Do you like babies?

☠ Tħε ☣ Øиe ☠ 2012/07/16 03:15:42
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I hear way too many people say they don't like babies. their all like "uuuhh i hate babies, blah blah blah" i just wonder how people can not like babies? they get mad and complain when they cry or touch stuff, their babies, what do you expect. just tell them no about things they aren't allowed to touch, it make a few times of telling them that but its not gonna kill anyone. and when they cry don't have a cow, just be gentle and nice and it will help them relax. some are just too critical of them and don't like babies, and for all the wrong reasons too. i just like to remind folks who say that they hate kids and babies they were once a baby ad a young child too. i was listening to my grandpa talking to my parents telling about this guy they knew who was alyays going aroung complaining about how he hates kids and babies and he never wants any, but now he got a girl pregnant and she is gonna have his kid and he is all pissed. what an ass hole. i hate when people do that mess. they go and have sex all willy nilly and act all surprised like their gonna have a stroke or something when they are gonna be parents. if you don't want to have a kid that darn bad then don't have sex, or at least use a rubber, its that simple.
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  • artistheweapon 2012/07/16 03:24:54
    im just gonna say, the whole baby thing has sort of been ruined for me by all the people who cant or dont control their children. they let them run around and get into things they shoulnt be, and let them scream and cry, and spoil them till the grow up to expect everything handed to them on a silver platter. i know theyre babies and dont know what they should and shouldnt be doing, but their parents have made every baby experience ive had unpleasant. the cherry on top is im germaphobic, and its just natural for kids to not be the most sanitary things ever.

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