¿Do you prefer?

SOiTV 2012/07/11 23:15:08
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  • shounen_girlRN 2012/11/13 11:59:47 (edited)
    you don't mind
    i don't mind those things...attitude is the one that matters to me.....
  • Maleficent 2012/09/01 00:39:54
    you don't mind
    it doesn't matter as long as they are great people.
  • Mud 2012/07/23 01:54:06
    you don't mind
    I don't really like or dislike someone based on their appearance, but I must admit I hang with my more fit friends more often because we like going out and doing things, where as some of my more overweight friends are more sedentary, and I can only watch so much sportscenter before I go insane lol
  • Crime Time 2012/07/23 00:19:59
  • mckayla 2012/07/23 00:06:42
    you don't mind
    Omg who cares what they look like..
  • beach bum 2012/07/13 12:17:38
    you don't mind
    beach bum
    i don't care
  • AndyBoy 2012/07/12 13:49:57 (edited)
    you don't mind
    I prefer VERY fat, huge females to date, though. Always have. Even my HS prom date was over 300 lb. And we had a great relationship. Just my preference, that's all.
  • Mr.Steve 2012/07/12 12:44:47
  • 666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/07/11 23:54:42
    you don't mind
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    I don't care what their body looks like, I care about how they act and treat me.
  • Sister Jean 2012/07/11 23:17:51
    you don't mind
    Sister Jean

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