Do you own anything that is made from REAL fur?

TeardropsOfBlood4The1iiLove♥ 2011/12/12 19:54:49

Animals are either drowned, bludgeoned or even skinned alive just so people can wear their fur or have fur handbags.
Faux fur...okay, pointless but at least animals arent harmed.
It's shocking.
Pets are even stolen just so some sick people can skin them alive for their fur.
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  • Ali 2012/01/12 00:41:01
    no! never have owned fur, and i never will! its honestly discusting and repulsive how selfish humans can be... don't get me wrong, a lot of humans like me actually have a good heart, but those who don't are ruining the human race... honestly, it makes me embarrassed to be human... the fur industry gasses, beats, stomps, and even skins alive for fur. we dont NEED fur, and we dont need meat... although it is tasty, im fighting that issue myself, sadly. i own a faux fur jacket, and i will NEVER own real fur. though, sadly, i do own a couple of accidental animal hide things, like my boots, which i did not know was animal hide, little alone hide from china. Sick, thats all the fur indistry is. End of story.
  • ndaye 2012/01/09 11:23:40
  • Jessica Schultz 2011/12/13 09:26:41 (edited)
    Jessica Schultz
    No. I love animals, and I wouldn't wear fur. person hugging a dog
  • runningintriangles 2011/12/13 04:44:33
    It's wrong? To wear fur? Really?

    I don't own anything made of fur, but I can't afford such luxuries.... regardless, I couldn't care less about anyone who DOES wear or own fur. Although I do own some shoes, purses and belts made of leather.

    You people need to get your facts straight, get some REAL facts and stop listening to the propaganda that organisations like PETA put out there. The fur trade, the legal fur trade, is nothing like that.

    Not to mention, anyone living north of 66º is well within their rights to own fur clothing: it's warm, it insulates well... and hey, were do you think meat comes from? May as well use the fur rather than let it go to waste.

    Get your facts. :|
  • Piper running... 2011/12/13 19:52:45
    Fact is, meat rarely comes from the fur industry. People do not normally eat foxes, bobcats, chinchillas, minks, raccoon dogs, lynx, sables, etc.......
    There are many different methods of killing animals for their fur. Most common are poison, neck-breaking, anal electrocution, or gassing.
  • 아만다 ♥ AMANDA 2011/12/13 01:29:20 (edited)
    아만다 ♥ AMANDA
    No! Not at all. That is just crazy... My shoes are also artificial leather. They are made to look suede.

    I don't even imagine having real fur and when I draw out my fashion design ideas, I always write "faux fur" and "faux" BLAH BLAH BLAH....

    EDIT: BUT, I would like to point out that not all REAL FUR comes from BUTCHERING/SLAYING ANIMALS.... Sometimes fur comes from shaving the animal and then letting the hair grow back out. It depends on the animal and it depends on what the animal is used for. A lot of the leather comes from the fact that we eat cows... If we are killing the cows to eat them, we might as well use the fur/skin than waste it. RIGHT?
  • none 2011/12/13 00:12:52
  • Vision of Verve 2011/12/12 23:45:23
  • Piper Vision ... 2011/12/13 00:32:23
    Some people don't think the suffering of animals is a "small" thing. Evidently, you don't know much about the fur industry. You do seem quite defensive about the subject.
  • Vision ... Piper 2011/12/13 00:42:41
  • Piper Vision ... 2011/12/13 01:37:12
    Both are important. Please tell though, how the fur industry has anything to do with human suffering. No, animals in the industry are not shot. I fail to see what "accurate information" you have provided at all. Yes, our ancestors did kill animals for their fur, sometimes for warmth, and sometimes simply for profit and trade. Since few peoples actually need to wear fur for warmth these days, the industry is simply about fashion and vanity.
    "The Price of Fur
    The real price of fur must be measured in deaths--not dollars. To make one fur coat you must kill at least fifty-five wild mink, thirty-five ranched mink, forty sables, eleven lynx, eighteen red foxes, eleven silver foxes, one hundred chinchillas, thirty rex rabbits, nine beavers, thirty muskrats, fifteen bobcats, twenty-five skunks, fourteen otters, one hundred twenty-five ermines, thirty possums, one hundred squirrels, or twenty-seven raccoons."
  • bricklyn Vision ... 2011/12/13 01:37:27
    People do not need meat to eat and there is an abundance of food other than animals to eat on this planet.

    The issue with hunters, is that they do not kill the only and the weak, they kill the biggest and the best. That has nothing to do with natural selection. It is in defiance to it.
  • bricklyn Vision ... 2011/12/13 01:35:09
    Dream on, apparently you have not been to an abattoir. If you think animals do not suffer you are a fool. We do not need them to keep warm today.
  • GirlyGirl™ 2011/12/12 22:57:33
    I do. I inherited them. I had two matching full-length sable coats that I had made into a bedspread.
  • flrdsgns 2011/12/12 22:18:50
    Since I'm a Vegan, the correct answer would be NO
  • Teardro... flrdsgns 2011/12/12 22:33:32
    I love Vegans
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2011/12/12 21:55:24
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
  • xXmarìsaXx 2011/12/12 21:15:37
    no! id purposely get fake fur or leather
  • Piper 2011/12/12 20:53:41 (edited)
    No. The fur industry is a nightmare of abuse to animals; the way they are raised, or trapped, and the way they are killed. Such suffering imposed simply for profit, fashion or vanity is sickening to me.
  • bricklyn Piper 2011/12/13 01:38:48
    It is not just the fur industry. If you say the industrial farming practices today, they are equally disgusting.
  • Piper bricklyn 2011/12/13 01:58:08
    I am aware of that. Trying to stay on topic.
  • bricklyn Piper 2011/12/13 03:20:31
    I do not need you are anyone else to tell me what to do. To say that it is simply the fur industry is deceiving to everyone.
  • Piper bricklyn 2011/12/13 03:36:00
    Wow. I said I, as in ME, was trying to stay on topic......I stopped eating animals about 24yrs ago, and brake for frogs and lizards. The meat industry IS, however, a separate topic.
  • Zomba Fett 2011/12/12 20:52:47
    Zomba Fett
    No, but I own a very nice "Harley Davidson" leather jacket, leather furniture and leather bag. Very well made stuff!
  • Trial 2011/12/12 20:47:31
    No, I wont buy anything real or fake when it comes to fur. The only real leather I think I have is a jacket my mom got me for Christmas last year. It's been in the closet pretty much since then.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2011/12/12 20:45:11
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Yes. I own a rabbit skin that I bought on a trip to the Oregon coast 19 years ago.
  • Teardro... Dave Sa... 2011/12/12 22:35:04
    You know its a fact that that rabbit wasnt killed slowly or pain free.
  • Dave Sa... Teardro... 2011/12/13 01:47:28
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    No. Unless I killed it myself - how would I? Even if I did, how could I be sure?
  • Dave Sa... Dave Sa... 2011/12/13 01:48:47
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    I know it wasn't hurting when I bought it.
  • Amasaman 2011/12/12 20:31:17
    I have fur hats from predators (foxes) that were killed while defending one's lively hood (chickens) from the predator's themselves.

    As a hunter, I try to use as much of the animal I can. I have several deer hides that are used for clothing such as mocassin boots, shirts and pants. I get the hides tanned for every deer I shoot. See my picture of the buckskin shirt I made and a fox hat in my profile pics.
  • Willski 2011/12/12 20:20:36
    i have leather, but that's more sking then fur.
    no fur.
    Well, i have wool...
    But in some cases the animals are being killed for food anyway, what do you think of the use of their hide?
  • METALheadMom 2011/12/12 20:11:17
    YES, I also own several pairs of leather shoes, chaps made of buffalo, and a few Angora items. OH, and real pearls, and several mother of pearl items. EVERYTHING I own, is from FARMED creatures - - all treated far better than chickens or turkeys. The only animal I know of where "sick people" still do hunt them in the wild, is the seal, and that has become very difficult for them to get away with. I would NEVER buy anything made of seal fur. Don't EVEN try and guilt trip people UNLESS you know for fact that what they own has been taken illegally. You are trying to compare apples to oranges, and it doesn't work.
  • Piper METALhe... 2011/12/12 21:29:34
    You have somewhat of a point, but not entirely. At least leather is a "co-product" of the meat industry, and while factory farming is indeed very cruel to the animals, most people aren't going to give up their convenient fast-food meat. The fur industry is completely about profit and fashion, not a "need". It is far different from the days when people needed animal furs for warmth, so you are the comparing "apples to oranges".
    the fur industry
  • Teardro... METALhe... 2011/12/12 22:38:55
    I am not comparing 'apple to oranges'
    Aniamsl are skinned alived. It prevents damage to the fur because if they are killed first and then skinned, the fur wouldnt have the same feel to it and then no-one will buy it.
    Are you telling me you think it is right that animals are killed so people can wear them.
    Fur coats, bigs, or hats are tacky and gross.
    It looks better on the animal where it belongs.
  • bricklyn METALhe... 2011/12/13 01:41:32
    I guess you have not seen any of the industrial farming practices today, they are equally disgusting. Those animals (cows and chicken) have no chance at a normal life and no chance to get away at any point either.
  • debadow 2011/12/12 19:59:27
  • DracoMalfoy 2011/12/12 19:56:31
    No,I don't wear real fur.It's sick and disgusting.
  • Teardro... DracoMa... 2011/12/12 19:59:48
    It is. And it should be banned. There really is no need for it.
  • DracoMa... Teardro... 2011/12/12 20:01:01
    True.I don't understand why people want to wear it.It's meaningless.
  • METALhe... Teardro... 2011/12/12 20:12:37
    Sure hope you don't own anything leather..... "there really is not need for it"....

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