Do you think Men or Women look better with or without glasses?

Pats Fan 2009/05/14 15:51:47
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  • Kimberly Bach 2012/01/10 06:34:27 (edited)
    yes i do
    Kimberly Bach
    Guys with glasses are SHEXY. I think techie guys are really cute too. :)

    Chris Pirillo [...] Waffle Jon
  • Michelle Dao 2011/10/23 04:42:46
    yes i do
    Michelle Dao
    guys look smexy with glasses nuff said ;)
  • Big C 2010/10/14 11:26:25
    that depends on the person
    Big C
    It totally depends on the person, style of glasses and overall style.

    totally depends person style glasses style

    totally depends person style glasses style
  • Scatterbrain 2009/05/15 18:37:13 (edited)
    yes i do
    gimmie a boy in these any day, infact give me a pair of these :)
    gimmie boy infact pair httpwww polyvore comcgii yumm
  • In_LuBb_WiT_TwIlIgHt!! 2009/05/15 12:04:12
    that depends on the person
    some people look different there are so many different colors,shapes and all those other things that it depends on the person
  • 1088799 2009/05/15 02:37:28
    yes i do
    Chicks in glasses=

    chicks glasses
  • mon 1088799 2011/04/12 21:51:23
    Sooo sleepy
  • masaca 2009/05/15 00:34:11 (edited)
    yes i do
    When I was younger I didn't like girls who wore eyeglasses. I think it have been because of the stigma attached to them. But in those days they did look kinda homley.

    But as I grew older I began to find women who wear eyeglasses sexy. Even the homely ones.

    In fact I find that really do, and always have liked the "prude," look.

    So I guess that knocks the homely looking thing outta the box.

    I was probably just a big ol' coward when I was younger, and just afraid of the stigma thing.
  • The Beaver 2009/05/14 23:39:26
    that depends on the person
    The Beaver
    Some people look great in glasses, others look awful!
  • GLaDOS 2009/05/14 23:28:01
    that depends on the person
    But in general...glasses are niiice.
    depends person general glasses niiice
  • ♥Ðαη!~єℓℓ!є♥ 2009/05/14 22:54:22
    yes i do
    i really do wear glasses!!!! so yes
  • CaNdY mAnDy 2009/05/14 22:44:21
    that depends on the person
    CaNdY mAnDy
    i think women look waaaaaaaaay better with glasses never seen a good looking guy with glasses
  • Riahlennlove. 2009/05/14 22:36:37
    yes i do
    theres something about thick black glasses that turn me on. black glasses turn
  • foxy moxie lady 2009/05/14 21:44:47
    that depends on the person
    foxy moxie lady
    Some people look great in glasses! It depends on the shape of your face, too. Glasses can make an otherwise rugged looking man softer and they can make a sweet female face more intelligent and distinguished looking.
  • SABLE 2009/05/14 21:35:17
    that depends on the person
    I prefer no glasses but they are necessary.
  • Vegito123 2009/05/14 21:06:11
    that depends on the person
    some people can pull out a sexy look depends person people pull sexy

    some people just look really nerdy
  • XxDustiexX 2009/05/14 21:01:34
    that depends on the person
    like me, i look weird w/o glasses..........but with glasses i look like a smoking hott babe............or not......... =D
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2009/05/14 20:38:37
    that depends on the person
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I think it depends on the individual and the style of the glasses.
  • Bad_Ra 2009/05/14 20:10:08
    that depends on the person
    this is OK
    depends person
    .....this not......
    depends person

    depends person
  • *M$.1CH4O$* 2009/05/14 19:10:31
    that depends on the person
    i think it depends on how the person carries themselves and how they can pull them off i wear them and i still get hit on by hott guys and sexii females and i only where them when i really need to
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2009/05/14 19:10:15
    that depends on the person
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    some look sexy with glasses some just dont.... depends person sexy glasses depends person sexy glasses
  • nikeya 2009/05/14 18:51:30
    that depends on the person
    depends really
  • ken 2009/05/14 18:24:30
    they look to geeky with glasses
    Actually...If it is before midnight and I am not drunk..I look for the ladies that have some attractiveness. Otherwise, if I am drunk and I get lucky, they go from a zero to a ten with a flip of the light switch
  • shyguy5204 2009/05/14 18:05:36
    that depends on the person
    it depends on who it is i know this girl that doesnt wear glasses but she looks really hot with glasses. And for me i where contacts because i look really bad with glasses. lol. So it does depend on the person. lol
  • ctuagentdown 2009/05/14 17:50:49
    yes i do
    women in glasses are hot
  • Sleepytiredgirl 2009/05/14 17:44:20
    that depends on the person
    Depends on the person and on the style of glasses imo
  • DEE CEE 2009/05/14 17:24:35
    that depends on the person
    I don't mine people with glasses
  • dzynrbob 2009/05/14 17:20:04 (edited)
    that depends on the person
    With some it enhances the mystery around them. For others they just look too nerdy.
  • Tiffany 2009/05/14 17:18:24
    that depends on the person
    Is it hot in here....or is it just me?
    depends person hot
    My, oh my! ; )
  • dzynrbob Tiffany 2009/05/14 17:19:33
    It's just you..................lol You're the hot one.
  • Tiffany dzynrbob 2009/05/14 17:31:31
    Thank you.... ; )
  • CaNdY m... Tiffany 2009/05/14 22:45:26
    CaNdY mAnDy
    i'd tap that!!
  • Tiffany CaNdY m... 2009/05/14 22:50:20
    He's amazing.....oh yeah.... yeah
  • CaNdY m... Tiffany 2009/05/14 23:12:21 (edited)
    CaNdY mAnDy
    omfg!!!! hes gorgeous
  • Tiffany CaNdY m... 2009/05/14 23:20:24
  • CaNdY m... Tiffany 2009/05/14 23:32:41
    CaNdY mAnDy
    ikr? whats that mean?
  • Tiffany CaNdY m... 2009/05/14 23:36:09
    I know right...my 11yr.old taught me this one...lol
  • CaNdY m... Tiffany 2009/05/14 23:49:19
    CaNdY mAnDy
    wow i didn't know that one thanks for catching me up lol
  • Tiffany CaNdY m... 2009/05/14 23:54:36
    All I can say is....thank God for unlimited texting! lol
  • CaNdY m... Tiffany 2009/05/15 20:08:53
    CaNdY mAnDy
    oh yeah my bill would be sky high

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