Do you think gay people should die?

pyromaniaticwhale17 2009/05/21 04:17:29
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I know this was a long time ago but i came across it and felt like sharing. Brandon, a 15 year old boy was murdured because he was gay on Febuary 12th, 2008 by his former student because he asked him to be his valentimes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlyh2XbbtsM&feature;=related
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  • Ashley 2010/04/20 04:21:07
    I think.....
    To the person that quoted Levidicus.... have you read that book all the way through, or just used one small part of it as a way to bash one group of people? If you did read on it also says shaving is a sin... eating beacon.... getting your hair cut a curtin way... wearing clothing made from two diferent fabrics... the list goes on, there is a reason we call it the 'old testiment' it's outdated and calls for mass stonings and 'an eye for an eye', the new testiment preaches love and 'not judging others, only ourselves', if you are going to live the old testiment then live it fully, although I think there are laws againts stoning people now and it's hard to wear 100% silk all the time.

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  • vlad 2013/04/12 12:47:40
  • MyNameSecret 2013/04/09 06:50:43
    I think.......
    I think that "gayness" is a mental disorder. it makes me feel sick that one man loves another one. one would need a disorder in order to be gay
  • Mini MyNameS... 2013/07/20 20:23:58
    You think that homosexuality is a mental disorder? Well good sir I am homosexual and I most certainly am not mentally challenged. I have great grades. I am the smartest child in my whole family. If it makes you feel sick, go sit in a corner and notice that you are thinking about anal sex.
  • Brian Mini 2013/10/03 23:04:41
  • chicken... MyNameS... 2013/07/29 03:55:11
  • Kimothy 2013/02/28 23:23:56
    I think.....
    Why should we? Me and my girlfriend never did anything to harm anyone, why would someone try to kill either of us? And all of you who are leaving mean comments, please stop. Please? Gay people who see them might be made unhappy. It's bad enough that there even needs to be a debate on here about this, but the fact that people are saying homosexuals should die is terrible. All this poor boy wanted was to have a valentine, and he was killed. KILLED. At fifteen. There is nothing positive about that, and yet some people seem frankly glad that he died. Do you really thing that a teenager deserves the death penalty for liking someone? If so, please step back and look at yourself. And if that doesn't show you anything, please voice your opinions where they cannot hurt others. Yours sincerely, Kimothy, 13.
  • émilie✿ 2012/08/22 23:27:25
    I think.....
    Die simply because they have feelings for the same gender? Definitely not.
    Love is love.
  • Yusuf A... émilie✿ 2012/12/31 23:17:40
    Yusuf Altin
    I think that you should die?
  • snowdoo... émilie✿ 2013/04/10 16:21:25
    I Curse you for your misunderstanding
  • jecuslover777 2011/12/19 18:22:53
    I think.....
    wow so many haters. so ima just make this quick. first everyone has different views. although if your views say someone should die for some religious reason then you are no better than the middle eastern extremists that you should hate even more. The gay, lesbian, bi group or whatever i dont know what the acronym is; don't be sucked in to what some of these people say. i bet half of them are trolls anyways. and your intentions are noble but you dont have to be so upfront about it. gays and bisexuals arent evil. you're reading the bible in the wrong context if you think that god hates all gay people. that's like saying god hates everybody that likes the color green. the world is not becoming more chaotic because of these people i dont even know how you came to that conclusion. they dont influence your children in the way you are suggesting. yes some kids are infuenced at a young age, but many just see some porn while they look up straight porn and then they try it for themselves, or grow attracted to it. honestly i dont care. it's the childs choice in any case. i dont see any gay people going up and beating YOU up as a child if you arent gay. it isnt anything like a disease or else you would be infected by now trust me there are alot more gay people than you think there are. cya gtg
  • Legion ... jecuslo... 2011/12/31 11:17:55
    Legion Ofdoom
    Wow you just mention so many haters but yet you proved to be an idiot and hater only a few sentances!!!! MIDDLE EASTERN EXTREMISTS?? Right there just showed how prejudice you are buying into American propaganda. If anyone is extreme its the U.S. iteself, the only nation to drop the atomic bomb on a civilian city 2x. Talk about being a freaking hypocrite.
  • USA TBA... Legion ... 2012/01/28 17:00:06
    WW2..USA ended it with the dropping of those weapons..and GOOD for them...fucking heroes every fucking one of them that developed it and used it. Love a fucking twat no nothing historian like yourself...Japn was also developing this weapon..as was Germany...ohh but im sure you have inside sources that told you those two AXIS powers would never have used them...go fucking die you worthless subhuman shit bag.
  • will USA TBA... 2012/02/04 13:40:57
    Your an idiot, you do realise that the war had ENDED BEFORE AMERICA DROPPED THE BOMBS, do you realise what happened to people? Most of them died, and the ones that survived had to live with the fact that THEIR EYES burst. But then again, you wouldn't take this in to consideration would you? Because everybody in America thinks their country is perfect, and they choose to ignore the reality.
  • USA TBA... will 2012/02/07 00:51:27
    ..the war wasnt even close to over..where the fuck did you dig up your bullshit history...America was looking at a full scale invasion oif mainland Japan at the estimated cost of over 1 million lives...and fuck you I should know..my grandfather fought..what did your coward forefathers do..suck fucking cock....the best part of you slid down your mothers leg and yes...ended up as a brown stain on the matress.
  • will USA TBA... 2012/03/05 21:44:55
    It's funny because i'm fourteen so my grandfather's were like five in the war. And where do you think i learnt my history... HISTORY LESSONS dumbass! And the war was over... and yes the Japanese may have been cruel but the million lives that died were SOLDIERS.... the bombs killed CIVILIANS... so its still not right on NO level.
  • idiot will 2013/03/23 06:07:50
  • Mini idiot 2013/07/20 20:33:54
  • will USA TBA... 2012/03/05 21:45:45
    And the only reason you have started insulting me and my grandfather's is because you have lost this argument. That's all and good night hillbilly.
  • USA TBA... will 2012/03/07 14:23:23
    Would be done agian given same circumstance...so go cry to someone who gives a shit fuck ball..your grand father was 5..lol exactly shut the fuck up...my grandfather..FOUGHT the fucking war shitball..you dont know fuck all about obviously anything. Who ever taiught you your history was a fucking nothing..a nobody..a loser just like yourself.
  • jecuslo... will 2013/01/10 18:56:09
    Thanks for putting everyone in the entire country on your list of idiots. Because obviously I believe the U.S. is the best country in the world. Never mind the fact that I'm getting ready to leave and move to Australia.
  • snowdoo... jecuslo... 2013/04/10 16:19:10
    China is #1 Country to correct you. America is in debt of trillions of $$$ to China, Most thing we see in america is made in china lol. And over 1billion People.
  • Mini snowdoo... 2013/07/20 20:37:49
  • jecuslo... Legion ... 2013/01/10 18:52:51 (edited)
    You're kidding right? How is saying that there are middle eastern extremists prejudiced in any way whatsoever? Should I have mentioned the KKK? Or maybe christian extremists? Look, in any case I can't even remember when I wrote this, but I know I wasn't gullible in any sense of the word. While I agree that in many cases the U.S. can be a very extreme and closed minded country, I don't believe that multiple planes flying into Federal buildings is anything but extremism. And that extremism was guided by middle eastern influences and religion. I don't understand why you only chose to comment on the one sentence where I mentioned that group once though. Sounds like you really didn't have that much to work with.
  • Bill Farel 2011/10/26 18:41:34
    I think.....
    Bill Farel
    See in my view if your gay its ok i have no problem with what you do in your personal life that is your god given right of choice and i agree with gays getting married and having the same rights as anyone else. Now my problem is the parading and showing off that your gay. Im going to tell you right now that if a gay guy worked on cars played sports hunted and fished i dont think people would really care if they were gay i think guys arnt comfortable around girly dudes even if they are straight.
  • AGB01 2011/10/20 04:46:09 (edited)
    I think.......
    Gay is a natural evolution to control population and speed of population growth, straight people over produce babies so nature controls further over population by making a percentage of babies gay so there is less or no chance the will re produce. The bible and all them other books would say gay is a sin etc, they were written by old straight men!!!. And these people on here who are now the un desired minority who say gay is wrong and un natural are fools, fools!!!. How could you possibly know if it's natural or not? You aren't gay! So you wouldn't know!. I'm gay and I didn't just choose to like guys! Did you just choose to like girls?!?! No! As you grew that's just the way it was, just like for me! I just for some reason liked boys! I didn't choose this! I was born like it!. Anyways, you people who say gay is a sin and wrong and un natural, YOU are the minority now, you are the ones seen as backwards, you are the people who are not liked. We don't choose to be gay, but it's a choice whether you let gay bother you... Btw I can't see which vote says no they shouldn't die so I just clicked any
  • colm AGB01 2011/12/10 20:55:05
    Fuck gays you are all fucking freaks down with. Gays up with rick perry. Fuckgays
  • Kat15 colm 2012/02/18 12:14:09
    Wow...I can't tell if you are simply a troll or just full of hate. How sad :(
  • Kimothy colm 2013/02/28 23:09:18
    That's rather nasty. Who's Rick Perry?
    It isn't nice to be insulted by someone who cannot use grammar, and has the vocabulary range of a teaspoon...
  • sandraxoxo AGB01 2012/06/22 09:45:54
    The only problem with that theory is: why would nature make so many good people gay then? Why take out so many good genes? There are plenty of idiotic, cruel, horrible straight people still reproducing; however, many kind, intelligent, honorable men and women are gay. It's their genes that should stay in the gene pool.
  • Deltaprime sandraxoxo 2012/10/03 02:24:06
    it is simply because stupidity breeds.
  • sandraxoxo AGB01 2012/06/22 09:46:55
    The only problem with that theory is: why would nature make so many good people gay then? Why take out so many good genes? There are plenty of idiotic, cruel, horrible straight people still reproducing; however, many kind, intelligent, honorable men and women are gay. It's their genes that should stay in the gene pool.
  • idiot AGB01 2013/03/23 06:12:14
  • Rohi Shargi 2011/09/13 21:03:57
    I think.....
    Rohi Shargi
    OK i see that gay people don't believe in god or bible so they will not accept that what religious people says but if they believe in democracy then majority of people don't accept homosexuality and they should accept that and don't make there homosexual interests public and simply go do what ever they want to do at home ! so society that most of its people are straight cannot give gay people social rights and even being gay could be punishable ! bye the way i don't think you should kill somebody that just asks you to be his/her valentine !
  • CantBeT... Rohi Sh... 2011/09/30 04:27:03
    Just because they're gay it doesn't make them atheists
  • clay Rohi Sh... 2011/10/05 02:14:25
    I admit that I agree with just about all of that, except, just saying, I'm gay, and I'm also Jewish :P And I agree, but I'm sure that god doesn't want homophobia, so I can make a rebuttal about that first part xD
  • colm clay 2011/12/10 20:56:02
    Fuck jews too. Only white christians are human you are all fag faced freaks
  • fjdsoij colm 2012/12/19 07:36:40
    you should go die no one likes you.
  • Kimothy colm 2013/02/28 23:01:02
    I didn't know nazis could use keyboards...
  • idiot Kimothy 2013/03/23 06:16:20
  • Mini colm 2013/07/31 20:59:06
    Lol the trolling and sarcasm.

    Teach me your ways o' wise one!
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