gentlemen
    Goten the Smiley Joker
  • Anna:) 2008/07/11 16:12:16
    Yes, He is Leader and a Inspiring Gentlemen
    hes ok
  • ♫♥♪musical crap♪♥♫ 2008/07/10 21:48:45
  • ρεαсε ♥ =) 2008/07/10 01:30:42
    ρεαсε ♥ =)
    i dont really get into that kinda stuff. idk
  • brandon 2008/07/09 05:39:46
    Yes, He is Leader and a Inspiring Gentlemen
  • Docstrich 2008/07/08 19:53:26 (edited)
    No, He is too young and an Uninspiring Gentlemen
    HELL NO young uninspiring gentlemen
  • MICHAEL 2008/07/08 19:32:31
    No, He is too young and an Uninspiring Gentlemen
    NOOOOO INDEED!!!!!!! GO JOHN McCAIN!!!! young uninspiring gentlemen nooooo john mccain
  • Cass.♥M♥ 2008/07/08 18:53:56
    i dont like him or McCain.....theres reasons that i hate both of them......but i guess out of the 2 hes the better choice because if McCain gets it, then its the same thing as Bush
  • grizzly 2008/07/08 18:49:46
    I think he has some good ideas and am leaning that way....
  • Faith ~American Patriot~ 2008/07/08 18:33:20
    No, He is too young and an Uninspiring Gentlemen
    Faith ~American Patriot~
    No, I do not. He is a compulsive liar, with low morals, no experience, and no actual plan for the "change" he is promising.
    I find it interesting that so many OB supporters are failing to realize that change can be bad, or good. I don't think that what he has planned will be good at all.
  • Wesloco Faith ~... 2008/07/21 20:06:05
    Obama brings hope! I know the NObamas say that that's all he brings but really that's what a leader is all about! A leader serves to make us believe in ourselves and we do the rest. I know the NObamas can't see this because you don't believe. Sit down, take a breath, look at this man objectively and you will see that he is our only hope.

  • Faith ~... Wesloco 2008/07/21 22:12:17
    Faith ~American Patriot~
    You have no idea how much I wanted to like this man, and I did the first couple of times that I heard him speak. However, after doing research, I see how dangerous he is. He is NOT presidential material. He is unable to tell the truth, he is racist, he doesn't love the country, I DO NOT agree with his position on partial birth abortion, his tax proposal, or his position on the war (whatever that may be this week). If you look at history, Hitler made the Germans believe in themselves, he also promised change...
  • Wesloco Faith ~... 2008/07/22 01:47:26

    He's a politician and they have to try to appeal to as many people as possible. I like you am totally against abortion yet I mostly vote Dem because on most issues I agree with them more than the Reps. I do believe that the tax burden should be shifted to the wealthy and that there should be national healthcare. On the ability of the Senator to motivate voters I would campare him more to The Gipper than to Adolf "Satan" Hitler. Peace to you my friend!
  • Faith ~... Wesloco 2008/07/22 03:04:07
    Faith ~American Patriot~
    I am not even talking about abortion in the traditional sense, I am talking about partial birth abortion. I do not see why the wealthy should have to pay more than their fair share. Why should they be punished because they are successful? If you talk to those in countries that do have national health care, they HATE it. Who's fault is it if someone cannot afford insurance? Not the wealthy people's. Hitler went before the Germans, when the country was in distress and promised them change, he gave them hope. They truly believed that he was going to save them.... Sound like anyone you know of?

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