Do you live life fully, knowing you only get one shot at it?

RamblingVoices. 2010/05/21 21:20:52
are you making the most of your life?
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  • gamman 2010/12/06 23:32:56
    More now than when i was younger ...
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2010/05/30 03:29:40
    Well....i admit no, i'm not
  • BLT ^MOTOOP^ 2010/05/26 20:44:21
    Not as full as I should. I'm planning on making some me time soon.
  • Tutboy (oYo) 2010/05/24 18:15:19
    Tutboy (oYo)
    i try to do that.....
  • Dahanna S.O.C.K. P.U.P 2010/05/24 17:33:16
    Dahanna S.O.C.K. P.U.P
    no i don't :(
  • Ramblin... Dahanna... 2010/05/24 18:10:35
    aww why not?
  • Scud 2010/05/24 10:17:00
    Yes, of course.
    I don't obsess about having only one life though.
  • lilsischika 2010/05/22 16:15:30
    most of the time and everyday i think of loseing my life and i wanna change :D
  • savealittle 2010/05/22 16:07:07
    Oh, yes. This is my life - most likely the only life I will ever have - so, I'm maxing it out. :D
  • Shawna 2010/05/22 14:56:08
    I'm trying to do that now.
  • me 2010/05/22 14:09:03 (edited)
    I just live it. lol that sounds bad. I'm happy with my life not think much if is gonna be my last day.
  • Talisman 2010/05/22 05:41:40 (edited)
    "I'd rather die living, than live dieing..."
  • Huki68 2010/05/22 04:59:15
    I try, I love my life
  • mike224 2010/05/22 03:47:42
    I'm getting better at it. Still needs some work though.
  • deliberation 2010/05/22 02:58:35
    it is impossible to 'live life fully' in a society that sets boundaries...but it's alot of fun trying!
  • lee 2010/05/22 02:40:41
    I don't take life seriously, I know I won't get out of it alive.
  • Adam Troy 2010/05/22 01:06:55
    Adam Troy

    Life is more than one shot. Each second is a shot. True, one is born and one must die, but it's not sigular in nature life. Bye: Adam Troy
  • Disko P... Adam Troy 2010/05/22 15:01:17
    Disko Pickle
    How many times have you been shot?
  • Txxx 2010/05/22 00:47:00
    I'll be honest, no. I should and would like too but I can never really be bothered.
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2010/05/22 00:22:28
  • gary-da fuz 2010/05/21 23:45:34
    gary-da fuz
    I did till i got old, now it sucks!!!!
  • ℓoℓαmoиstuяя [♥] 2010/05/21 23:28:28 (edited)
    ℓoℓαmoиstuяя [♥]
    Yes. We are not cats--we do not have nine lives.
    I live mine the fullest. Sometimes I may regret some of the things I've done but everything happens for a reason, right? we live and we learn.
  • Ramblin... ℓoℓαmoи... 2010/05/21 23:48:58
    that we do
  • I'm History 2010/05/21 23:03:00
    I'm History
    Nope, I don't believe we only get one shot. I believe we go round and round several times, one life after another. when you die your essence, spirit, or, life force, whatever you call it, it's there, is born again into this world.
    Because nothing ever dies, it's redone into something else and lives again.
    And you won't know it because memories are not part of your life force, only the life part is reborn again, so that's why I'm telling you now.
  • blackmoon 2010/05/21 22:42:31
    i do my best
  • Diana 2010/05/21 22:38:32
    Yes.I enjoy life and live it to the fullest.
  • Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm... 2010/05/21 22:33:13
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    Not really.... I don't.
    Great post...
    Peace and Love♥ post peace love
    I don't do that.... and I should.
    LIfe is so short... and going so fast!!
  • jacose 2010/05/21 22:29:01
    no...and i thank God i only have to do this once
  • Bad Angel 2010/05/21 22:28:02
    Bad Angel
    I am going to now... My eyes were recently opened.
  • Angelique ~ Pfffft! ;)~ 2010/05/21 22:10:51
    Angelique ~ Pfffft!  ;)~
    I am enjoying life. Loving every minute I get out of it!
  • seathanaich 2010/05/21 21:37:06
    We all are lazy and goof off some of the time.

    But yes, I try to enjoy every day, because once you die, that's it. The only way you live past your own death is via the deeds you accomplish, and the people whose lives you touch.
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2010/05/21 21:23:27
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I do try. I'm not really successful at it.
  • Ramblin... Nick~be... 2010/05/21 21:25:01
    Oh come on Nick, you're still here you're not doing too bad lol
  • Nick~be... Ramblin... 2010/05/21 21:26:27
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Oh, is being on Sodahead a measure of success in life? lol... Seriously, things here aren't smooth just now.
  • Ramblin... Nick~be... 2010/05/21 21:27:57
    No i meant you're still alive..

    sorry to hear that nick, you ok?
  • Nick~be... Ramblin... 2010/05/21 21:29:27
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    Yeah, I'll be fine.
  • Diaphram.is.dead♠BTEF♠ 2010/05/21 21:22:39
    not fully,
    but i do live it...

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