Do You Think Teenagers Really Do Understand Love?

Deona 2010/06/17 15:01:21
I'm 14 so I don't think so. I mean you can love someone but not be in love with them.
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  • Anabela F. Gormet 2015/02/04 16:46:17
    Anabela F. Gormet
    Like my last comment, love & lust can be easily confused. Love is not sex, it's lust. Love is mentally committed to someone in such a way you think about them often, with being helping them out, being there for them. Lust is physical, in a way you need it. So sex must be lust, not love. Plus being a teenager, your hormonal too, so that can be harder. Unless you know what your committed to that. Good friends can help you out too with that, know if the person you love is worth it & who your friends with. <3 Caring is a changing fluid in the Brain. <3 :)
  • Anabela F. Gormet 2015/01/08 17:07:22
    Anabela F. Gormet
    I feel like just because you are a certain age, that doesn't mean that you don't understand how you really feel. I say I've been in love, & I'm 15. It depends on how murturity I feel like, because love takes up allot of your phyiscal energy. Some teenagers say 'I am in love with my boyfriend!' <3 But they don't understand the negatives of falling in love, and how to manage that. Or they just feel that love is a good thing and they should fall in love because of thier friends, or other people, but they dont understand to be in love. It depends on the person, and how seriously they take it to be in love. :) <3
  • elaina.gibson.3 2013/01/04 07:35:12
    Love has no age gender or nationality. Now there is so much more to what i want to say but its just my story and ok sure people don't want to hear it but all i am going to say is, love comes from your heart, it takes much more then just an attraction, but age does not matter nor does understanding what it means. Most people on the planet cannot put the definition of love in words. But it is beautiful and it will give you more joy then anything in the world but it also brings pain and hurt .. love does not judge your sexuality or skin color . Love is love no matter what.. do not let what people say determine the way you feel for someone or who you want to be with because you will only be miserable from it, if you are truly in love it doesn't matter if it is wrong to everyone else it won't matter what people say, if you love that person then don't let other people get in the way ! Love is love, you don't have to know what it means to feel it ! You will know when you really feel it!
  • IChangedMyNameAgain 2012/02/26 11:40:11
    love and lust are easily confused
  • Ncus 2011/10/20 10:01:38 (edited)
    I don't think teenager really understand what love is all about. What they feel is just the Attraction, it's the "chemistry" part of love. It's all about the physical — even sexual — interest that two people have in each other. Attraction is responsible for the desire we feel to kiss and hold the object of our affection. Attraction is also what's behind the flushed, nervous-but-excited way we feel when that person is near.
  • Ces 2010/10/06 00:11:13
    I THINK the majority do not understand love- as in loving your significant other. If were are talking love over all. Um nope, none understand it at ALL. For God is love.
  • Eva 2010/08/08 14:30:19
    do teenagers understand love?... this question is ridiculous. teens understand hate and fear and rejection and pation and jealousy and devotion and a myriad of emotions just as strong as love. but some how love is too complicated to understand? i dont buy that. love is not complicated! advance calc in highschool is complicated! (yet plenty of teens understand that) rocket sicence, complicated. figuring out which dress looks better with which shoes, SUPER complicated!!! looking into someones eyes and knowing deep down in your soul, in your heart that you can not spend a single second without this person, or thinking about him/her and smiling because youve never been more happy than you are with them. reading messages and rereading them and rereading them just because, day dreaming while in your room or while eating or while walking or while talking just daydreaming about this person! just knowing honestly you have never been happier than you are with this person and without this person you will never be as happy! nothing complicated about love at all. what people get so confused is the heartbreak. of course teens experience heartbreak ten times as painful as adults! duh! while love is not complicated, it def is not easy! teenagers understand love just as well as they understand how to breath. it just hurts them a little more when they realize what love is true and which isnt.
  • marianejoy_baquilod 2010/07/21 00:31:16
    well...there are those teens who are open-minded and that they are knowledgeable on what and how they really feel...but there are also some who are not... there are many aspects that contribute to the understandings of every person... there are even some who are in their late twenty's and yet they don't know what's the difference between love and lust... so i guess, it just depends on the person... for me, as a teen, i definitely know my standing... i have a strong will power... and thus, i understand what love is...
  • Ces 2010/07/20 06:12:17
    i don't think they do. They only think they understand but who am i to judge.

    I'm a teen myself.
  • XxalwaysxherexX 2010/07/20 01:00:45
    who really understands love.people my age,13, till they're senior citizens,can not understand love.it's a complicated thing
  • crewzer1 2010/07/14 13:12:37
    Love ahhhh....a breath of Fresh Air, Working out Dis Repair, is strong, writes a song, walks alone to feel ones life, ta Meet up, Evolve, Blend , Touch, make Mistakes, Learn, add WE, Equate having Fun, Understanding Blening Differences, to be One and Ok ahh LOVE- that Sweet Pain,drowned out in Jack Daniel's feeling NO support is Love Gone,thrown Out, for the Stories, alone A breath of Fresh air, a Bit More Grown is Working out LOve LOve >>>>LOVE (I'm SINGING)
  • loreal 2010/07/14 03:36:47
    love is a mysterious thing and can one truly understand a mystery i think not a mystery cant be understood not y adults or tennagers but maybe a teen might understand it more for love is part of he imagionation it isint something that can be studied most pepole who think theyve found love havent theyve imagened it
  • naura 2010/07/13 12:43:42
  • Poison Ivy 2010/07/09 00:22:13
  • PanDuh 2010/07/06 17:45:03
    It all depends on experience if you ask me. We all understand love in some way or another. I know and understand why I love my family and friends, but I dont know or understand feeling with my boyfriend because thats another kind of love.
  • hw 2010/07/06 07:20:37
    Deona, Even though you are 14, you already know something that even many 'experienced' adults do not - that, as you stated, 'you can love someone but not be in love with them' .... very, very true. It is also possible to be 'in love' with someone you do not really like much! It can be very complicated from an emotional point. Bottom line, if you could live a few hundred years, you would STILL be learning a thing or two about love! I have been married 28 years, and I am no expert. I do not believe 'an expert' would be easy to find. You learn to trust the directions of your heart, but to keep your mind at the wheel as you travel life's roads, to avoid many wrong turns. It's usually the best anyone can hope for, whatever their age.
  • ShY GurL 2010/07/05 22:21:14
    ShY GurL
    im 15 and no i dont think we really know what love accually means just yet.
  • bomba ShY GurL 2012/05/23 14:29:27
    Dats tru..but Im 15 to & I don't no yet but I'm starting to. I think love means when u can't live witout someone dat u really like so much dat u never thought u would of bin wit dat person. Love isn't bout just having sex but its bout being there 4 the person u care 4 & showing u mean it dat u want dat girl/boy in ur life & u will do anything 2 b close 2 dat person & they will understand dat u really wanna b there 4 dem. I'm in love but I don't trust my girl. Ilove my girl but we both think we have another man/ girl & I'm honest 2 her all the time. I will never use her I told her. The love I have is very strong. Bomba
  • mano cat 2010/07/05 14:19:09
  • ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★ 2010/07/04 17:35:35
    ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★
    Few. But then again, there are few adults who don't know what love is, as well.
  • Nevermore 2010/07/04 17:35:20
    It depends. If it's the dumb, self-obsessed jocks, then I think no. But if you are one of the actual good hearted people, and you find someone, then maybe.
  • jessicalanier 2010/07/04 05:22:25
    yeah if u know this preson well then its like ur in luv ..but for me i will love u like a bff but not like i want to get married yep but i think that if u think u got rell luv then u got rell luv some people say luv is blind but u will never know untill u find luv gooooooooood luck on finding luv all of u
  • STEELANGEL 凸 Metal Up 凸
    Not since the 60's. Teens have degraded the country by not being TaUgHt what LoVe is. Infatuatuation is NoT LoVe!
  • Damaris 2010/07/03 22:20:41
    yes and no. all emotions are difficult to understand.
    emotions difficult understand
  • mila-eclipse 2010/07/03 18:22:01
    I think no.xDLove is a thing that nobody understand..
  • juicii~sitrus 2010/07/03 03:22:38
    I can understand love... okay maybe not. xD
  • ♥♥Hearts♥♥Of♥♥Hearts♥♥
    I understand God's love <3
  • bomba ♥♥Heart... 2012/05/23 14:32:44
    Dats tru everyone must understand gods love
  • JohnnyBuller 2010/07/02 05:56:18
    I'm 59 years old and I don't understand love. As close as I can figure It's something women invented to make slaves of men. Men want sex. Women say "if you want sex you have to love me. If you love me--- you can finish that sentence with just about anything.
  • Twilla JohnnyB... 2010/07/02 16:34:51
    You sound like a shallow douchebag.
  • ßεΙgιυм... JohnnyB... 2010/07/04 17:33:43
    ßεΙgιυм ★αηαяcнy★
    Oh mein Gott. I love this comment so much. XD
  • elaina.... JohnnyB... 2013/01/04 07:42:44
    that is so very untrue . love is something god created because as different as men and women are we need eachother to balance us out. love has nothing to do with sex. any man that is 59 and still childish enough to say that must have been in love and hurt before or a total jerk who has no heart....
  • MasterNobody 2010/07/02 04:16:33
    Depends. The way our kids are brought up; most think its about sex and some think its about sodomy. Only few ever find True (Male Female) companionship because of the BS Hollywood approach of Gay and Sex scandals being on the tips of every ones tongs.

  • bigbooty(; 2010/07/02 04:14:18
    I don't think we do. I love my mo differently then i would love a girlfriend. I would totally do anything for my mom. But for my girlfriend i wouldn't do ANYTHING for her. I don't believe that teenagers should be committing themselves to others. its not right. but dating when you are young is good experience. you learn a lot!
  • bomba bigbooty(; 2012/05/23 14:35:01
    Yep yep yep .
  • Sadie 2010/07/02 00:27:10
    Teenagers can feel love like anyone else but, no they don't understand the real hard work that love is. Love is not that feel good emotion that makes you walk on the clouds. It's not about the emotional upheaval part mostly it's about what you DO during the rough times.. Butterflies is one aspect early in a relationship but, REAL love is what you do when life gets messy as it always does. It's far more and far deeper than many teenagers realize. I don't think I fully understood whatever I have come to know about love until I had my child and he was born ill and that was so hard but I would not have had it any other way despite the lack of sleep, the sickness, the scary worry and fears, the money worries...nothing was better than having him here and being a parent. WHAT a gift!. Being a parent...that's LOVE. Being with someone when they are old, or sick or don't look so hot anymore but, you love them for being who they are warts and all, that's love. The dating part that's just the intro...not the middle, the real reward or the whole picture. It takes maturity to deal with real long term love...enjoy that youthful love though...it's an innocent kind that usually doesn't last your whole life and you will look back with fondness upon those days.
  • Twilla Sadie 2010/07/02 16:36:01 (edited)
    Pardon... I understand that love takes work. I appreciate the effort my parents have put into raising me - especially my mother - and how hard it can be to love unconditionally.
  • Sadie Twilla 2010/07/02 17:07:41
    It's not the love part that's hard..:) And the rest is not easy to explain to someone who has not yet been a parent. It's the worry. It's the ....to have a child is to FOREVER have your heart go walking around outside your body...that's a scary feeling at times. It's why mothers are such worry warts...and the work part of parenting is the hardest job there is that I've ever had. To love unconditionally is not the hard part. That just happens. AND does it ever! You'll never love anyone quite the way you do your own children. You'll know if and when you have your own children what I meant. :)
  • bomba Sadie 2012/05/23 14:45:14
    Teenagers think love is just bout having sex but being there all the time & liking the boy/girl 4 bein who ever they are is love. Love isnt bout money,sex, & betrayment. It's bout bein honest,kind,respectful,caring , den love . Love is the answer & the key.
  • VoodooDemon 2010/07/01 19:17:14
    Most of them don't. They think they do but they don't. But then again, most people really don't know what love is either.
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