Do you think Southwest went too far telling a woman she had too much cleavage?

mrosen814 2012/06/19 22:40:33
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Avital was boarding a 6 a.m. Southwest Airlines flight on June 5 from Las Vegas to New York, wearing a cotton black dress, flannel shirt and scarf.

Avital claims she was politely chatting with an airline worker – who then told her cleavage was inappropriate and that she wouldn’t be able to board the flight unless she buttoned up her flannel shirt...Avital declined to cover up and boarded the plane – cleavage and all. The flight and Avital apparently made it to New York without incident.

“[I didn't] think there was anything that special about the outfit I was wearing. It had topped 115 degrees in Las Vegas when I was there, and most people were scantily dressed just to stay cool. I hadn’t even considered that it would have been a big deal,” Avital said.

She added that she “most likely” will not be flying Southwest again.

vegas people scantily dressed stay cool deal avital flying southwest

Read More: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/06/18/woman-claim...

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  • mamacrash 2012/06/19 23:29:33
    Unless she was boarding in a bikini, she wasn't, they have no right to comment on her cleavage, abundant or not. I think the person who talked to her about her cleavage was either jealous or just wanting a closer look. Either way the picture doesn't show any more cleavage than most in that kind of heat and if you go to most non-uniform high schools you will most likely see more skin than this woman showed.

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  • ...Kat... cmdrbnd007 2012/06/30 05:22:02
    What the heck is up with the last dress??? Someone needed a "little" too much wiring! Lol
  • cmdrbnd007 ...Kat... 2012/06/30 12:48:35
    Looks like paper mache. lol
  • ...Kat... cmdrbnd007 2012/06/30 20:30:00
    Lol I definitely wouldn't want... (Square?) Boobs like those lol
  • cmdrbnd007 ...Kat... 2012/07/01 12:50:11
    Well hopefully they look better when the dress is off. lol
  • ...Kat... cmdrbnd007 2012/07/04 18:09:24
    Hahaha xD yes, let's hope!
  • Melissa Reifschneider 2012/06/20 15:34:07
    Melissa Reifschneider
    this is all just nonsense..really. its not like women already dont go out with their clevage showing..so boarding an airplane is no different.
  • Riobhca 2012/06/20 15:02:38
    People have thrown all decorum and civility to the four winds, especially women. It's disgusting and I say good for them for standing up for that in which they believe. It's a private company and they can refuse service to someone if they consider it inappropriate.
  • Jkirk3279 Riobhca 2012/06/20 19:16:45
    They can refuse service if they have a posted policy.

    If they're making it up as they go along, they're at risk of a civil suit.

    Let's see how that would look:

    Southwest Airlines reserves the right to refuse service to any woman whose clothing is deemed immoral or slutty. Men, of course, need not concern themselves.

    If they actually posted such a notice, women and progressive minded men would stop doing business with them and they'd go broke.

    What we have here is a Fox News viewer who simply decided to throw his weight around and tell the lady she was dressed like a slut.

    Religious Fundamentalism is a disease, and it's on the rise.
  • Dink Jkirk3279 2012/06/22 03:50:23
    What? How did....? Who said anything at all about religion or Fox News? And you said "slut"; not the person who you accused. This person was simply answering a question, which is what we bloody do here, fool. No need to go apoplectic.
    And to Dee, I don't know if you've been told, but topless men aren't considered "naked". You see, men don't have breasts. Shame you're just hearing this.
  • Null_Shock Dink 2012/06/22 06:50:16
    Actually in most places they do consider topless men to be nakedish or at least indecent. "No shirt No shoes No service." Also the img Dee posted I find rather disturbing. (o_O) Why would they have that on their wesite?!

    I think you are taking the Fox news/slut comment a little too literaly, it is simply an exaggeration...I think, if I am wrong...*shrugs*

    Also you are correct someone answered a question, and Dink simply replied with an opinion, another thing we do here brother.
  • Dink Null_Shock 2012/06/29 02:55:04
    Lol, Sean. Perhaps in a few isolated areas topless men are considered indecent, but I can assure you that I've traveled the globe, and such silliness is not at all the norm. "No shirt no shoes no service" is about dress code, not indecency.
    How funny that you would consider a shirtless man to be indecent or even "disturbing". Sounds like a personal problem, Lol.
    Anyway, every company has a right to have and enforce a dress code.
    Oh, and the Fox news comment was made. I responded.
  • Null_Shock Dink 2012/07/02 09:15:51 (edited)
    I said a singular img disturbed me not every shirtless guy...twist words much?Lol imangine an overweight sweaty hairy(im talking back hair...think a balding wookie) with no shirt....now tell me that is not fraked up. Also when i said places i meant places of business(thought that was implied considering the topic) and if they ban or refuse to serve someone because of the amount of skin showing, is because it is indecent(not all dress codes...sometimes they just want their customers to look a certian way, like shirt and tie places) Now companies do have the right to ban certain outfits, but what she was wearing was far from indecent. If a airline where to ban those kind of outfits they would go bankrupt. Ive seen more revealing outfits on women outside of churches after service...they may not have been in the church but they were not being run off nor shuned(was jogging past, im athiest would be rather hypocritical of ne and possibly iffensive depending on your point if view if i attended church services) i was surprised figured they would have been run off...people around here are rather conservative to say the least. And yea your response was what we do on this site...make comments, debate, and bitch =p
  • Dee Dink 2012/06/25 07:44:43
    It's a matter of moralising whilst using the very thing you are moralising about.
    The woman is not naked, she has cleavage.

    In my country, there's a saying: A prostitute talking abt chastity.. (sounds a bit off, but you get the general idea)
  • Jkirk3279 Dink 2012/07/04 02:27:37
    I've read through this several times. I think you must be confused.

    I was replying to a comment, not accusing the OP. What was that you said about a "fool" ?

    As for Fox News, if you haven't noticed that the culture divide comes down on who does and doesn't watch Fox, you haven't been paying attention.
  • Dee Riobhca 2012/06/21 04:58:20 (edited)
    You don't get to advertise with naked men and give moral speeches afterwards.
    You just don't.

    BTW, this was taken from their website ^^

    Southwest advertisement
  • Kozmo, Kostable of the Kust... 2012/06/20 14:33:45 (edited)
    Kozmo, Kostable of the Kustodian
    A tempest in a C-cup. what next, burqas?
  • goodnsweet5 2012/06/20 14:32:58
    Of course they we're wrong...but here's the deal its not a right to fly its a priviledge..
  • Mary Ann 2012/06/20 13:09:31
    Mary Ann
    a waste of time and energy
  • gmiing 2012/06/20 12:54:56
    I've seen a lot more on SWA flights - maybe it's none of their business what she wears.
  • Dale G 2012/06/20 12:16:55
    Dale G
    Boy. SWA just keeps swinging for the fence, don't they??? Obviously, tact or common sense are not requirements to work there.
  • beach bum 2012/06/20 11:59:36
    beach bum
  • superangrymonkey 2012/06/20 11:57:35
    Obviously, her rack is fantastic
  • pete.arballo 2012/06/20 11:53:45
    Never such a thing as too much!
    too much clevage
  • Ross in Oz 2012/06/20 11:43:46
    Ross in Oz
    No such thing.
  • no no 2012/06/20 09:32:47
    no no
    Not a really no..it depends on how it really looked. Perhaps there was another solution. the picture might not show the complete story. So maybe a yes. Bottom line, there must be civility and decorum in public attire, if there would be as many dress codes as there are individuals who feel that the have the right to dress anyway that they should. However, in a civil society, all behavior, including style of dress does not have the same right. It might be unfortunate that style and individual taste in dress fall within certain parameters of some written and unwritten dress codes, but we, hopefully, live in a civil society, otherwise we are on a slippery slope.
  • Null_Shock 2012/06/20 06:56:19
    It is just cleavage...and She was wearing a fraking flannel shirt. I have flown southwestern and seen women in outfits that bordered on hooker uniforms and they got on the plane without indecent. I'm thinking that employee was just a douche.
  • DarkWarri0r 2012/06/20 06:47:19
    Yes there is far too much of this going on - they are just bums operating an airline, they are nobodies - who are they to tell US what to do !!!!!!!!
  • uninformedluddite 2012/06/20 06:26:58
    I can see a lawsuit in this Ms Fresh Jezebel's future.
  • Butch 2012/06/20 05:58:15
  • rebecca Butch 2012/06/20 13:18:18
    so what your saying only hot young girls should show all their stuff? thats wront
  • Seras S... Butch 2012/06/21 02:58:17
    Seras Superstar
    Most women's breast like that, even in their mid twenties.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/06/20 05:15:28
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Crap, I meant to vote "yes!" This story could only happen in America.
  • jcadla 2012/06/20 04:05:15
  • Beat Ma... jcadla 2012/06/20 05:17:09
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    Private companies should know better than to bite the hand that feeds them. Remember, she's paying the airline - not the other way around. With what an airline charges these days, I'll wear what I damned well please.
  • rebecca Beat Ma... 2012/06/20 13:20:04
    here here!!
  • jcadla Beat Ma... 2012/06/22 16:52:10
  • Dee jcadla 2012/06/20 05:51:49
    Hmmm, and what happened with 'the customer is always right'?
    Hello, what's wrong with this picture? - you give money and are expected to grovel for something YOU are paying for.

    I am surprised someone as old school as you thinks this way.. (no offence intended)

    They have to conform if they want renewed business!

    This capitalistic dictatorship got this planet to where it is - soul sucking corporations rule, treating people like slaves. And when there's no use for him/her - discard.

    THE CONSUMER dictates the rules, even when this consumer is a little bit off, a bit unpleasant, etc (not counting in the extremes).

    For my money I decide what and where I buy, not vice versa.
    And had this happened to me, I'd make hell abt it right there. And you can be sure I'd be on that plane, not covered up!
    Hell, just to prove a point, I'd probably even make the cleavage a bit deeper.
  • Butch Dee 2012/06/20 06:20:48
  • Null_Shock Dee 2012/06/20 07:10:26
    Well said, and I couldn't agree with you more. A lot of the points you mentioned are major reasons as to why I dislike my own country. I would love to emigrate to another country, but I have to find one that will take me and isn't run by capitalistic douche bags, oh and I need to finish my degree...cost of higher education is getting ridiculous.
  • Dee Null_Shock 2012/06/20 08:36:08
    Ah, cost of a higher education is quite acceptable here but the educational system is more difficult, by far (which makes us extremely proud).

    But unfortunately, Iceland is your only hope then. Everyone is corrupt and everyone sold their asses to the rulers of the world.. Which ever country you look at.

    Though, I know quite a few Brits and Aussies and French that adore us savages (Serbs) and love their lives here, not working 16 hrs/day.
    You're welcome here any time hehe [given you're from IL, I presume you'd know some]

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