Do You Prefer Being Alone to Being With Other People?

Living 2010/08/19 20:09:28
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Do you ever go to a party, then wish you'd just stayed home with a good book?

Turns out, there's a scientific reason for that.

New research shows that extroverts find more meaning in other people's faces -- while introverts don't distinguish much between inanimate objects and human faces, LiveScience reports.

"This is just one more piece of evidence to support the assertion that personality is not merely a psychology concept," said study researcher Inna Fishman, of the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, Calif-. "There's some broader foundation for the behavior that you see ... implicating that there are neural bases for different personality types."

So next time you don't feel like heading out for after-work drinks with the gang, just blame it on your brain.

Personally, we've always erred on the side of being slightly introverted (though a couple of drinks help). But we do know the difference between a tree stump and a living, breathing person!

Do You Prefer Being Alone to Being With Other People?

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  • JoeLove~PWCM~JLA 2010/08/20 05:36:59
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    Did the researchers even consider that maybe you went to a party and wished you had stayed home because the party SUCKED!!!??? I prefer being with other people when I don't feel like being alone. I prefer being alone when I don't feel like being with other people. That's not so hard to figure out. The big question here is just how much government grant money did these researchers get???

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  • Meshel 2013/03/03 06:29:49
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    yeah i prefer being myself cuz ur nt under someone;cool to be you;free to do anything;less answers for questions :)
  • NaE_nAe MJ lover 2010/09/02 08:11:54
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    NaE_nAe MJ lover
    As long as I have music I'm fine. :D
  • sidra 2010/08/23 20:14:53
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    Umm...I like being alone most of the time but when i am with my brother's,cousin sister's n my fiance then i will be garrulous:)
  • fabyandmj 2010/08/20 22:04:20
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    i like to be alone it gives me time to do things i can do without people making fun of it. but i would also perfer bieng with my friends
  • Zolfie™ 2010/08/20 21:55:01
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    I prefer being in a small group of people I trust :)
  • One burger away from Elvis!... 2010/08/20 21:17:07
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    One burger away from Elvis!!!!!
    What a complete load of carbage. I'm guessing someone at the Salk Institute got a massive grant to study this little gem, probably to cover-up their own drinking problem.
  • sweetserinity13 2010/08/20 21:08:43
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    I do usually like being alone but tonight I want to be around someone, i don't care who just feelin "froggy" as my friend would say and want some company. It's lonely being alone tonight.
  • Gabrielle 2010/08/20 20:46:29
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    well its more in the middle, depending on my mood...
  • Poison Ivy 2010/08/20 20:38:14
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    Poison Ivy
    I'm more of the type that would rather stay at home reading a good book, or spending time with my husband, and child. I am not much of a let's go out type of person. There is probably 90% of the time that I even stay in my room then take the time to communicate with, or see my mom, or sister, or nephew. I just prefer being alone, with my husband and child. There is nothing wrong with that.
  • tricia 2010/08/20 20:31:59
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    It all depends on mi moood and the person if im in a bad mood i dont want no1 near me lol !! i
  • chas 2010/08/20 20:29:12
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    NO arguments here. A nice QUIET home!!!! Unlike my neighbors.
  • oceangrl 2010/08/20 20:20:12
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    nah, but, if its just one of those days then, yea, i feel like being alone haha but, i mostly like being w/ other pple!!
  • METALheadMom 2010/08/20 19:34:50
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    85% of the time, I much prefer to not be around anyone. I frankly do not care what anyone says about it - I just really find most situations that involve being around people to be unpleasant. Humans are more often than not, selfish, rude, pushy, and usually quite stupid. No thanks.
  • PokerFace 2010/08/20 19:06:22
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    it depends, but mostly im more comfortable being alone :D
  • ~*!MCR FOR LIFE=D!*~ 2010/08/20 18:51:02
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    ~*!MCR FOR LIFE=D!*~
    people annoy me at times
  • jade 2010/08/20 18:30:27
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    who would wanna be a loner??????
  • FraidSkinkle 2010/08/20 18:13:51
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    ima party guy.. i love to be with people
  • RickLoosemore 2010/08/20 18:07:40
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    I Think It's Like Most Things In Life - One Must Find A Ballance Of What Feels Comfortable For Themselves . I Definitely Enjoy My Time Alone , Doing Whatever I Please . But At Times I Feel Lonely Then It's Time To Enjoy The Company Of Good People . The Electronic Age Has Provided Us With Some Pacifiers Such As This Website , Otherwise I'd Be Out Socializing By Now . feel lonely enjoy company people electronic age pacifiers website socializing
  • MorpheusXD 2010/08/20 17:25:50
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    Doesn't bother me one bit.
  • jade MorpheusXD 2010/08/20 18:30:54
    uhhhhhh it should! u like being a loner?
  • Inspire_Me 2010/08/20 17:23:48
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    sometimes wen i am drawing i want 2 be a lone
    but wen im wachin tv or playin the compouter etc. i want 2 be with someone
  • Maximus 2010/08/20 17:18:51
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    Ever since I was a baby my mom frequently keeps me in the house, till I was 16 when she lets me go out and stuff (which I just stayed in the house all the time), but since then I hated being around to many people, I don't know how to talk or hold conversations, I'll usually sit by myself, I get timid and stuff like that. I never played sports, or hang out with anybody, never had a girlfriend. And I'm a mommas boy. Is all of these things the result of my mom keeping me in the house. Man I hate parties, I see no point in going to one.
  • Panthera_uncia 2010/08/20 17:17:55
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    i don't like people
    i always try to stay away from parties
  • Jon 2010/08/20 16:31:54
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    I prefer being with someone else. I guess you could say other people, but not a lot of other people, at once.
    people guess people people
  • confused angel <3 2010/08/20 16:26:42
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    confused angel <3
    50/50 with both some time i like being on my own other times i want to be around people
  • EmoKidBecauseYouThinkIAm 2010/08/20 15:52:14
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    But i like being myself with other people. Sometimes you just want to be on your own, but if a party's fun, who wants to have stayed at home?
  • wpsark 2010/08/20 15:33:33 (edited)
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    I'm not that social anymore, I still see friends and socialize but as far as parties and clubs, I'd rather be doing something w/o so many people but it's okay on occasions, I can deal..But I'm not an introvert either, people get on my nerves after a short period of time and I'm ready to just go home, be by myself and relax
  • ducksniffer 2010/08/20 14:59:33
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    im actually undecided. it all depends on my mood and people.if i feel happy i like others. but if im ticked off i like to be alone or just with a certain person
  • Nikki 2010/08/20 14:57:45
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    I'm both! Some days i just like to be by myself chillin, then most other days i want to be with other people.. depends on my mood i guess..
  • 0o0SatansEmoChild0o0 2010/08/20 14:55:22
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    It depends what mood I'm in and what situation it is. I mostly like being with my friends and family etc. doing something fun. But sometimes when I'm not feeling my best I prefer being by myself and not have so much attention on myself. So I like a bit of both.

  • Courtney 2010/08/20 14:41:21
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    I choose secret option C. I prefer to be by myself, but I love to be around others. They bring a certain... ah I can't explain it, BUT too much people & they get on my nerves! I think that's with everyone, but that's why you must find your balance.
  • ~*Chelsey*~ 2010/08/20 14:39:16
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    I usually like being with other people...I don't like being alone :D
  • jade ~*Chels... 2010/08/20 18:32:26
    good job!
  • imotley 2010/08/20 14:23:18 (edited)
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    Perhaps there should be a third option...there are times I like to be with people and times I prefer to be alone. I hate crowds, but I do enjoy time with others. There is time for both!
  • janet 2010/08/20 14:17:10
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    Sometimes you need to be alone. Especially if you live with a mentally ill person most of the time. I have some understanding why so many are homeless drug addicts, but we as society need to do something different with our loved ones that drive us crazy. Oops I got off on a tangent.
  • GirlyGirl™ 2010/08/20 13:56:24
    No, I prefer being with other people.
    No. I've got too big of a family to ever spend time alone! I'd rather spend the night with my family rather than go to the biggest Hollywood ball. And I've done that too!
  • Chaz 2010/08/20 13:39:39
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    I only truly enjoy being with my son other than him i would want to be by myself. People tend to get on my nerves
  • franklin Chaz 2010/08/20 14:40:43
    I hear ya on that one I to have a son and the time we spend together is pricless to me and always will be
  • No, I prefer being with other people.
    There should be a other or all the above option. Most times I like hanging out with friends. But there are times when I want some me time.
  • shruakin 2010/08/20 13:21:13
    Yes, I prefer being myself.
    there is only one other person that I want to spend the rest of my days with. the person that I share a bond with.every one else I would rather get away from.

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