Do you think it's time America wakes up and gets the memo?

SpOoKs! 2011/07/28 23:58:30
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What do think about America's mass contribution to Global Warming? Can you believe they have cut down 99% of all their natural rain forests? Consumerism will KILL our PLANET FAST!
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  • Pookie 2011/07/29 14:18:08
    I think when people are buying oceanfront property in Chicago, they may get a clue.
  • Icarus 2011/07/29 08:38:58
    Yes, absolutely, but the country is run by corporations who care nothing about the future. Until that changes, you will never have effective and comprehensive environmental protection.
  • SpOoKs! Icarus 2011/07/29 12:47:22 (edited)
    People can choose whether or not they want to support those corporations....It's all up to the people they can break away from the mental enslavery by just having the ambition to live in peace and tranquility. People are taught from a young age they have to work and make money to survive...thats true in a sense but why cant we just grow our own vegetables and live off the earth (properly)
  • Icarus SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 16:07:02
    Well said.
  • SpOoKs! 2011/07/28 23:59:41
    We need to work together if we wanna see this thing through!
  • DFM302 SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 00:02:48
    What kind of car do you drive?
  • SpOoKs! DFM302 2011/07/29 00:08:03
    I dont drive one...I usually walk but if it is a distance thats a bit harsh i'll use a scooter
  • DFM302 SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 00:12:55
  • SpOoKs! DFM302 2011/07/29 00:20:03
    Yeah its ridiculous but with that said im trying to get people to buy the hybrids on their own, not because someone else has it....Im trying to get people to understand that if they dont change their ways, they are destroying this beautiful planet for the many generations to come, I mean a third of kids in the U.S have astma from peoples smoking...Is that not a sign to stop? Even the President of the U.S has a smoking problem.
  • DFM302 SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 00:21:35 (edited)
    You sound different than those I described. You actually do what you think others should do. They didn't yet still expected me to do it.

    As far as the President is concerned, if smoking was his worst problem, the country would be better off.
  • SpOoKs! DFM302 2011/07/29 00:10:36
    And what kind of car do you own?
  • DFM302 SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 00:15:20
    I drive a Ford F350 Diesel truck for one reason. My wife, kids, and I have a 36' recreational vehicle that requires that big of a vehicle to pull it. I've owned it since August, 2008 and have just passed the 14,000 mile mark on the odometer.

    While it may be a vehicle that uses a lot of fuel, as it gets 14 mpg, I don't go around telling others what they should drive.
  • SpOoKs! DFM302 2011/07/29 00:26:15
    Now in your case theres an exception but im sure you make up for the car by living green right? Other people don't when they CAN. People need to realise how beautiful the world out there really is...and for that to happen they must get outside and live like real human beings - the way God intended us to be.
  • DFM302 SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 00:28:05
    It depends on what you define as green. Provide a list of a few items.
  • SpOoKs! DFM302 2011/07/29 00:33:16
    Solar panels for power (wind turbines work too)
    Keep gysers off during the day
    Walking close distances
    Saving energy
    Buying recyclable products such as fruit and veggies
    1 meat free day a week to help cut down inhumane farming methods..
    theres loads, but u get where im coming from
  • DFM302 SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 00:37:49
    We recycle, I exercise every day as part of my job, cut off lights when not in the room (more from a low power bill standpoint), and grow many of my vegetables. No solar panels as cost is too much to install. However, I don't tell others they should. Not real sure what you mean by gysers. My job is 20 miles from where I live but I have a company vehicle I drive. That's why my truck has so few miles. Not going to move closer because the schools where we live are better. I eat meat on a regular basis but mostly venison.
  • SpOoKs! DFM302 2011/07/29 00:44:00
    gyser is your hot water container...im from s.a... your doing well...keep up the good work and for more green tips check out: http://www.vita-thion.co.za/L...
  • DFM302 SpOoKs! 2011/07/29 01:49:44
    Never heard a water heater called a gyser. I have a timer on it so that it runs enough prior to when we normally take showers to make sure the water is hot. I do it because it lowers my power bill much the same reason I cut off lights when not in the room. I recycle because local ordinances require it and fine me if I don't. I grow a garden because I like doing it. I can't honestly say I do any of them for environmental reasons. If it helps, fine.

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