Do you know the difference between LOSE and LOOSE?

♥Gabs1697♥ 2012/01/24 16:36:47
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I've seen people make mistakes over it...So,just wanted to know! http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-hate-it-when-you-loose-a-real...
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  • LilacsGirl Kym 2012/02/14 20:55:18
    LilacsGirl Kym
    My pet peeve is people using the word "weary" when they clearly mean "wary" as in, "I would be very 'weary' of that, if I were you." :P
  • Andy 2012/01/27 13:00:24
    if something is too big it is Loose, and if you score less points then the other team you Lose.
  • Elliott 2012/01/26 00:17:17
    People making that mistake is one of my pet peeves; I really hate it.
  • METALheadMom 2012/01/25 20:17:14
    I learned in elementary school. There certainly are plenty of extremely ignorant people out there I must say.
  • Reality-Check 2012/01/25 10:07:09
    yeah, I'd lose my pants if they were loose... baggy pants
  • meeshuk 2012/01/25 03:29:44
    The one that more people seem to screw up is then or than. I make a GREAT grammar nazi but keep him locked securely in a closet (except with my kids, LOL)
  • Reality... meeshuk 2012/01/25 10:10:02
    Poor Grammar... no commas, semi colons or periods noted.

    I am a Grammar Nazi...
  • meeshuk Reality... 2012/01/26 01:36:14
    check again on the commas and periods. Admittedly there is no FINAL period and potentially one more QUESTIONABLE comma but that is debatable and if YOU require it... you are worse than me. You should have seen the rest of the bad grammar I was going to use, in that post, just to irritate folks.

    Lack of initial capitalization done just to irritate. ;0)
  • Reality... meeshuk 2012/01/26 08:33:23
    Lack of initial capitals (no such word as 'capitalization' in the British English Language [there hasn't been a spelling reform since 1895] is a direct insult!

    america [another direct insult] bastardiSed English spelling and grammar, we're aware you don't know how to use punctuation marks correctly so they're omitted from american English...

    British grammar Nazi Rules...
  • meeshuk Reality... 2012/01/27 04:13:40
    As an American...

    I could care less about what YOUR country does with the language. As far as MY country and culture are concerned, there have been multiple reforms and organizations since the British Spelling Reform Association was founded, including the Simplified Spelling Board which was first founded in the USA in 1906 and the UK in 1908. Since that time, the American Literacy Council was formed and many words have been revisited. I expect that, as ANY intellectual society will do, the language will continue to change until one day, it is not so bloody RETARDED.

    Imagine what others learning the language as a second language go through.

    Most 'rules' within our language have instances in which they are broken (I before E except after C).

    English NEEDS to be reformed. JMHO

  • Reality... meeshuk 2012/01/27 07:57:14
  • meeshuk Reality... 2012/01/28 06:19:08
    Sorry, I didn't mean to throw sourced FACTS at you to rebut your OPINION.
  • Reality... meeshuk 2012/01/28 09:30:09
    YAWN... you're not doing a very good job... using colloquial Bastardised English is not British English, when it's american it's always bastardised and unacceptable in all British English Academia Institutions..

    And there still hasn't been a spelling reform in the British English Language since 1895..
  • meeshuk Reality... 2012/01/28 15:19:13
    Then I'll go back to your prior comment about Capitalization

    Definition of CAPITALIZATION
    a : the act or process of capitalizing b : a sum resulting from a process of capitalizing c : the total liabilities of a business including both ownership capital and borrowed capital d : the total par value or the stated value of no-par issues of authorized stock
    : the use of a capital letter in writing or printing

    First Known Use of CAPITALIZATION

    You'll notice that is PRIOR to the famous 'British English Language' reform of 1895. LOL

    Oh yeah...




    Sorry to once again bore you with sources but you know arguing with language snobs sometimes requires me to go the extra mile. ;0)
  • Reality... meeshuk 2012/01/28 15:47:30
    great piece of TROLL work... have a good day...
  • meeshuk Reality... 2012/01/28 17:45:44

    You for got to use CAPITALIZATION on your first word and properly punctuate the end of your fragmented sentence. LOL
  • Reality... meeshuk 2012/01/28 17:47:35 (edited)
    You don't know much about Grammar, do you?

    It is correct!

    I'm starting to worry about you! You appear to have a hardon over this...

    ... and, you've had enough attention from this quarter...
  • meeshuk Reality... 2012/01/28 18:20:17
    You know the only thing you seem to be good at is looking down your nose at other people. If you continue to poke it higher and higher into the air you'll eventually end up shoving up your own @ss.

    Just saying.

    BTW - I know, "It is correct!" to use the word capitalization. I'm just glad to see you finally admit it. ;0)

    oh and YES, this post was made for the sole purpose of irritating the stuck up briton (lower case used intentionally to imply a lower status than their free colonized kinsmen who have a superior grasp on the changing world and language).

    As for the hardon... just another reason for you to be insanely jealous.

    I've had my fun now. TTFN (if you don't know what it means... ask Tigger).
  • Reality... meeshuk 2012/01/28 18:54:29
    LOL you're part of a 213 year old dynasty second class briton...

    That's all you are to us...less than nothing...

    Your constitution is not recognised you owe us Taxes...

    endof... ta ta, there's no place in this world for second place...

  • meeshuk meeshuk 2012/01/28 22:18:32 (edited)
    Since that loser blocked me like a chickensh!t. I have to respond to myself in order to post something he might have actually enjoyed. LOL

  • lucythetooth 2012/01/25 02:49:16
    Yep. I also know the difference between to, too, and two as well as their, there, and they're, plus your and you're. I also eat dessert in the desert.
  • JGF 2012/01/25 01:30:28
    they don't know the difference between "their" and "there", "axe" and "ask", and use "walla" for "voila" ...why should lose and loose be any different
  • rhaver1 2012/01/25 01:08:39
    .....and weather and whether, principle and principal
  • All American 2012/01/25 00:33:31 (edited)
    All American
    One you can't find the other sets you free .
  • Ramon 2012/01/25 00:23:49
    Of course I do...you'd have to have a screw lose to loose the meaning of those two words.
  • Sofahead 2012/01/25 00:16:23
    For some people this literally the least of their spelling mistake/problems, basic writing skills and standard spelling of simple words elude them.
  • Pat 2012/01/24 23:24:03
    People often misspell words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Like "there" and "their" and "they're". Sometimes I think it's just they're typing so fast there's a disconnect between their brain and their fingers.
  • S123 2012/01/24 23:18:20
    If you keep loose change in your pocket, you can lose the money.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/01/24 23:11:31
    Lady Whitewolf
    very simple!
  • MikeReale 2012/01/24 21:51:10
    lose, it what you can't do with you virginity... loose, is like your mother
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2012/01/24 21:21:17 (edited)
    Ummm.....Aren't they one and the same?
    Why does it say I pressed no when I pressed yes, what is wrong with Sodahead? Well, until this site decided to choose the wrong answer for me I was going to say yes. You use lose when you misplace something or when you don't win at something. You use loose when something is not tightly in place, or when something is free.
  • FencerCat 2012/01/24 20:39:12
    loose is the opposite of tight and lose is the opposite of find. I also see them used incorrectly in many places, as well as there, their and they're, the use of apostrophes and other mangling of the English language.
  • Th8nos 2012/01/24 20:38:07
    "Steve will LOSE everything he's worked for, when his wife finds out he's been sleeping with LOOSE women."

  • Nika 2012/01/24 20:19:57
    "Don't lose the game!" vs "Careful, it's loose."
  • Merry Nika 2012/01/24 22:52:42 (edited)
    FFFFF- you made me lose The Game.
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2012/01/24 20:16:26
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    A prostitute is loose (in more ways than one) and to lose means you no longer have something you once had.
  • Marie-Jacqueline 2012/01/24 20:02:45
    First of all English is a second language to me!

    I know the difference between those two.

    Example: Lose do you use when saying losing a game or election etc.

    Example: Loose is used to say that somebody behaves/has opinions etc. less rigid as others.

    I hope you get the drift of that what I say here.
    I know/feel the difference of those two but to explain the difference is something else.

    lose loose

    lose loose
  • alex 2012/01/24 18:29:05
    That loose girl is gonna lose her dignity
  • Thank you but no... 2012/01/24 16:57:54
    Thank you but no...
    If my trouser pockets are too loose I might lose my keys.

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