Do you think that girls mature faster than boys?

volley15 2012/05/24 03:40:47
Depends on each child
None of the above
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We've all heard the adage that girls mature faster than boys. But do they really?

The vast majority of the guys I know in my age group still act like
they are in high school, and when we were in high school they still
acted like they were in middle school. If you're still finding fart
jokes the next best thing since sliced bread at 22 as you did at 15...
It's time to grow up. If you are still giggling like a small child at the age of 22 when you hear some one say the words penis or vagina... then it's time to grow up. Mostly I find that it's boys that act like that.

Some define maturity as "a psychological term used to indicate how a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctive,
and is not determined by one's age. Maturity also encompasses being
aware of the correct time and place to behave and knowing when to act
appropriately, according to the situation and the culture of the society
one lives in." I do like this definition of maturity as it pretty much sums it up in my opinion.

Do you more or less agree with this adage or do you find it misleading? Why or why not?
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  • Rubyking 2012/06/26 23:20:49
    that's like saying they time travel (only a sophisticated male will figure this out)
  • CCRNRT 2012/05/24 04:28:08
    Without a doubt
  • rand 2012/05/24 03:51:23
    Women are genetically more pragmatic and had to mature more quickly for our species to survive.
  • sockpuppet rand 2012/05/24 04:14:47
    That's it, right there.
  • FF5 Addict 2012/05/24 03:45:52
    Depends on each child
    FF5 Addict
    I've seen some girls who are less mature and vice versa. It all depends on the person.
  • raj FF5 Addict 2012/05/26 05:30:17
    S, I agree

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