Do you think people are selfish if they commit suicide?

♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪ 2012/07/02 00:34:29
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  • Jack's Pearl 2012/07/02 12:57:35
    Jack's Pearl
    I wouldn't call it selfish. I call it sad and tragic. They were in so much pain and they couldn't see past it so they took their own life. I think it's selfish and mean to put down someone for doing it, although I fully understand feeling anger for someone who does. They left and it hurts. We've had 3 suicides in the near family and it is something that effects certain members for life.

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  • Xerxes 2012/07/02 01:01:21
    We all have personal demons and unfortunately some times the demons win
  • Cantus_bird 2012/07/02 01:00:47
    I could never give a general statement such as this to cover all suicides. It's sad when someone could not come up with a better solution than suicide to whatever problem was in their life. It's even more sad when someone in their lives drives them to suicide.
  • Scream 2012/07/02 00:58:50
    It can be a selfish act. But what's so bad about putting yourself first? Why should people be expected to do something they don't want to do just because other people want it?
    I think it's also a selfish thing to expect other people not to commit suicide just because it would hurt you. Sure, you may be hurt by their death. But if they're thinking of suicide then they're obviously hurting right now in a bad way. But there are better reasons to not kill yourself than "oh, but think of who it'll hurt". Telling someone not to kill themself because it's selfish and would make you feel bad is also a very selfish thing.
  • ~[Rachel Mariee]~ 2012/07/02 00:54:51
    ~[Rachel Mariee]~
    It depends on the reason...
    Some people have a reason..
    It's hard to deal with some stuff that
    People who do commit suicide do...
    But... Some people do it.. Just to do it..
  • rand 2012/07/02 00:48:05
    It depends entirely on the reason for doing so. Throwing oneself on a grenade to save ones brothers is the antithesis of selfish.
  • lucythetooth 2012/07/02 00:40:58
    Suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness because they don't consider how their actions will affect others or if they do consider it, they don't give it enough weight.
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/02 00:37:45
    Sister Jean
    yes and ill

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