Do you like to laugh at things that are funny as a joke though in your own code of morality quite disturbing?

apostate 2012/04/16 10:57:09
Movies / TV including news media.
All of the above
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I think it is safe to say that at least most people have at least once found comedic value to unfortunate events, 'politically incorrect' topics, violence and sex in entertainment media that would in day to day life make one repugnant.

Is is up to the individual to take responsibility for the differentiation of this humour and its application or the responsibility of governing bodies to make that decision for us.

I myself see this as a somewhat grey area though see government as a minimal influence.

The below options reflect your opinions in areas of interest to this topic. If like me you have overlapping or multiple subject matter of interest choose the option you seem to feel strongest about.

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  • tweet_tweet 2012/04/16 20:50:59
    All of the above
    I like perverse humor to a degree.
  • Joe Finsternis 2012/04/16 19:49:41
    Joe Finsternis
    I laugh at Pedobear. 'Nuff said.
    pedobear gif
  • apostate Joe Fin... 2012/04/23 09:32:19
    Oh that bear!
  • Jacksane 2012/04/16 17:47:37
    All of the above
    Yeah, I think some terrible things are funny, but it's contingent on whether anyone was actually hurt. In other words, hypothetical atrocities are funny to me, but if they actually occur I would be deeply distrubed and somber. On the flip side, shows like Jackass are unappealing to me because I don't think people actually getting hurt is funny.
  • apostate Jacksane 2012/04/23 09:33:55
    I can relate though I love Jackass and the Dudesons etc... I draw the line at Bum Fight, especially their taking advantage of the homeless.
  • Wonder Woman 2012/04/16 15:54:17
  • apostate Wonder ... 2012/04/23 09:35:42
    Maybe a reason I love unPC jokes so much can be drawn fronm being bullied all through school and ridiculed for my quirky Tourette's and Asperger's trait even today.

    I learned to laugh at myself before anybody else got the chance.
  • Ian 2012/04/16 13:48:01
    All of the above
    I have a sick sense of humor, laugh at almost anything.
  • apostate 2012/04/16 11:58:58
    I think religion filters down to most aspects of living given its wide social and political influence.

    Many laws in place even in the most secular societies have at least an influence if not absolute decree from an applicable religion.

    The problem with this as with misc/other legislation in politics, media etc is inherent in human nature, the primeval need to classify and stereotype.

    The problem with political correctness is that it is a false screen of structure deluding to the notion that we as people have overcome this base need.

    Rather than socially evolving past this we merely fool ourselves into believing that enforcing set ideals can overcome them.
  • Miko Mikomiko 2012/04/16 11:15:07
    Miko Mikomiko
    If it's really funny
  • apostate Miko Mi... 2012/04/16 11:19:48
    anything in particular or are you like me where 'anything goes'?
  • Miko Mi... apostate 2012/04/16 11:21:34
    Miko Mikomiko
    except racist and sexist jokes
  • apostate Miko Mi... 2012/04/16 11:33:39
    Fair enough though I still see the homour in those as well.

    As far as sexuality is concerned I'm bi and I call people fags all the time in context to both sexuality and other practice.


    Even bigots including closeted gay anti gays I can laugh with to some extent.

    *See my posts long enough on this site only to find out I am a South Park fanatic.
  • wiskkers 2012/04/16 11:12:55
  • apostate wiskkers 2012/04/16 11:22:07
    What about sensitive issues like children and sex? I saw a question on SH through the week about the Aussie show Angry Boys co-produced by the US network HBO about a scit in an episode regarding a young girl drinking from a toddler moulded plastic cup shaped like a penis.

    I think context makes and breaks a joke.
  • wiskkers apostate 2012/04/16 11:33:40
  • apostate wiskkers 2012/04/16 11:37:36
    Arrghh! best and funniest of the Evil Dead franchise.

    I suppose it is better sometimes to laugh than become a whining douche.
  • crewzer1 2012/04/16 11:09:33
    Jokes and joker's...Can't live without um. So offended people, which is in the million's- maybe ought too learn the difference. Laughing at a joke that make you feel uncomfortable is dropping credits from one's own integrity, unless they are smart enough too understand the nature of the joking joker's who love them joke's...
  • apostate crewzer1 2012/04/16 11:25:11
    I think that without Lenny Bruce, Woody Allen, George Carlin and Bill Hicks amongst others would many social stigmas have been broken as well as they were at least amongst the youth and middle agers of the era.

    I strongly hold the belief that laughter is often the best medicine.

  • Jessica ♥ Nick = foreva 2012/04/16 11:07:42
    Jessica ♥  Nick = foreva
    Weell if some thing funny really funny you can't help it to laghing do u soo I will laghing like lmafao or lol becase if any one off funny vidioe or jOkes or talking joke but I been always serious I'm not intrasted to be jokes all the time coz if I beying jks I will really piss off and fell guilty at all I might panch and yelling
  • apostate Jessica... 2012/04/16 11:28:16
    i accidentally

    I'm drunk right now but swear a verb or two is missing....

    From what I read I could apply that to memes.

    Last night I watched South Park S16E03 - The Newest Meme and it got me thinking.

    If the mainstream audience is now meme aware have memes lost all meaning?

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