Do You Sneak Samples of Food Before Buying It at the Grocery Store?

Living 2012/09/05 22:19:20
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What can we say? We're gaga over groceries! While we shop for our favorite snacks at the store, we often wonder if our grocery store etiquette is the same as others. Do most people sneak in samples at the candy bins while deciding whether or not they're going to buy the goods? What do you do when the cashier gives you too much change? And is it normal to go grocery shopping three times a week? We're finally going to find out.

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  • David 2012/09/05 22:31:41
    No, never!
    Sneaking food is the same as shoplifting. Unless they have a table where an employee is giving out free samples you have no right to sample the products. Do you eat an apple before buying any? If you do thing like this, you are making the stores raise their prices to cover the losses. We all pay more for your indiscretion.

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  • Mytstar... IDont E... 2012/09/10 15:19:26
    Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA
    Theives are the biggest reason that prices keep going up
  • laura r... Mytstar... 2012/09/10 16:57:42
    laura reade
    Ummm- I am pretty sure the reason everything is getting more expensive is because of the Federal Reserve ... not because of tasting one grape.
  • pennie laura r... 2012/09/25 17:50:09
    lmao your right but funny
  • John Galt IDont E... 2012/09/10 16:59:01
    John Galt
    That's just immoral, and way too symptomatic of the entitled mentality so many people have these days.
  • David Q. Heffner 2012/09/10 14:49:32
    Only sometimes
    David Q. Heffner
    I'm friggin' hungry, that's why I'm there, to.get.food. Duh.
  • princesssong 2012/09/10 14:47:41
    No, never!
    that is Stealing.
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/09/10 14:44:11
    Yes, all the time!
    Cunning Stunts
    Catch me at the back eating the snakkie cakes.

    I don't believe in littering, I leave the wrappers in the bin.
  • concerned dude 2012/09/10 14:42:02
  • Fashionable60s 2012/09/10 14:41:29
    No, never!
    If someone is preparing food and offers it to the shoppers and if I am curious, I'll take it.
  • jere.chievres 2012/09/10 14:40:50
    No, never!
    If they have samples on a table only. I don't need to steal, I am not a Democrat.
  • Mytstar... jere.ch... 2012/09/10 15:01:42
    Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA
    Funny you mentioned that....I wish they would take a poll to see if those people that think it is ok to steal samples of food from the store are also the same ones that vote for Obama
  • Richard 2012/09/10 14:39:50
    No, never!
    Why would anyone do that?
  • sandy 2012/09/10 14:37:54
    No, never!
    I don't want to buy produce after people's/kids fingers have been all over it...and plus, yes, it is shoplifting and some stores will have you arrested.....I only take samples if there are stations with employees offering samples....
  • dan 2012/09/10 14:36:57
    Only sometimes
    only sometimes when the store offers it
  • bigscottk 2012/09/10 14:36:41
    No, never!
    That's stealing, taking something without paying. God gave me a conscience to use & I use it. I'm also setting the good & proper example to our children by not stealing.
  • RyanH 2012/09/10 14:36:22
    No, never!
  • Job 2012/09/10 14:35:06
    No, never!
    The only time I take samples is when they offer samples free at at a little table. Then I always take their free samples, just to try how good they are.
  • foobar 2012/09/10 14:34:36
    No, never!
    That would be 1000% unethical and unprincipled.
  • Loneseer 2012/09/10 14:33:39
    No, never!
    I will only eat samples if they are offered to me by someone who works in a store introducing a new product or a new recipe so the product will sell better.
  • TruXter 2012/09/10 14:33:35
    No, never!
    I am not a thief.
    I am not entitled to items that other people's belongings.
    I want to be 100% trust worthy.
  • NancyR1 2012/09/10 14:31:35
    No, never!
    ...unless they are giving them out like at Trader Joes. I worked in retail for a while and was amazed at how people would try and steal and never consider it stealing; buying something on sale or at the outlet and then trying to return for full price, etc. People don't even consider that stealing, but it is. Amazing.
  • mikeyavelli 2012/09/10 14:30:59
    No, never!
    not even when the hairnetted demonstrators hand them out on a tray. yecch. who knows what's in it. and the prevalence of garlic in everything now makes me very cautious. i hate garlic. it stays for days lurking and offending others.
  • Johnathan Cage 2012/09/10 14:29:19
    Only sometimes
    Johnathan Cage
    You have to for grapes !!!!
  • ChellBe... Johnath... 2012/09/10 14:55:41
    Amen bro!
  • the d*ck Johnath... 2012/09/10 15:03:37
  • William Major 2012/09/10 14:28:03
    Only sometimes
    William Major
    im guilty of snatching a orange wedge now and then,grapes to
  • Misery 2012/09/10 14:22:42
    Only sometimes
    But only grapes.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/09/10 14:21:46
    No, never!
    Christopher Kirchen
    If they offer samples, it's not sneaking.
  • Joe Turbie 2012/09/10 14:21:34
    No, never!
    Joe Turbie
    This is so funny. Whenever I go with my mother, it is very embarrassing being with her in the store. She is constantly trying everything before she will buy it. I tell her she is stealing. She still does it anyway.
  • kristenTM mcrmy 2012/09/10 14:20:57
    Only sometimes
    kristenTM mcrmy
    My grandmother always used to have me sample grapes with her before we bought them.
  • the d*ck kristen... 2012/09/10 15:04:20
    the d*ck
    Your grandmother was a pirate hooker
  • Elleryqueen 2012/09/10 14:20:29
    No, never!
  • Joe 2012/09/10 14:20:22
    No, never!
    I see people doing that all the time. Especially when it comes to things like blueberries and grapes and other small items.
    I saw one woman sample several blueberries from one carton to see (who know what? If they were sweet enough?). Then after she was through filching the berries, she chose a different carton to buy! Thus cheating some other customer.
    People can be disgusting, selfish, and thoughtless.
  • John T. 2012/09/10 14:20:00
    No, never!
    John T.
    Some people have ethics even in the grocery produce isle.
  • Sasssy 2012/09/10 13:26:37
    No, never!
    I see people doing that with grapes & cherries.
    I make sure I pick from the bottom of the stack.
  • smitty 2012/09/10 13:15:20
    Yes, all the time!
    A grape some lettuce.. Oh yeah I do.

    Have you ever tried to take back a bunch of bad grapes?
  • the d*ck smitty 2012/09/10 15:05:31
    the d*ck
    Jails are full of "bad grapes"
  • smitty the d*ck 2012/09/10 19:17:50
    So? did you not get your phone call?
  • Bibliophilic 2012/09/10 12:48:37
    No, never!
    No, but I have asked employees if I could try something before I buy it- if it comes in bulk. Taking food is stealing- yes even if it's in tiny amounts. It's okay to eat from a pre-sealed bag(not fruit/vegetables or anything sold by the pound) that one plans to purchase, but otherwise NO.
  • Rob Williams 2012/09/10 12:33:04
    Only sometimes
    Rob Williams
    Only stuff that might taste different... grapes for instance can often be quite sweet or quite tart and I'd like to know before I buy a load!

    Stuff like candy doesn't vary so I think that taking those is just theft.

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