Do you remember your dreams?

22rexy22samo 2012/06/28 03:58:00
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Most people don't remember their dreams. Do you wake up in the morning saying I
had a dream but i don't remember what it was? If you rememeber your dreams, tell us about them.
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  • Saga 2012/09/05 08:39:17
    Yup. Every night I have at least one dream I wake up and remember. (:
  • kayla 2012/07/20 16:16:53
    Yes i remember my dream i keep dreaming about me ex girlfriend 7 days in a row everynight i need to to knw the meaning of this
  • Josephina tawhai 2012/06/29 03:40:05
    Josephina tawhai
    yes, I remember alot of dreams I had. I once had a dream about flying around a rugby stadium while an orchestra played some music. I even had a dream about my grandmother flying her car into my house.
  • crotchrot 2012/06/28 04:39:04
  • 22rexy2... crotchrot 2012/06/28 04:40:36
    um okay thats cool.
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/06/28 04:19:45
    Mark In Irvine
    i usually remember them for a while ... i sometimes tell my wife about them ... often they are very weird ...
  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2012/06/28 04:07:02
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    I almost always remember them.
  • 22rexy2... ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2012/06/28 04:10:38
    what are some of them.
  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ 22rexy2... 2012/06/28 17:41:56
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    Once I had a dream that my sister was pregnant with a second child.
    Another time I dreamed that I opened my closet to see a bunch of magic items (cards, top hat, etc.) and a cockroach.
    I also dreamed that I was sitting on the floor in my room when a swarm of bees flew through the wall behind me, passed me, and they all hit the wall in front of me and fell on the floor, dead.

    I have weird dreams.
  • 22rexy2... ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2012/06/28 18:22:30 (edited)
    i do to. those sound pretty wierd. no offence though.
  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ 22rexy2... 2012/06/29 19:12:00
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    No offense taken. My dreams are always pretty strange.
  • MJ 2012/06/28 04:05:43
    Parts of dreams I remember
  • lorenab. 2012/06/28 04:02:53
    sometimes i remember them and sometimes i dont! i wish i did all the time though!!:D
  • 22rexy22samo 2012/06/28 04:00:16
    my dreams are really wierd. i forget them sometimes but remember most. i would tell you some but they are so embaressing.
  • stevmackey 2012/06/28 03:58:57
    I forget most. I only remember certain ones.

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