Do you personally need to love someone to have sex with them?

☆ElenaDiamond☆ 2013/02/27 15:51:29
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  • sglmom 2013/02/27 18:12:37
    There's no interest ..
    in any old /warm body/ to come along ..
    I believe in a lifetime of commitment ..
    and respecting the life I'm living ..

    (nothing is worth my health and welfare ... absolutely nothing)
    there's no desire at all for microseconds of stupidity ..
    (a truly empty, meaningless act without respect for themselves and others)

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  • Ang 2015/05/10 09:39:10
    that is how I think, although I know not everyone thinks that way but it should be an universal rule but most dont' have morals these days & are not looking for love only a short time thing, I haven't started dating yet but one day maybe if the right old fashioned fella comes along.
  • raquel 2013/03/29 01:21:50
  • paul 2013/03/02 00:38:59
    I don't always have sex......... but when I do.......... I LOVE who I'm with! most interesting man
  • Relay 2013/03/01 21:15:40
    but the love part does make things better
  • Fire Starter 2013/03/01 20:58:20
    Fire Starter
    I say no because people have sex all the time and don't love each other. I lost my virginity at 23 to my girl friend that i am still with. I have had chances in the past but didn't take them because i was not in love. So I think it is a choice sex is natural and perfectly human so it really doesn't need love to come with it but love with sex is the most pleasurable amazing thing in the world.
  • Reaverdon! 2013/03/01 20:11:15
    Much better if you really love someone :)
  • artso 2013/03/01 19:56:03
    As a child of the 60s I would have to say no.
  • Savious 2013/03/01 18:51:39
    Love is not sex; and sex is not love; the two are seperate.
  • paul Savious 2013/03/02 00:40:53
    That makes sense dali lamam but only to me
  • lm1b2 2013/03/01 18:50:44
    If that were true the oldest profession in the world would not exist LOL!
  • Jessica 2013/03/01 16:16:45
    yes or i feel like a cheap 1 cent whore -_-
  • Taylor 2013/03/01 15:24:49
    Romance makes all the difference.
  • john 2013/03/01 14:12:16
    I can have sex with anyone that I'm attracted to and them to me, but being in love with a person you are going to make love to, is the most blissful experience you can have....I love to love...
  • Serenit... john 2013/03/01 14:32:28
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    your romantic , that's nice xxx "S" lovers gif

    I agree
  • Smokey 2013/03/01 14:03:31
    I've done both, but when you're with someone you love, and they give you good oral sex... remember this... "spitters are quitters!" :)
  • foxy 2013/03/01 13:40:27
    I have never had a one night stand or a casual relationship, I don't feel I missed out.
  • Serenity Guru of lurve *wink* 2013/03/01 13:30:36 (edited)
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    yes but only because after 3 one night stands I realised that the sex really is not that fantastic without the intimacy you get when you are lovers , Making love or even a quickie is 110% better when your partner knows your body , mind , heart and soul but this is just my opinion and many will disagree , mainly guys because you are wired differently not all of you are the same lovers making love gif lovers making love gif


    And if he can find your G spot "BONUS"
  • john Serenit... 2013/03/01 14:06:23
    I love to give bonuses, if they are deserved.....there are naughty girls and naughtier girls. Lol..
  • Serenit... john 2013/03/01 14:23:32 (edited)
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    lol babe My mum is above me lmao are you misbehaving in front of my mum again
    I would love to know what category I come under lmfao but not in front of My mum lol
    your Scarlet she devil  gif

    xxx "S"
  • Stardust 2013/03/01 13:07:00 (edited)
  • mrdog 2013/03/01 10:12:50
    But my Redneck bubba told me he was like Will Rogers regarding women....

    He never met one he didn't love....aha...bark
  • Live Free Or Die 2013/03/01 08:03:53
    Live Free Or Die
    It would be mechanical, meaningless and empty to me without it.
  • Brandon Michaels 2013/03/01 07:42:16
    Brandon Michaels
    To have sex with them? No, not really.

    To actually ENJOY it on a deeper level rather than just the physical, yes.
  • Moodybloo70 2013/03/01 07:17:50
    Of course not........
  • Lorelei 2013/03/01 06:59:21
    Not necessarily...what I'd need first is a half a dozen Margaritas.
  • Sophie 2013/03/01 06:35:29
    I will say yes because I have only been in love a couple of times in my life and it was the best. Have I dated? Sure, but just not the same. Dating is few and far apart for me.
  • Mic-E Sophie 2013/03/01 07:34:24
    I agree with you.
  • Silverlocust 2013/03/01 06:27:22
    Definitely not - my God, I'd be waiting years between copulations if that were the case.

    Check the voting stats Men v Women lol
  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2013/03/01 06:12:32
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    No. But I will admit, when comparing sex with someone I love to sex with someone I don't love, there is a HUGE difference, at least to me.
  • GeminiWolf 2013/03/01 05:57:31
    No.... but it can take it to a whole new level when love is involved.
  • ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-< 2013/03/01 05:34:11
    ¤Creepy Lumberjack¤ >-QC-<
    Lol no...But I will admit though that sex with love is better. But I enjoyed having casual sex pretty much too. Sometimes it was not very good but considering that it's sex...it was still pretty good anyway lol.

    sex is like pizza
  • Al B Thayer 2013/03/01 05:33:16
    Al B Thayer
    You mean to feel good about something besides the orgasm?
  • Killing for Love 2013/03/01 05:27:06
  • Serenit... Killing... 2013/03/01 13:34:53
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    explain please
  • Killing... Serenit... 2013/03/02 04:46:25
    Killing for Love
    A person can be attractive but completely impossible to bear except for maybe a one night stand.
  • Serenit... Killing... 2013/03/02 09:19:10
    Serenity  Guru of lurve *wink*
    How is that even possible , surely you have to like something more than a persons body to click xxx
  • Killing... Serenit... 2013/03/03 04:59:52
    Killing for Love
    Indeed,but the body is the only thing bearable,the soul is not,that kind of thing.
  • Killing... Killing... 2013/03/03 05:01:58
    Killing for Love
    For some people it goes to show that their body is how they go about living,I personally think that those people are good for a short term thing.There are those who's emotions and soul etc. click with me,that is a different story.
  • Sam 2013/03/01 05:22:40 (edited)
    Now i am saying...this because i am a man...No - Love is suggestible...for it..making love and having sex are two different things. However love is not required..to have sex with someone..but its quite suggestible.

    Love is a good thing. Having sex is good to. Me-personally i want to be in love with the person i am hope to marry. However i want to treat the others as they would treat me within the bedroom and yes i would wear a condom.
  • Dan 2013/03/01 03:50:18
    If the feelings are right, you’re both grown adults and you know what you’re about to do than, go for it and enjoy each other’s company for as long as it last.
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