Do you sometimes feel too tired to go to school and you end up NOT going?

team.edwarddd.chick! 2009/09/17 14:31:13
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  • janet 2014/05/08 21:07:21
    Who can even be asked getting up for school -_-
  • FullMetal Shorty 2009/09/17 21:06:38
    FullMetal Shorty
    I've had to go to school, but when I don't feel well, I just skip 1-7th periods and then all of a sudden show up at 8th period when i feel better and be like, "Sup everybody?" Lol, where do I go, u may ask? That's easy, I lock myself up in the bathroom stall and sometimes do graffiti.
  • Gwynodd 2009/09/17 19:19:39
    NO! i always go no matter how im feeling...
    If I can get up and go to work every day at my age, you centainly can get up and go to school every day at your age. Give me a break - your just lazy - admit it.
  • tsun Gwynodd 2010/09/16 13:17:55
    That's funny. I don't think you have a right to say this at all since you're a different person, effected differently than other people. Doesn't matter what age you are either. People don't go to school or work for many different reasons and the most universal trait in a human is fear over laziness. Suck a cock, you old hag.
  • NO! i always go no matter how im feeling...
    ☺☻The Ultimate Happy Pill☻☺
    Psh. Are you kidding? My father would riot.
  • ;]maewilleatyourskittlesxxx 2009/09/17 14:53:44
    i did that lots of times when i was in highschool..
    but now in college, i go to school even though i'm terribly sick
  • ♥♥SuperMommy♥♥ 2009/09/17 14:36:54
    NO! i always go no matter how im feeling...
    I always went..&
  • Bat Man ♥♥Super... 2015/02/05 07:22:36
    Bat Man
    Same here... And it felt terrible...but I went through it so the other kids can too
  • Nikki 2009/09/17 14:34:01
    NO! i always go no matter how im feeling...
    I am not in school but I have children in school. and I tell them that school prepares you for life in the world with a job that you won't feel like going to many days. its always best to get up and go even if your tired. Because a job doesn't care that you felt to tired to go.. they will fire you.
  • ♥♥Super... Nikki 2009/09/17 14:36:30
    Me Too!!

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