Do You Sneak Samples of Food Before Buying It at the Grocery Store?

Living 2012/09/05 22:19:20
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What can we say? We're gaga over groceries! While we shop for our favorite snacks at the store, we often wonder if our grocery store etiquette is the same as others. Do most people sneak in samples at the candy bins while deciding whether or not they're going to buy the goods? What do you do when the cashier gives you too much change? And is it normal to go grocery shopping three times a week? We're finally going to find out.

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  • David 2012/09/05 22:31:41
    No, never!
    Sneaking food is the same as shoplifting. Unless they have a table where an employee is giving out free samples you have no right to sample the products. Do you eat an apple before buying any? If you do thing like this, you are making the stores raise their prices to cover the losses. We all pay more for your indiscretion.

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  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/03 23:54:07
  • Dave 007 2012/10/07 15:30:18
    Yes, all the time!
    Dave 007
    Why do people join Costco? For the free samples. We have to get our money's worth out of that $55 membership price.
  • Ana Henriques 2012/09/30 01:21:58
    Only sometimes
    Ana Henriques
    Where I live some grocery stores encourage customers to taste a sample of their products, usually cheese, wine, and so on . On these stores I like to do it, it's nice to check the quality of the product before buying it. If that's not the case, I don't, it would be shoplifting.
  • gengen 2012/09/18 12:24:58
    Only sometimes
    Fruit. Grapes mainly
  • smartgirl 2012/09/16 20:12:38
    Only sometimes
    Yeah I 've stolen a grape or two. I don't do it anymore because it has probably been handled by several people. That's not clean.
  • JLM630 2012/09/16 00:55:34
    Only sometimes
    FINALLY, a true multiple choice question!
  • xadelta850 2012/09/14 04:10:31
    Only sometimes
    I only did this a couple of times when I was smaller, but not anymore. That would be the epitome of ghetto.
  • reousterat 2012/09/13 15:23:08
    Only sometimes
    Only with grapes. They are small enough to be considered sample size, and I want to know if they're going to be worth my money. I wish there were samples of all the fruit. I don't mind paying more for food, if what I'm getting is quality.
  • ruthannhausman 2012/09/13 09:14:41
    No, never!
    Never have and never will.
  • Cuthbert Allsgood 2012/09/12 21:38:33
    No, never!
    Cuthbert Allsgood
    I've never really thought about doing that. I don't think it would be wrong as long as no packaging is being tampered with. A lot of places put samples out for people to try. It's a good way to increase sales. In fact, you can get a quick "lunch" by shopping at Costco on the right days.
  • MS PRUD 2012/09/12 21:23:51
    No, never!
    This is stealing and I just could not do that.
  • Boss 2012/09/12 18:59:36
    No, never!
    THE FRENCH SAY...QUI VOLE UN OEUF VOLE UN BOEUF...that says it all....
  • desperatedan 2012/09/12 10:04:37 (edited)
    Only sometimes
    Why not thats what they are for try before you buy Samples have been left out for customers for ages and if you do not like it you do not buy it. Simple but if you think it is ok to steal a taste from somethink on the shelf no way that is stealing.
  • debhead 2012/09/12 03:52:59
    Only sometimes
    I've eaten grapes or sweet cherries to make sure they're sweet. I have opened a drink and paid for it when checking out.
  • Mikayla Morgan 2012/09/12 03:45:27
    Yes, all the time!
    Mikayla Morgan
    maybe its stealing, but i wanna know if ill like something.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/09/11 21:52:23
    No, never!
    They have to make a living too!
  • TexasMentor54 2012/09/11 21:03:22
    No, never!
    Theft is theft. no matter how you slice it.
  • MARIELLE perez 2012/09/11 14:41:46
    Yes, all the time!
    MARIELLE perez
  • Harry Balzac 2012/09/11 14:13:30
  • Avenged Wolf 2012/09/11 13:39:16
  • Sue Deenim 2012/09/11 13:29:26
    No, never!
    Sue Deenim
    Stealing isn't determined by how much is taken. It is taking what isn't yours. There is a reason why people don't do their 'tasting' openly, in front of employees. They know it's wrong.
  • debhead Sue Deenim 2012/09/12 04:34:48 (edited)
    I've tasted grapes right in front of the produce manager with his OK. I'm talking one grape. I know, if everyone ate one there would be none, but I asked.
  • leek-eggplant<3 2012/09/11 11:13:26
    Only sometimes
    With grapes but that virtually it.
  • stevmackey 2012/09/11 10:11:36
    No, never!
    I am not that interested in candy or sodas. It is good for I am diabetic.
  • Huskers60 2012/09/11 09:04:26 (edited)
    No, never!
    it's petty, but it's stealing!! If you need it that bad, buy it. "Do the right thing, Set and example for your children."
  • Gerald 2012/09/11 09:02:10
    No, never!
    Honestly, I've done it on VERY rare occasions. But I'm talking like....1 grape....or 1 piece of candy from the bulk bins. (before I BUY it, to see if it's ripe/if I like it) But only at certain stores because I figure the store owed me. Why? Well, because on a previous occasion I was shopping there & I didn't have a "shoppers club card" (what a BS scam those are) & I ended up paying $20+ more than I would have, if I had the card. So I figure the $20+ they swindled me out of, MORE than covered the cost of $.02 worth of whatever. Oh....& yea yea yea...I know. I didn't HAVE to shop there. Whatever. But I DID. So I consider us even....though the store is still $20+ ahead.
  • El Prez 2012/09/11 07:24:42
    No, never!
    El Prez
    I did a long time ago, sample some yogurt covered raisins, but I felt so guilty I didn't do it any more. Now in te produce section, you can ask someone, if you can find the, and they will permit samples of some things.
  • lizard7 2012/09/11 06:35:37
    Only sometimes
    I meant to say no never!
  • me 2012/09/11 05:45:45
    No, never!
    Nope. I have eaten part or all of something (Walmart potato wedges packaged and priced at the deli most often) before getting to the checkout, but the empty package with price tag always goes through the checkout so I pay for it. And I'm not sneaky about it in the least.
  • mpurkays me 2012/09/11 09:22:58
    Sounds like we've done the same thing pretty much, except I go for chocolate :-).
  • Sailor Jerry [Proud Liberta... 2012/09/11 04:35:13
    Only sometimes
    Sailor Jerry [Proud Libertarian]
    i'll test grapes and berries before i buy, and i never buy cheese or lunch meat from the deli without having a taste.
  • nicesteve 2012/09/11 04:26:50 (edited)
    No, never!
    That's not right! It's stealing, and it frequently poses a threat toeveryone's health and safety to boot. The only exception should be those free samples which are sometimes handed out
    by representitives of manufacturers and distributors of products which that particular store
    carries or by store employees. Those are OK. As for everything else, you being much more
    considerate of all concerned if you buy before you try rather than try before you buy. And if
    it turns out that the product is less than you had hoped for, then bite the bullet and chalk it up to experience. You are under no obligation to purchase that same product for a second
    or subsequent time in the future. It's that simple, folks. If groceries were as costly as, say
    for example an automobile, then that would be an entirely different story. But it ain't, folks!
    So do the honerable thing, and buy before you try.
  • dar 2012/09/11 03:50:06
    No, never!
    as someone who works in a grocery store no!! why would I expect to not pay for everything I eat when I am no better than any other shopper who has to pay!!
  • Kuruptsoul 2012/09/11 03:30:56
    Only sometimes
    only to the hamburger and bacon
  • mpurkays 2012/09/11 01:44:21
    No, never!
    Sampling something you don't buy sounds like stealing to me. The only time I 'sample', it means I've already decided to buy it, whether I like it or not. So, for example, I have on rare occasion picked up a candy bar to try for the first time and taken a bite(s) before reaching the checkout, but I know I am obligated to buy it, regardless of whether I like it. If I am too eager or hungry to wait till after checking out to finish a treat, the cashier will be scanning an empty candy wrapper!
  • Dan 2012/09/11 01:30:51
    No, never!
    I was just taught at an early age not to do that. So I've just never thought about it since then.
  • TrudyGirl 2012/09/11 00:42:34
    Only sometimes
    I have gotten too many really bad grapes so I eat one before buying and I do not sneak it out; I wipe it off and eat it
  • clew 2012/09/11 00:31:31
    No, never!
    No that is shoplifting! If a salesclerk doesn't ring up an item at the checkout line, I let the store know and I pay for the item. Even if that means I have to turn around and go back to the store. Anything that you don't pay for is stealing.
  • awesomealli 2012/09/11 00:09:24
    No, never!
    what uf you tasted the grapes and u liked them and you bought rhem? that wouldnt be shoplifting
  • Steven Hahn 2012/09/10 23:54:29
    No, never!
    Steven Hahn
    Theft is still theft and I hate a thief.
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