Do you know " Warhammer " ? The roleplayinggame ?

House of Mystery 2009/12/09 21:52:31
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  • apper56 2010/02/10 17:44:54
    IDO GOT 7 HOLE armiers
  • apper56 apper56 2010/02/10 17:47:36
  • Spade King 2009/12/23 02:26:54
    Spade King
    WARHAMMER 40K warhammer 40k
  • Zuggi 2009/12/09 22:16:03
    Nobz iz betta dan dem smaller, runtier orkz.
  • House o... Zuggi 2009/12/09 22:20:27
    House of Mystery
    Hello to you ! I`m not really sure if I have your answer right understand !

    Nobz = figure ?

    Nice greets from Germany
  • Zuggi House o... 2009/12/09 22:27:28
    Oh, it's just a quote from the computer game version. Nobz (Nobs) are a sergeant/elite style unit for the Orks. And with the weird Cockney/barely understandable accent that the Orks have, that's just their vocal style. The quote in understandable English would be "Nobs are better than the smaller, runtier orks."

  • House o... Zuggi 2009/12/09 22:34:13
    House of Mystery
    Oh thanks for the explaintation !
  • Neon Secrets 2009/12/09 22:03:56
    Neon Secrets
    My friend plays it...
  • Ed© 2009/12/09 22:02:05
    yes. I've unfortunately played it...
  • House o... Ed© 2009/12/09 22:17:26
    House of Mystery
    Unfortunately ? Why !
    By this time it is really new for us, me and my son. We have by this time fun to build the figures and color them.

    Nice greets from Germany
  • Ed© House o... 2009/12/10 15:12:17
    I liked the game, and creating, and painting, and gluing and more gluing... but I moved soon after I started playing... and now the pieces are either broken or lost... So all in all it was rather disappointing and a rather waste of money... It is fun though...

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